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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a comprehensive account/report
▪ He wrote a fairly comprehensive account of the islands at that time.
a newspaper article/report/story
▪ I read quite an interesting newspaper report on the war.
a newspaper reports sth (=has an article on something)
▪ The newspapers reported that the police were treating the death as a suicide.
an exclusive report/interview/picture (=appearing in only one newspaper or magazine)
▪ The newspaper featured exclusive pictures of the couple’s new baby.
annual report/meeting/conference
balanced reporting
balanced reporting of the election campaign
conflicting reports/accounts
▪ When questioned, the boys gave conflicting accounts of what they were doing that night.
draw up a report
▪ Environmental organizations have been involved in drawing up the report.
eyewitness account/report/testimony
▪ According to eyewitness accounts, soldiers opened fire on the crowd.
intelligence operations/sources/reports etc
▪ Intelligence sources denied the reports.
pleased to hear/see/report etc
▪ I’m pleased to tell you that you’ve got the job.
press reports
▪ According to press reports, he was suffering from exhaustion.
progress report
report a crime
▪ I immediately telephoned the police to report the crime.
report card
report earnings (=publicly state the amount of money a company has earned during a particular period)
▪ Many car manufacturers have reported disappointing earnings this year.
report for duty (=arrive and be ready to start work)
▪ You must report for duty at 8:30 tomorrow morning.
report sth to the police
▪ Why are so many crimes not reported to the police?
reported speech
▪ When Lily did not come home, her parents called the police to report her missing.
report/post a profit (=officially announce a profit)
▪ The company reported net profits of $3.6 million for fiscal year 2006.
second-hand reports/accounts
▪ second-hand accounts of mass killings
squash rumours/hopes/reports etc (=say that a rumour etc is not true)
▪ The government was quick to squash any hopes of reform.
verbatim account/quote/report etc
▪ a verbatim account of our conversation
written agreement/reply/statement/report etc
▪ Please send a cheque with written confirmation of your booking.
▪ It has begun publishing an annual report providing for the first time a rough indication of how much military hardware Britain exports.
▪ You could look at the annual report of a stock fund and figure out if that standard was met.
▪ The more that is desired, the more time it is likely to take to produce the annual report.
▪ Acrobat is used by corporations to publish documents like annual reports and catalogs on the Web.
▪ Bennett has set out the supposed pros and cons in the annual report.
▪ Copies of the annual report, interim report and news releases are available to employees.
▪ The aim, as stated in the company's annual report is to support multiple servers.
▪ In 1987 the library's annual report noted that there was no complete list of the entire collection.
▪ The final report is expected by the end of the year.
▪ The final report therefore appears 15 months after the financial year end.
▪ The Planning Commission must certify the final environmental report.
▪ Three years later, when a draft of the final report was being reviewed, similar criticisms were voiced.
▪ The final report argues that economic growth is crucial but often not sufficient to improve living standards in poor countries.
▪ The judge had allowed less than two weeks for the investigation to be conducted and a final report issued.
▪ He has to be consulted on any substantial capital outlays and be provided with a full report of the board's activities.
▪ Each month the district officer spent a whole day writing a full report to the political secretary in the provincial capital.
▪ Because this Journal is already full we will hold over a full report until the next issue.
▪ Although I didn't see Charlie for months, I rang Eva almost every day for a full report.
▪ This service includes a full report with recommendations for immediate financial savings.
▪ The Star's fuller reports gave a vivid illustration of two starkly contrasting versions of the same incident.
▪ A full investigation of the incident was continuing yesterday and a full report will be prepared for the next housing committee meeting.
▪ In 1986 an official report recorded that over a thousand monuments were in urgent need of restoration or protection from pollution.
▪ Newspaper accounts and official reports from both sides correlated substantially.
▪ An inter-nationality conflict developed on 15-16 July which led, according to official reports, to 11 deaths and 127 hospital cases.
▪ In his research for Hollywood Haven, Schnauber used both official reports from government offices and original documents.
▪ There are no minutes or other official reports and nothing about their drafting.
▪ The explanations in the official report are so naive that they can not be taken seriously.
▪ The official report of his death does not explain everything that happened.
▪ The official report of the Games described the scores only in terms of points.
▪ Moreover, in contrast with a recent report, no cases of conversion to a high grade lymphoma were observed.
▪ A reliable non-invasive diagnostic technique would represent a considerable advance. Recent reports have advocated either ultrasonography or computer tomography.
