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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a consultation paper/document (=a formal report on a subject that needs to be discussed)
▪ He produced a consultation document on public transport proposals for the city.
identity card/papers/documents (=documents that show who you are)
▪ Each member of staff is issued with an identity card.
▪ Copies of the consultative document are available from.
▪ At an early stage over 1500 copies of a first consultative document were circulated to teachers and others.
▪ The consultative document had an explosive effect when dropped among the profession.
▪ If the proposals are accepted, a Health and Safety Commission consultative document will follow in September.
▪ Two years ago a consultative document from the Inland Revenue proposed that the loan-back be limited to 25 percent.
▪ The Inland Revenue has released a consultative document that proposes a heavier tax charge for certain cars.
▪ Now Mr Fallon is preparing a consultative document so the Churches can comment before the new rules for capital funding are finalised.
▪ The admission comes in the form of internal Bank documents prepared earlier in 1992 by its operations evaluation department.
▪ The brief represents another attempt to use internal documents against the $ 50 billion tobacco industry.
▪ The interview data were contextualized by internal company documents, the business press and other published academic studies.
▪ No report should be issued since this is an internal document.
▪ One internal document puts the price tag at $ 1. 7 million.
▪ An internal management document, marked confidential, gives details of the restructuring plan.
▪ And, although Brown and other officials denied it, internal department documents contain numerous indications that politics apparently was a factor.
▪ A will is a legal document, and it has to be written down in the correct legal language.
▪ He refuses to marry her, in spite of the fact that he gave her a legal document stating his intention.
▪ His main expense is photocopying thousands of legal documents and he spends his days preparing the next part of his case.
▪ A trust receipt is a legal document that creates a lien on some specific item of inventory.
▪ It was clear that the wife was never in a position fully to understand the legal implication of documents.
▪ When Woolman displayed a gift for the field of law, his employer put him to work executing legal documents.
▪ Nor did she know if there should be some legal document setting out the terms upon which landladies and lodgers agreed.
▪ Ephraim even agreed to witness the legal document drawn up between his nephew and niece that effected the change.
▪ The official document was still laid out on the centre of the table alongside the first few lines of his handwritten duplicate.
▪ They were married in a room smelling of varnish and floor wax, and official documents growing musty in the filing cabinets.
▪ Arrests were also reported of members of a major network of financial corruption involving the falsification of official documents.
▪ Even the feel of an official document did not comfort.
▪ One covered the verification of official documents, one dealt with compensation for lost mail and one established mechanisms for future contacts.
▪ Clearly, too, the resistance and sabotage mentioned in official documents were the exception, not the rule.
▪ It was resolved to deposit the Damascus Declaration with the Arab League as an official document.
▪ He sat once again at his desk and began to consider how to get the official document translated without arousing further suspicion.
▪ By the late eighth to early ninth century, there are some original documents, but not many.
▪ In an affidavit, Barr said the shredded papers were merely copies of copies and that no original documents had been destroyed.
▪ The original proposal documents from the firms offer key accounting variables.
▪ In his research for Hollywood Haven, Schnauber used both official reports from government offices and original documents.
▪ Care needs to be taken with medical records and old original documents that do not copy well.
▪ Searching for words and phrases was instant, and any passage could be easily copied and dropped into an original document.
▪ This evidential rule states that a party should submit to court the original evidential document rather than a copy.
▪ Such systems have greatly improved the scanning and storing of original documents.
▪ Both would have seen all the relevant documents either before or during the course of the trial.
▪ I have made full use of my collection of most of the relevant documents and published materials that bear on the case.
▪ It may involve the use of relevant historic documents.
