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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sped \Sped\, imp. & p. p. of Speed.


Speed \Speed\ (sp[=e]d), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Sped (sp[e^]d), Speeded; p. pr. & vb. n. Speeding.] [AS. sp[=e]dan, fr. sp[=e]d, n.; akin to D. spoeden, G. sich sputen. See Speed, n.]

  1. To go; to fare. [Obs.]

    To warn him now he is too farre sped.
    --Remedy of Love.

  2. To experience in going; to have any condition, good or ill; to fare.

    Ships heretofore in seas like fishes sped; The mightiest still upon the smallest fed.

  3. To fare well; to have success; to prosper.

    Save London, and send true lawyers their meed! For whoso wants money with them shall not speed!

    I told ye then he should prevail, and speed On his bad errand.

  4. To make haste; to move with celerity.

    I have speeded hither with the very extremest inch of possibility.

  5. To be expedient. [Obs.]
    --Wyclif (2 Cor. xii. 1.)

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

past tense and past participle of speed (v.); Old English spedde.


vb. (en-past of: speed)

  1. n. distance travelled per unit time [syn: velocity]

  2. a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens; "the project advanced with gratifying speed" [syn: swiftness, fastness]

  3. changing location rapidly [syn: speeding, hurrying]

  4. the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system [syn: focal ratio, f number, stop number]

  5. a central nervous system stimulant that increases energy and decreases appetite; used to treat narcolepsy and some forms of depression [syn: amphetamine, pep pill, upper]

  6. [also: sped]

  1. v. step on it; "He rushed down the hall to receive his guests"; "The cars raced down the street" [syn: rush, hotfoot, hasten, hie, race, pelt along, rush along, cannonball along, bucket along, belt along] [ant: linger]

  2. move faster; "The car accelerated" [syn: accelerate, speed up, quicken] [ant: decelerate]

  3. travel at an excessive or illegal velocity; "I got a ticket for speeding"

  4. move very fast; "The runner zipped past us at breakneck speed" [syn: travel rapidly, hurry, zip]

  5. cause to move faster; "He accelerated the car" [syn: accelerate, speed up] [ant: decelerate]

  6. [also: sped]


See speed

Usage examples of "sped".

Jimmy sped into the room, sliding across the smooth marble floor as he sought to halt himself.

She gripped one smoothly rounded bedpost on the carved mahogany headboard, afraid to move until her head sped spinning.

Once past the tall hedge, she sped and gazed in shock at the two police cars and a van lettered with Crime Scene Investigation blocking her way.

A delivery van appeared from around the corner and sped in front of her.

Maguire and the guard reached the point where other tire tracks curved toward the encampment, Jalil sped and turned off the ignition.

Jalil sped just inside the tent to survey the clearing and listen for anything that might indicate the presence of a watcher.

Travelers would have either collected the wood and carried it with them for later use, or sped here to prepare a meal.

Jalil sped in the souk just long enough to replenish supplies and water.

Rakoosh sauntered into her view and sped in front of her, one hand on his dagger.

And once more Captain Grant and his men left the cover of their clouds, sped north, and engaged the great fleet bearing down upon the carriers.

She watched as it climbed perfectly into the high blue of the desert sky, then sped off to the north.

The pilots could visualize the plane as it sped toward the sea, gaining speed, reaching for the go-no-go point.

Leaving the train with its antiaircraft guns popping away, he wheeled and sped toward the entrance of the upcoming tunnel.

With a heavy pencil he checked off each of the birds he saw, more than fifty, giving himself credit for some that not even Rachel could identify as they sped past.

Penny read the local paper to see what this region thought of Washington, and after a leisurely meal of pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, toast, jam and two glasses of milk, they returned to the rested Mercury and sped westward.