▪ First and foremost, says a recent report by the National Center for Policy Analysis, is simplicity.
▪ Our results are consistent with a recent report that visual neglect can apply to the contralateral side of objects.
▪ Unfortunately, according to recent reports on schools, these terms do not apply to the experiences of most students.
▪ The next issue will appear in June, instead of May, with a special report on the company's annual results included.
▪ This statement is drawn from a special report they have compiled on the medical aspects of dietary fibre.
▪ A special report on Central South this Friday.
▪ The special reports on technology, charities and dealing rooms continued to be popular with readers.
▪ Is there anything special about such reports?
▪ Verbal, as opposed to written, reports give you more freedom to exploit your captive audience.
▪ Thomas asked Meagher to send him a written report.
▪ There is always the problem of maintaining an encouraging tone to written reports.
▪ Sharing can be through meetings and conferences, but a written report is obviously more easily accessible to others.
▪ As a public service, schools should provide each year a written report on each child's progress.
▪ Whatever the type of residency it is interesting and helpful to evaluate your experience whether through an exhibition or a written report.
▪ Should reach Aulef day after tomorrow ... Diarrhoea embarrassing. Written letters and report.
▪ According to news reports, one train had 19 coaches and the other 14, both heavily loaded.
▪ The nonstop news reports jacked up the emotions.
▪ Produced news reports have shifted from focusing on the words of candidates and political figures to concentrating on their images and actions.
▪ The unwanted extras who insinuate themselves into television news reports are feeble-minded males derided by right-thinking men.
▪ The statement contradicted news reports that Britain was planning a selective slaughter of at least 4 million cattle.
▪ Recent news reports have estimated that 150 remain.
▪ About that time, according to news reports, state corrections officials announced surprise plans to re-bid all private-prison contracts.
▪ Various newspaper reports commented on Meciar's changed stance on certain issues since the election.
▪ The material for the newspaper reports can be gathered in four main ways.
▪ The newspaper report was based on an announcement to shareholders and the media by Navan Resources.
▪ Recent newspaper reports have highlighted the potential threat to Britain when the Channel Tunnel links us with the Continent.
▪ Write the newspaper report of the disaster.
▪ I thought first of all that I'd wait for the newspaper reports of the killing and use those as an excuse.
▪ Examination results and progress reports must be forwarded to Sylvia Middlemiss.
▪ The Chairman-in-Office will present a progress report to the next Ministerial Council in 1995 in Budapest.
▪ He completed the revision of his Bengali translation of the Scriptures and received progress reports of the mission's activities.
▪ A progress report had been requested.
▪ Report forms are particularly useful for standard reports such as accident or progress reports.
▪ A further progress report will be given thereafter.
▪ Investigation progress reports were issued to councillors, regulatory authorities and emergency services and public complaints were handled on a one-to-one basis.
▪ A manufacturer of sun care products has just issued a report showing that the view on tanning has come full circle.
▪ They issued a report in July 1992 which acknowledged the dual nature of the experiment.
▪ Meanwhile, Bath were issuing a reminder that reports of their decline were a little premature.
▪ The Ministry of Education has issued various reports suggesting things have to change.
▪ Accentuating their lack of agreement, Moscow and Stockholm issued separate reports on the case.
▪ Co. analyst Thomas Kurlak issued a report pointing to deteriorating earnings growth.
▪ Auditors normally issue a report which is a statement used as a preface to the financial statements of a company.
▪ At that time, the board will issue a written report.
▪ Some one had been up all through the night preparing a ten-page report that the leader had only found time to scan.
▪ The Giants would have to prepare a separate environmental report for their site.
▪ The director's report Under section 234 the directors must, in addition, prepare a report for each financial year.
▪ They also prepare financial reports for nonmanagement groups, including stockholders, creditors, regulatory agencies, and tax authorities.
▪ Meanwhile, the guardian ad litem appointed on behalf of the children was preparing her report.
▪ The basic idea is that the quicker it produces its report the better.
▪ Brown said the Navy had produced a report saying the island was stable.
▪ We usually instruct doctors who specialise in producing medico-legal reports and who have proven themselves in giving evidence in the past.
▪ After various delays it produced a report, Nitrate in Water, in December 1986.
▪ Often there are constraints to change that evaluators should consider as they produce their reports.
▪ We produce in-depth reports highlighting problems and offering solutions.
▪ Having produced a report that talks sense about risks, the Royal Society probably thinks its job done.