▪ The participating States will reflect in their laws or other relevant documents the rights and duties of armed forces personnel.
▪ The video window would also enable them to study relevant documents together, if required.
▪ The family of the survivor is encouraged to join in at the end. Relevant photographs and documents can also be incorporated.
▪ Recall and precision are measures of index effectiveness, indicating the extent to which relevant documents are retrieved.
▪ This is partly because, with natural language indexing, the indexing language is that of the relevant input documents.
▪ The responses to the first consultation document on the proposal on the contrary indicated that constituent authorities were very much in favour.
▪ A consultation document, Protecting Children.
▪ Mr Foster says the consultation document fails to acknowledge the tradition of free access to mountain and hill country.
▪ Nice refused to comment, beyond acknowledging that it had issued a confidential consultation document.
▪ The report goes on to offer an update on progress implementing the consultation document Supporting doctors, protecting patients.
▪ The government originally promised to publish a consultation document on how it proposed to implement the directive by autumn 1992.
▪ Samantha Hoad was shown court documents with additional figures amounting to almost £200 when the bailiffs arrived.
▪ He and Gridley talked briefly again by phone about the proposed bribe for a wharf berth, the court documents show.
▪ He said he pretended to be carrying court documents.
▪ But agents found a live bomb, a partial bomb and explosive materials, court documents show.
▪ The computer then produces the court documents with the relevant information at the correct time.
▪ In court documents, she has noted that Mustaf brought several friends into Phoenix in the days surrounding Hayes' murder.
▪ He has also been accused of molesting his own daughter and threatening other girls, court documents show.
▪ He has four or five sheets of foolscap, xeroxes, I see, of court documents.
▪ A partial offer document is, therefore, a more time-consuming document to prepare.
▪ Guinness was accused of bad faith, in particular for failing to adhere to promises made in the official offer documents.
▪ This should be explained in the offer document.
▪ Before the offer document is published, it must be submitted to the supervisory authority and the management of the target company.
▪ The supervisory authority may forbid the publication of an offer document that is incomplete or requires additional information.
▪ These come in various formats - White Papers, departmental policy documents and ministerial statements, and speeches.
▪ White Papers and policy documents are generally to be taken seriously and are therefore quoted extensively on appeal.
▪ I would be happy to send him a copy of our policy document if he would like to have more detail.
▪ However, the measures proposed are not costed, and its policy document lacks credibility.
▪ Our college, and authority, now has an equal opportunities policy document.
▪ Protest as a groan of anguish, as the sound of something buckling under pressure, rather than protest as a policy document.
▪ There was still no official home-school links policy document to which interested parties might turn for clear and authoritative guidance.
▪ When you create a document in Ventura it has an underlying frame.
▪ You will learn how to create newspaper type documents and those containing parallel columns.
▪ This will help you support your claims, create continuity within the document, and use interesting language and ideas.
▪ This happens often when you create a document with uneven columns.
▪ In some systems, users can add their own links to form new organizational structures, creating new documents from old.
▪ In this chapter, you will learn how to create documents using larger blocks of text, which are called boilerplate.
▪ To create a new document from the block of text, first mark the block, then press F10.
▪ More significant, she used ten words where two would do, creating dull, unwieldy documents.
▪ You will see that almost without exception they have been included in this final document.
▪ This has led us to additional evidence, including documents and witnesses.
▪ It includes Ally, a document analysis module that details statistics on word occurrences.
▪ For example, Ami Pro has a charting module that makes it very easy to include graphs in your documents.
▪ Note the special rules for service under Ord 24, r 3, which include leaving the documents at the premises.
▪ A report on the extent and nature of the feedback was included in a second document circulated to all schools in 1980.
▪ The work includes published editions of documents and calendars of primary sources, and short descriptive notes are given where necessary.
