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credit report

n. (context finance English) A document of the history and current status of a borrower's credit standing, and may include identifying information, credit information, public-records information, recent inquiries and credit score.

Usage examples of "credit report".

She supposed it was possible a credit report would have given him the information, but a far more likely explanation was that he had simply taken a look through the papers in her desk at home.

And when he had left, Edkin told his sister what the red-bordered credit report had shown.

Bobby's credit report says her husband is an executive with the Postal Service, which is a nine-to-five job.

Some kind of glitch turned up in his credit report and I helped him get it straightened out.

He's going to have to replace that in a hurry if he wants to stay off the bad credit report.

He looked over the copy of his combined credit report, stretching back the usual seven years.

McGee, we'll have to have a credit report on you, and we'll have to have a balance sheet and income statement.