▪ The Minister has now said that he will not even publish the report.
▪ In 1993, the consortium published a report on its seven most improved high schools.
▪ Watching the detectives Today Ofsted publishes its annual report on schools.
▪ Brown, according to sources and published reports.
▪ A working party established under will publish its report shortly.
▪ Acrobat is used by corporations to publish documents like annual reports and catalogs on the Web.
▪ There is no duty on the Prime Minister to publish any interim reports highlighting specific abuses.
▪ It also will monitor how well specific companies deal with minorities and publish monthly reports.
▪ He sat at his desk, reading reports but not taking in what he read.
▪ Just reading these late census reports and it shows that the small town is passing.
▪ Most performers can read ten glowing reports and one bad, and only remember the nasty one.
▪ After reading the reports and deciding that her dream car is too expensive, our consumer decides to buy jewelry.
▪ How well a company performs is judged by customers at the point of sale, not by reading financial reports.
▪ He watched old film, read scouting reports.
▪ If they had bothered to think first, and read Raymond Plant's report, the answer is there.
▪ The chairman vacates the chair and a Speaker or Deputy Speaker takes it and receives a purely nominal report.
▪ Two dozen major California health maintenance organizations will receive a report card today on the quality of their preventive services.
▪ I expect shortly to receive reports from the marine accident investigation branch of a number of recent fishing vessel accidents.
▪ Better still, Amanda received no further reports of sabotage among the ranks.
▪ In May we received another referee's report and a letter from the new editor of the journal.
▪ To receive reports of campaigning activity during 1991. 5.
▪ They were later released pending reports to the youth and community service.
▪ The committee is due to release its report on Gingrich by the end of this year.
▪ Navy officials released the report without comment.
▪ By last week, Crawford had grown so concerned about the problem that he released his own report on the issue.
▪ Rose wrote in a report to the board.
▪ The following is that written report in letter form.
▪ Shadows will be asked to write a short report of what they have learned at the end of the exercise.
▪ Co. wrote in a report to clients today.
▪ It is important to keep your audience in mind when writing a report.
▪ When the time comes for him to write his next report, Blue is forced to confront this dilemma.
glowing report/account/description etc
▪ I had had nothing but glowing reports from her teacher.
▪ In return for this hospitality, all they have to do is write a glowing report of their experience.
▪ Most performers can read ten glowing reports and one bad, and only remember the nasty one.
▪ Our son's achievement level soared and at the end of the school year he received a glowing report from his teachers.
▪ These pretentious phrases and glowing descriptions also have a resonance for our time.
▪ These proved very successful and a glowing report came from the Establishment.
investigative journalism/report/work
▪ Among them are hundreds of university journalism professors who routinely offer courses in investigative reporting at their schools.
▪ Categories are feature writing, investigative reporting, community service, commentary, photography, international reporting and pioneer.
▪ However, 11 different modes of assessment were noted, including mental, practical, calculator, project and investigative work.
▪ It's very easy to organise some investigative work by children on school meals provision.
▪ Perhaps I should take up this investigative journalism.
▪ Some 600 Boston University journalism students had braved a rainy Friday night in 1976 to hear a panel discussion on investigative reporting.
▪ The team felt it important to extend the evaluation to all investigative work.
▪ With ratings down, however, the show last fall refocused on investigative reporting and celebrity interviews and stopped paying for stories.
rave reviews/notices/reports
▪ Already open is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which has drawn rave reviews from those who have visited it.
▪ Although the show opened on Broadway to less than rave reviews, Sandy said the new production is better.
▪ But freshman outfielder Pedro Loza has been drawing rave reviews in practice.
▪ But she proved to be a natural and her performance won rave reviews.
▪ His film My Cousin Vinny opened to rave reviews.
▪ Last year, it reopened to rave reviews.
▪ So far no rivals have matched the rave reviews E ma won for the film.
▪ The pair gained rave reviews for their Belfast concert earlier this week and are likely to be just as good tomorrow night.
stinging attack/report/letter etc
▪ Mr Smith launched a stinging attack on John Major, ridiculing him as a man who has lost control of events.
▪ The company which used to give £40,000 a year to Tory funds, launched a stinging attack on Government policies.
▪ What upsets her much more than the two columns is a stinging letter to the editor published in the sports pages.
unconfirmed report/story/rumour etc
▪ A U. S. Embassy official said he had unconfirmed reports of 300 dead.
▪ Horrors include the bombing of civilians and unconfirmed reports that napalm has been used.