▪ Full details will be included in your policy document.
▪ To help expatriates overcome differences in culture, their employers should issue them with briefing documents covering various points of concern.
▪ Nice refused to comment, beyond acknowledging that it had issued a confidential consultation document.
▪ The organising committee has also issued a tender document calling for designs for the mascot of the games.
▪ Experienced researchers are wise to all the tricks used to camouflage a poorly prepared document, so do not encourage criticism.
▪ In the week before work began I prepared three documents.
▪ Now Mr Fallon is preparing a consultative document so the Churches can comment before the new rules for capital funding are finalised.
▪ As soon as you've completed your pre-completion agenda you should proceed to prepare all the documents listed under head 2 above.
▪ A certificate of judgement is still required, but see r 27 enabling judgment creditors to prepare documents for the court.
▪ Cheshire County Council has prepared two documents warning of the danger faced by Cheshire industry.
▪ Government requires the Council to prepare this important document.
▪ There is no absolute requirement for the terms to be printed on the document which incorporates them into the contract.
▪ Scan the document looking for, and correcting, improper page breaks. 5. Print the document. 6.
▪ Mail lets you send email, and Print will print the document you're viewing.
▪ Press Shift-F7 1 to print the document.
▪ You can treat it as a printer, but one that prints its documents elsewhere.
Printing from the screen allows you to print the entire document, the current page, or any block.
▪ From such apparently humble beginnings a competent operator can produce very professional documents indeed.
▪ Lisa would presumably encourage office workers to produce documents blending text and graphics.
▪ But it would have been useless to produce the documents in Rome, for they contained no decisive evidence in favour of the primacy.
▪ Whilst these seminars will not produce a negotiated document, particular attention should be given to improving follow-up. 15.
▪ He even produced the document I had signed to that effect, bringing to my attention the relevant clause.
▪ The deadline for producing the documents is March 14.
▪ The White House has agreed to produce documents and to allow its officials to be interviewed by the Senate investigators.
▪ If it had published the full document as originally written, we would know that there are some real nasties in it.
▪ Acrobat is used by corporations to publish documents like annual reports and catalogs on the Web.
▪ The research process involves many activities that will never be reported in the published document.
▪ The government originally promised to publish a consultation document on how it proposed to implement the directive by autumn 1992.
▪ However, he plans to reserve his final judgement until review of the published document.
▪ She did not read the documents before signing.
▪ Repeated Ideas signs: This habit is difficult to spot immediately. Read through your document, deliberately looking for repeated ideas.
▪ She was, it may be inferred, tricked into signing without reading the document.
▪ Observe everything, read any documents or papers left lying around before or after that meeting.
▪ Who read the document and what was the effect of its having been read?
▪ Relevant documents were available, but were not read 4.
▪ WorldView's brief is to ensure that a user can read a document irrespective of the software that created it.
▪ Mr. Banks I have never actually read that document, but it was far too long.
▪ The Inland Revenue has released a consultative document that proposes a heavier tax charge for certain cars.
▪ The Army would not release those documents.
▪ The board is responsible for releasing documents on the 1963 Kennedy assassination that do not endanger national security.
▪ Recently released documents show the party had alerted his office in advance that the luncheon was arranged primarily for donors.
▪ The decision to release the documents reverses a Red Cross policy of secrecy.
▪ Two defendants were pardoned before trial and one avoided trial because the Bush administration refused to release key documents.
▪ He signed a document stating that he received the money in full satisfaction of all claims in respect of personal injury.
▪ In the end only thirty-nine signed the completed document.
▪ Steve was just recalling a little history. Sign the document now and forget about it.
▪ CatleyCarlson said Pike had signed documents agreeing not to reinsert himself into the project in any managerial capacity.