▪ One unconfirmed report said Hamilton had intended to take the children hostage but that his plan went awry.
▪ Several commercial tests are available but there are few and unconfirmed reports of their efficacy.
▪ The whereabouts of Pastor Tokes remained unclear, amid unconfirmed reports that he had been murdered.
▪ There were unconfirmed reports that two activists were killed.
▪ We have an unconfirmed report of shots fired in the area of Brandenburg Gate.
▪ Amnesty International released another report on the government's use of torture.
▪ As more reports emerge about his business affairs, his re-election looks increasingly unlikely.
▪ During the war, most reports were compiled under government restrictions.
▪ News reports suggest that over 300 people may have died.
▪ Newspaper reports say Woods is "delighted" with his success.
▪ The report is based on visits to schools in five cities.
▪ the weather report
▪ We'll be giving you further news and weather reports every hour throughout the day.
▪ We're getting reports from the scene of the fighting that 12 hostages have been killed.
▪ First and foremost, says a recent report by the National Center for Policy Analysis, is simplicity.
▪ It also warns that the legislation that followed the Monopolies and Mergers Commission report in 1989 has been a flop.
▪ It connects computer applications, merges reports, builds pictures, develops concepts.
▪ Previous case reports of piroxicam induced submassive necrosis have described the onset of jaundice three days and three weeks after beginning piroxicam.
▪ So, armed with consultants' reports on the favorable economic impact, they offer to provide buildings or infrastructure.
▪ The DTi inspectors submitted their report last July.
▪ Verbal, as opposed to written, reports give you more freedom to exploit your captive audience.
▪ Similar findings were also reported by Sjöblom etal studying patients with pernicious anaemia.
▪ Ann Faraday also reports these two types of flying dream, both from personal experience and from reports from her subjects.
▪ Authorities also reported seizing numerous weapons, computers and chips and more than $ 200, 000 in cash.
▪ Gold was also reported from minor quartz veins, with pyrite, chalcopyrite and galena, at Stronchullin in Strathclyde.
▪ Company officials also report indirect benefits including improved productivity and reduced absenteeism.
▪ These staff have also reported to the Chief Administrative Officer, which has ensured seamless integration between modular and non-modular data processing.
▪ Federal Election Commission reports also showed that Gramm had spent almost all the money.
▪ The commission must report back to Clinton by June.
▪ They wander the land seeking news and reporting back to the tower.
▪ They will report back the general sentiment on sales tax, gross receipts tax, business transaction tax.
▪ The Calcutt inquiry into press self regulation is expected to report back next year.
▪ Clinton also asked Glickman to report back within 30 days with recommendations to help alleviate debt problems afflicting cattle producers.
▪ Clients will announce their intentions to the group, and then report back the following week.
▪ In 1998 and 1999, the commission reported more than 560 cases of women burned at home in Punjab.
▪ Many questions have been raised about acquaintance rape since the surge of reported cases has been noted across the country.
▪ In summary, we report a case of a retroperitoneal pancreatic pseudocyst causing distal bilateral ureteric obstruction and bilateral hydronephrosis.
▪ They reported the case quite widely, so that no one else would surgically remove both temporal lobes.
▪ A police report on the case will go to Crown prosecutors.
▪ However, there were no reported cases of damage awards or sheriffs removed from office.
▪ We report a case that alludes to a facilitating mechanism.
▪ In the reported cases, the symptoms occurred on average about 76 days from the time patients began protease inhibitor therapy.
▪ As private firms, his companies report only to Companies House and Mr Branson himself.
▪ Oil group Lasmo was one of the first major companies to report full-year results.
▪ Indeed, even amid the rout, some bellwether high-tech companies continue to report strong results.
▪ The company reporting cycle means that our league of big earners will be changing throughout the year.
▪ The value in sharing All public companies should report on their shareholder returns, according to Coopers &038; Lybrand.
▪ Larkin said Nutrition For Life shares could recover further if the company reports better-than-expected earnings later this month.
▪ Pilots are not permitted alcohol in the eight hours before they report for duty, or while on duty.
▪ Red Men who failed to report for bedside duty with their stricken brother were fined a dollar for dereliction.
▪ A queue of men were standing outside, soberly reporting for duty.
▪ Phipps also performed well, but spoiled his record by failing to report for duty on two occasions.
▪ You will not report for duty again until you have apologised for your insolence.
▪ The Kanyosha administrator, who confirmed the action, said that the victims were reporting on duty.
▪ Bill said he reports for duty July 1, and the first official shooting matches start July 20.
▪ Financial companies also rose after several large national banks reported stronger earnings.
▪ Technology companies generally were down as several large companies reported disappointing earnings.
▪ Manufacturing Co. reported weaker earnings than expected.
▪ Witco plans to report its earnings during the week of Jan. 28.
▪ It is scheduled to report fourth-quarter earnings Jan. 23.
▪ Phone shares got a lift after Ameritech reported earnings that beat estimates.
▪ The difference in reported earnings is solely attributable to the difference in inventory accounting.
▪ Motorola reported fourth-quarter earnings that fell far below analysts' expectations.
▪ The paper would be run by Hearst Corp., which owns the Examiner, the story reported.
▪ The Examiner and other newspapers reported in 1992 that Wilson had refused tobacco contributions in the 1990 campaign.
▪ No one should be afraid of reporting any incident that occurs.
▪ That was more than the 324 reported incidents of anti-gay harassment and violence.
▪ Another survey in 1994 found 57 percent of towns with over 25, 000 residents reporting gang incidents.
▪ Nearly half of the reported incidents involved falls off the snowmobile or collisions with another snowmobile.
▪ She admitted failing to report the incident, and withholding information when interviewed by the police.
▪ The very nature of anonymous reports naturally prevented any possibility of retribution against wrong-doers reporting the incident.
▪ Serious discussion of the phenomenon began with a debate over the role of the press in reporting violent incidents at football matches.
▪ She has suffered this abuse for almost 9 months and has reported every incident to the police and council.
▪ A total of 798 suspected poisoning incidents were reported, an increase of 62 on the previous year.
▪ Now the giant builder is reporting a record increase in contracts and is hiring again.
▪ It took in 400 last year, 500 this; other colleges and schools also report big increases.
▪ The market reaction was even more bizarre considering Betterware reported an increase in first-half pre-tax profits of 52 percent to £1.12m.
▪ In a six-month period ending in April, the center reported a 24 percent increase in errors.
▪ Ed Pollard of the Secret Service reported a forty-percent increase in death threats.
▪ After a conversation with two traffic wardens and taking their advice I went to the police station and reported my loss.
▪ In December, the company reported a loss of $ 38. 6 million for the quarter ending in October.
▪ Trafalgar House reported a loss before tax of £30.3m in the year to 30 September 1992.
▪ In 1994, the company reported a loss of $ 2. 7 million.
▪ Midland reported a loss of £261m in 1989.
▪ In 1999, Fisher reported a loss of more than Pounds 192m.
▪ Christie Group has reported a pre-tax loss of £2.6m for the year to March.
▪ You must report any losses immediately.
▪ Bashir Gemayel was in Damascus when the news was reported to him.
▪ Rituals of transgression, sensationalist violation and titillating naughtiness became the stock-in-trade of popular news reporting in the late nineteenth century.
▪ Anyway, I have good news to report on the health-care-reform front.
▪ Unfortunately, the news was reported in the back pages.
▪ The agency also denied employee and news reports that at least 300 workers were given pink slips last week.
▪ The newspaper Paris Soir reported the antics of Liverpool supporters with some confusion.
▪ The headline stories of newspapers are developed and reported on the evening news by general-assignment reporters.
▪ Throughout the 1950s newspapers continued to report the complaints of West Bank traders at the economic stagnation which resulted.
▪ The authorities denied subsequent newspaper reports that four had been killed.
▪ Her body was badly mutilated, the newspapers reported.
▪ A newspaper reports breathlessly of producers conducting rapturous relationships with PowerBooks, of screenwriters sleeping with them.
▪ Some newspapers report refund offers periodically and there are bulletins to which one can subscribe that report offers.
▪ It is to the police that crimes are reported.
▪ After police used pepper spray to subdue the man, paramedics were called because he was having difficulty breathing, police reported.
▪ A police report on the case will go to Crown prosecutors.
▪ Romero declined to say who called the police to report that the pair had turned up.
▪ No group claimed responsibility but the police were reported to have arrested three suspects.
▪ That led, however, to more frequent confrontations with police, and protesters reported that they were being beaten nightly.
▪ Over the next two days, 30,000 troops and police were reported to be engaged in searches for suspected militants.
▪ The press reporting at this stage is thus quite different from that of the hunt.
▪ And so when a furor arose as the press began reporting on Teen Shuttle-like operations, advocates considered filing suit.
▪ According to press reports the two were subsequently charged with manslaughter.
▪ But the financial press was premature in reporting Cork Gully's appointment as liquidator.
▪ Much of it happened simply because, amid weak democratic structures and lazy press reporting, it could.
▪ According to press reports he appeared fit and in good spirits.
▪ In these circumstances we are interested in how the press reports these crimes and how this has been changing.
▪ Van Melle has operations in 125 countries and reported 1999 net profit of Euros 29m on sales of Euros 448m.