▪ Kono and Ivanov signed the documents following their talks, which also covered bilateral and international issues.
▪ He had signed the document disavowing me.
▪ Often, loan salespeople pressure borrowers to sign the documents in a hurry, Mulligan said.
▪ It is very important to ensure that all clients understand those documents you invite them to sign.
▪ The treasures included a vast quantity of written documents.
▪ Lawyers' briefs are written documents.
▪ I sat up all night on the Sunday and wrote a nineteen-page document.
▪ In these cases, write your document immediately.
▪ In the ancient world, literate societies recorded their own history in written documents.
▪ Evidence reports were changed by supervisors without telling the lab personnel who had written the documents.
▪ Kings sometimes instructed or allowed churchmen to draft and write these documents, and Cnut apparently often did so.
▪ When you write your next document, make sure the transitions are solidly placed.
▪ legal documents
▪ Several secret documents went missing from the government's Information department.
▪ The company was given a 55-page document detailing the criminal charges.
▪ You can attach any documents to an email and send them to friends or colleagues.
▪ Your birth certificate is an important document, which should be kept safe at all times.
▪ But other form documents, such as contracts and proposals, may have the same variables repeated throughout.
▪ However, nothing in the document challenges the Communist party, and it opposes any action against the state.
▪ The document appeared in the press shortly before polling day and swung many votes against MacDonald.
▪ The document could not be used for an independent inquiry arising out of other facts.
▪ Then debate began on the document on the Church.
▪ They took the documents into a small building.
▪ This can make your document look more professional.
▪ Here the Yorke family carefully documented the lives of their servants in poems, portraits and household accounts.
▪ When problems arise, consumers in self-insured plans should file a complaint with the plan, clearly and carefully documenting the issues.
▪ The property-deals were always carefully documented.
Carefully documented accounts of heroism challenge us to recognize their sacrifices and pay them homage.
▪ Flanner is rather sparing about details of Picasso's personal life, knowing it to be so extensively documented.
▪ In most cases, such changes are poorly documented, if they are recorded at all.
▪ The archaeology of this region is poorly documented.
▪ What happens in this situation has been well documented: Each group becomes more cohesive, as members close ranks.
▪ The decision process for loan approval was well documented and of limited complexity.
▪ The arguments for and against this approach to curriculum planning and evaluation are well documented elsewhere.
▪ Thus near misses of comets and asteroids are well documented by modern observations, and grazing impacts also occur.
▪ Its reliability and performance improvements are well documented.
▪ Here the Yorke family carefully documented the lives of their servants in poems, portraits and household accounts.
▪ The commercial photograph is therefore not perceived as primarily documenting real life.
▪ The report documented several incidents of mass atrocities in detail.
▪ The report that documents their findings includes an appendix with 108 anecdotes by Princeton students of racial or religious harassment or discrimination.
▪ Subsequent research has documented that this effect occurs at the B- and T-cell levels.
▪ The research aims to document the range of factors that give rise to arrears, as identified by the borrower.
▪ That study is expected to document the role of cultural institutions in creating employment and attracting businesses to New York City.
▪ Some studies have documented lower dropout rates, improved attendance, greater academic course-taking, and better academic performance.
▪ However, studies have documented how increasing economic dependency is the cost of trying to keep families in health and in credit.
▪ Attempts to document social problems in some parts of the country had been difficult.
▪ Many writers have documented the changes in feminist politics over the last decade.
▪ The photographs documented the anguish of the Great Depression.
▪ All expectations and charges should be clearly documented in the final contract.
▪ All these countries have handled incoming tours in the past with considerable ease and all their faculties are well documented.
▪ I sent him a bundle of clippings that I thought amply documented my charge.
▪ Two new books of note A comprehensive biography documenting the life and times of Josiah Wedgwood has been recently published by Macmillan.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