▪ Companies listed below reported quarterly profit substantially different from the average of analysts' estimates.
▪ Analysts predict it to report profits of £41 million in 1991, compared with £63 million in 1990.
▪ It reported profits of $ 11. 3 million on sales of $ 43. 3 million in the most recent quarter.
▪ Yahoo!, the big Internet portal company, reported fourth-quarter profits in line with expectations.
▪ Reuters reported a half year profit before tax of £187.4m, a rise of 10.2% on the previous period.
▪ Otherwise, the company would have reported a small profit.
▪ Now Matthew from the First Diploma course reports back on the progress of another project.
▪ The company reported little progress and said talks are set to resume this morning.
▪ After his rescue, national television broadcast regular bulletins reporting on his progress.
▪ Does the assessment and the way that results are reported accurately reflect what progress has been made?
▪ Quality standards also require you to report on the progress of the case but this is not likely to be standard advice.
▪ As chief inspector of schools, he was required to report fairly on progress as well as reverses behind the school gate.
▪ Maberly and I reported results in inpatients with asthma and are doing an outpatient double blind randomised trial of neutralisation.
▪ Symantec will report its results July 25.
▪ A researcher reports a particular result, and to verify it other scientists repeat the same experiment in their own labs.
▪ More details on the special charge and layoffs are expected April 30 when McKesson reports its quarterly results.
▪ Oil group Lasmo was one of the first major companies to report full-year results.
▪ Viacom is expected to report its financial results next month.
▪ Only one person was reported killed as a result of a collision with another skier.
▪ Indeed, even amid the rout, some bellwether high-tech companies continue to report strong results.
▪ The Mintel report predicted sales would more than double again by the end of 2000.
▪ Data General reported strong sales of its CLARiiON data storage systems.
▪ Vlasic reported grocery product sales of Dollars 287m last year, compared with Dollars 480m in sales from frozen foods.
▪ Lloyds reported fiscal 1995 sales of 1. 08 billion pounds, a 15. 1 percent rise over the year earlier.
▪ Somerfield reported sales of pasta and rice were up by 87 per cent on the previous week.
▪ For example, eToys reported sales of $ 182 million in the nine months ended Dec. 31.
▪ Only specialist food, furniture and carpet retailers reported a decline in sales from a year earlier.
▪ Equally conflicting results with regard to glycaemic control and platelet-specific protein levels have been reported in longitudinal studies.
▪ But the problems reported in this study were unrelated to that, for the construction battalion was nowhere near that facility.
▪ Introduction Familial occurrence of chronic inflammatory bowel disease has been reported in several studies during the past decades.
▪ Estimates based on wage differentials are also reported in a study by Robert 5.
▪ The next chapter reports a more systematic study of these effects.
▪ The first questionnaire was about their driving experience including the questions about accidents and near misses that were reported in Study 1.
▪ Only one in 10 rapes is reported, studies show.
▪ A man has been reported for a number of alleged motoring offences.
▪ All accidents must be reported at once to the aviation authority.
▪ He was reliably reported to be drunk at the White House reception.
▪ His victory was not widely reported in the Western media.
▪ Is there anything to report?
▪ Many rape victims are too scared to report the attack to the police.
▪ Nicky reports to me on any new developments in the relevant technological fields.
▪ Our foreign correspondent reports that conditions in the refugee camps are filthy and overcrowded.
▪ She is reported to have thrown a glass of wine at her former boss.
▪ She was sent to Washington to report on the presidential elections.
▪ The delegation will report back to Congress on the situation inside China.
▪ The local newspaper has reported several cases of meningitis in the area.
▪ The newspaper reported that he had supplemented his income with thousands of dollars from the federal budget.
▪ The Post sent her to Bangladesh to report on the cholera epidemic.
▪ To report a change of address, please call our toll-free number.
▪ We aim to report the news as fairly and fully as possible.
▪ I must report to the Director of the Office of External Operation.
▪ In fiscal 1993, the company reported net income of $ 302, 000, or 2 cents a share.
▪ In water pollution, however, the evidence is mobile and there may be no complainants with a stake in reporting it.
▪ It was reported that four people were killed.
▪ Most tour packages and many resorts are reporting they are either holding the line or having only slight increases in price.
▪ Obvious blood would have been noticed and reported by somebody, I am sure.
▪ The Bundesbank is expected to report on M3 growth in December this week.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Report \Re*port"\ (r?-p?rt"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Reported; p. pr. & vb. n. Reporting.] [F. reporter to carry back, carry (cf. rapporter; see Rapport), L. reportare to bear or bring back; pref. re- re- + portare to bear or bring. See Port bearing, demeanor.]

  1. To refer. [Obs.]

    Baldwin, his son, . . . succeeded his father; so like unto him that we report the reader to the character of King Almeric, and will spare the repeating his description.

  2. To bring back, as an answer; to announce in return; to relate, as what has been discovered by a person sent to examine, explore, or investigate; as, a messenger reports to his employer what he has seen or ascertained; the committee reported progress.

    There is no man that may reporten all.

  3. To give an account of; to relate; to tell; to circulate publicly, as a story; as, in the common phrase, it is reported.

    It is reported among the heathen, and Gashmu saith it, that thou and the Jews think to rebel.
    --Neh. vi. 6.

  4. To give an official account or statement of; as, a treasurer reports the receipts and expenditures.

  5. To return or repeat, as sound; to echo. [Obs. or R.] ``A church with windows only from above, that reporteth the voice thirteen times.''

  6. (Parliamentary Practice) To return or present as the result of an examination or consideration of any matter officially referred; as, the committee reported the bill witth amendments, or reported a new bill, or reported the results of an inquiry.

  7. To make minutes of, as a speech, or the doings of a public body; to write down from the lips of a speaker.

  8. To write an account of for publication, as in a newspaper; as, to report a public celebration or a horse race.

  9. To make a statement of the conduct of, especially in an unfavorable sense; as, to report a servant to his employer.

    To be reported, or To be reported of, to be spoken of; to be mentioned, whether favorably or unfavorably.
    --Acts xvi. 2.

    To report one's self, to betake one's self, as to a superior or one to whom service is due, and be in readiness to receive orders or do service.

    Syn: To relate; narrate; tell; recite; describe.


Report \Re*port"\ (r[-e]*p[=o]rt"), n. [Cf. F. rapport. See Report.v. t.]

  1. That which is reported. Specifically:

    1. An account or statement of the results of examination or inquiry made by request or direction; relation. ``From Thetis sent as spies to make report.''

    2. A story or statement circulating by common talk; a rumor; hence, fame; repute; reputation.

      It was a true report that I heard in mine own land of thy acts and of thy wisdom.
      --1 Kings x. 6.

      Cornelius the centurion, a just man, and . . . of good report among all the nation of the Jews.
      --Acts x. 2

  2. (c) Sound; noise; as, the report of a pistol or cannon. (d) An official statement of facts, verbal or written; especially, a statement in writing of proceedings and facts exhibited by an officer to his superiors; as, the reports of the heads af departments to Congress, of a master in chancery to the court, of committees to a legislative body, and the like. (e) An account or statement of a judicial opinion or decision, or of case argued and determined in a court of law, chancery, etc.; also, in the plural, the volumes containing such reports; as, Coke's Reports. (f) A sketch, or a fully written account, of a speech, debate, or the proceedings of a public meeting, legislative body, etc.

    2. Rapport; relation; connection; reference. [Obs.]

    The corridors worse, having no report to the wings they join to.

    Syn: Account; relation; narration; detail; description; recital; narrative; story; rumor; hearsay.


Report \Re*port"\ (r?-p?rt"), v. i.

  1. To make a report, or response, in respect of a matter inquired of, a duty enjoined, or information expected; as, the committee will report at twelve o'clock.

  2. To furnish in writing an account of a speech, the proceedings at a meeting, the particulars of an occurrence, etc., for publication.

  3. To present one's self, as to a superior officer, or to one to whom service is due, and to be in readiness for orders or to do service; also, to give information, as of one's address, condition, etc.; as, the officer reported to the general for duty; to report weekly by letter.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "an account brought by one person to another, rumor," from Old French report "pronouncement, judgment" (Modern French rapport), from reporter "to tell, relate" (see report (v.)).\n

\nMeaning "resounding noise, sound of an explosion" is from 1580s. Meaning "formal statement of results of an investigation" first attested 1660s; sense of "teacher's official statement of a pupil's work and behavior" is from 1873 (report card in the school sense first attested 1919).


late 14c., "to make known, tell, relate," from Old French reporter "to tell, relate; bring back, carry away, hand over," from Latin reportare "carry back, bear back, bring back," figuratively "report," in Medieval Latin "write (an account) for information or record," from re- "back" (see re-) + portare "to carry" (see port (n.1)). Early 15c. as "to submit" (to an authority, etc.). Meaning "to name someone as having offended somehow" is from 1885. Related: Reported; reporting.\n\n\n


n. A piece of information describing, or an account of certain events given or presented to someone, with the most common adpositions being by (referring to creator of the report) and on (referring to the subject. vb. (label en transitive intransitive) To relate details of (an event or incident); to recount, describe (something). {{defdate|from (C.: 15)}}

  1. v. to give an account or representation of in words; "Discreet Italian police described it in a manner typically continental" [syn: describe, account]

  2. announce as the result of an investigation, or announce something to the proper authorities; "Dozens of incidents of wife beatings are reported daily in this city"; "The team reported significant advances in their research"

  3. announce one's presence; "I report to work every day at 9 o'clock"

  4. make known to the authorities; "One student reported the other to the principal"

  5. be responsible for reporting the details of, as in journalism; "Snow reported on China in the 1950's"; "The cub reporter covered New York City" [syn: cover]

  6. complain about; make a charge against; "I reported her to the superviser"

  1. n. a written document describing the findings of some individual or group; "this accords with the recent study by Hill and Dale" [syn: study, written report]

  2. a short account of the news; "the report of his speech"; "the story was on the 11 o'clock news"; "the account of his speech that was given on the evening news made the governor furious" [syn: news report, story, account, write up]

  3. the act of informing by verbal report; "he heard reports that they were causing trouble"; "by all accounts they were a happy couple" [syn: account]

  4. a sharp explosive sound (especially the sound of a gun firing); "they heard a violent report followed by silence"

  5. a written evaluation of a student's scholarship and deportment; "his father signed his report card" [syn: report card]

  6. an essay (especially one written as an assignment); "he got an A on his composition" [syn: composition, paper, theme]

  7. the general estimation that the public has for a person; "he acquired a reputation as an actor before he started writing"; "he was a person of bad report" [syn: reputation]


A report or account is any informational work (usually of writing, speech, television, or film) made with the specific intention of relaying information or recounting certain events in a widely presentable form.

Report (disambiguation)

The word report refers to a type of informative work, such as a document or speech, and may also refer to:

Report (film)

Report is a 1967 short, avant-garde film by Bruce Conner. It consists of found footage concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It is listed in the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.

Report (Italian news television show)

Report is an independent journalistic TV program in Italy, aired on Rai 3, a channel of the Italian national network RAI for the first time in 1997. The first season were transmitted late in the night, but its increasing success made it possible to move it to prime time.

It was inspired by a similar program, Professione Reporter (Profession: Reporter), aired from 1994 to 1996.

Each episode is structured to touch a different topic: nutrition, health, science, economy, society or environment.

The author and anchorwoman is the freelance journalist Milena Gabanelli, the other journalists and episode editors are: Giovanna Boursier, Michele Buono, Giovanna Corsetti, Giorgio Fornoni, Sabrina Giannini, Bernardo Iovene, Paolo Mondani, Sigfrido Ranucci, Piero Riccardi e Stefania Rimini. Chiara Baldassari was part of the Report team until her death in 2005.

Paolo Barnard, author of some of the most critical episodes about globalisation, Israel and economical organisations, decided to leave Report after internal disputes.

Usage examples of "report".

That the Accompts of the Receipts and Expenditure of the Society shall be audited annually by three Auditors, to be elected at the General Meetings, and that the Report of the Auditors, with an Abstract of the Accompts, shall be published.

A new transparency appeared, showing how the two portfolios would be reported under the traditional, accrual accounting and the mark-to-market approach.

With mark-to-market accounting, those increases translated into reported profits.

Still, with so much of the reported profits tied to mark-to-market accounting, Enron brought in comparatively little actual cash, the commodity desperately needed to pay for all of the spending and new businesses.

Under the accounting rules, that fee could only be reported by Enron after it provided the services.

Levitt had warned companies not to abuse the practice that allowed them to avoid reporting accounting errors that affect less than a defined percentage of income.

They were reported to be aggressively engaged in guerilla warfare against the enemy in the provinces of Shantung, Hopei, Shansi and north Kiangsu, although direct evidence was lacking because no foreigner accredited to Chungking was allowed to visit the area north of the quarantine line.

Therein lies the problem: textbooks cannot report accurately on the six foreign interventions described in this chapter without mentioning that the U.

Always assuming that my lady the Marquise has reported accurately, there are other possible diagnoses.

Undoubtedly NBC News would receive a report swiftly from their affiliate, just as CBA had.

The simple truth evoked was, that while a committee of the house supposed that they were possessed of full and complete reports, they were supplied with only curt and crude extracts, calculated to place matters in the ministerial light, but not really affording the committee the opinions of those whose views they purported to be.

You are not going to be Missish, I hope, and pretend to be affronted at an idle report.

If any of the legionaries were permitted to return from the Italian expedition, their faithful report of the court and character of Honorius must have tended to dissolve the bonds of allegiance, and to exasperate the seditious temper of the British army.

Unchecked, Allmand finished up his report by pointing to two tire lines made in the gravel and asphalt.

TO THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES: In answer to the resolution of the Senate of the 19th instant requesting information concerning the quasi armistice alluded to in my message of the 4th instant, I transmit a report from the Secretary of the Navy.