document \doc"u*ment\ (d[o^]k"[-u]*ment), n. [LL. documentum, fr. docere to teach: cf. F. document. See Docile.]

  1. That which is taught or authoritatively set forth; precept; instruction; dogma. [Obs.]

    Learners should not be too much crowded with a heap or multitude of documents or ideas at one time. -- I. Watts.

  2. An example for instruction or warning. [Obs.]

    They were forth with stoned to death, as a document to others. -- Sir W. Raleigh.

  3. An original or official paper relied upon as the basis, proof, or support of anything else; -- in its most extended sense, including any writing, book, or other instrument conveying information in the case; any material substance on which the thoughts of men are represented by any species of conventional mark or symbol.

    Saint Luke . . . collected them from such documents and testimonies as he . . . judged to be authentic.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "teaching, instruction," from Old French document (13c.) "lesson, written evidence," from Latin documentum "example, proof, lesson," in Medieval Latin "official written instrument," from docere "to show, teach" (see doctor (n.)). Meaning "something written that provides proof or evidence" is from early 18c. Related: Documents.


1640s, "to teach;" see document (n.). Meaning "to support by documentary evidence" is from 1711. Related: Documented; documenting.


n. 1 An original or official paper relied upon as the basis, proof, or support of anything else, including any writing, book, or other instrument conveying information pertinent to such proof or support. Any material substance on which the thoughts of men are represented by any species of conventional mark or symbol. 2 (context obsolete English) That which is taught or authoritatively set forth; precept; instruction; dogm

  1. 3 (context obsolete English) An example for instruction or warning. v

  2. 1 To record in documents. 2 To furnish with documents or papers necessary to establish facts or give information.

  1. n. writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature) [syn: written document, papers]

  2. anything serving as a representation of a person's thinking by means of symbolic marks

  3. a written account of ownership or obligation

  4. (computer science) a computer file that contains text (and possibly formatting instructions) using 7-bit ASCII characters [syn: text file]

  5. v. record in detail; "The parents documented every step of their child's development"

  6. support or supply with references; "Can you document your claims?"


A document is a written, drawn, presented or recorded representation of thoughts. Originating from the Latin Documentum meaning lesson - the verb doceō means to teach, and is pronounced similarly, in the past it was usually used as a term for a written proof used as evidence. In the computer age, a document is usually used to describe a primarily textual file, along with its structure and design, such as fonts, colors and additional images.

The modern term 'document' can no longer be defined by its transmission medium (such as paper), following the existence of electronic documents. 'Documentation' has more meanings than a written or drawn presentation of thoughts.

The formal term 'document' is defined in Library and information science and in documentation science, as a basic theoretical construct. It is everything which may be preserved or represented in order to serve as evidence for some purpose. The classical example provided by Suzanne Briet is an antelope: "An antelope running wild on the plains of Africa should not be considered a document, she rules. But if it were to be captured, taken to a zoo and made an object of study, it has been made into a document. It has become physical evidence being used by those who study it. Indeed, scholarly articles written about the antelope are secondary documents, since the antelope itself is the primary document." (Quoted from Buckland, 1998 ). (This view has been seen as an early expression of what now is known as actor–network theory).

Document (album)

Document is the fifth studio album by the American alternative rock band R.E.M. It was released in 1987 a few months after their rarities collection Dead Letter Office appeared and is the last album of new material by the band released on the I.R.S. Records label. It is the first album on which the band worked with producer Scott Litt.

Document (TV series)

Document is a Canadian documentary television series which aired on CBC Television from 1962 to 1969.

Document (disambiguation)

Document is a basic theoretical construct that refers to everything that may be preserved or represented in order to serve as evidence for some purpose.

Document or documents may also refer to:

  • Documentation, written account of an idea
  • Electronic document, simply called a document, any electronic media content other than computer programs or system files
  • Document file format, a type of computer file referred to as "Document" that contains text
  • Web document, similar in concept to a web page, but also satisfies the following broader definition by World Wide Web Consortium
  • Document (album) (1987) by the American alternative rock band R.E.M
  • Document (TV series), a Canadian documentary television series which aired on CBC Television from 1962 to 1969
  • Document Records, a British record label associated with American rural music genres
  • Documents (magazine), a surrealist art magazine edited by Georges Bataille and published in Paris from 1929 through 1930

Usage examples of "document".

In those documents we find the abridgment of the existing right of suffrage and the denial to the people of all right to participate in the selection of public officers except the legislative boldly advocated, with labored arguments to prove that large control of the people in government is the source of all political evil.

In those documents we find the abridgment of the existing right of suffrage, and the denial to the people of all right to participate in the selection of public officers, except the legislature, boldly advocated, with labored argument to prove that large control of the people in government is the source of all political evil.

Potomac, searching for an ex-clerk of the Treasury Department, James Taliaferro, who had absconded with important documents.

You needed someone with experience in Rauta Sheraa paper to do a minesweep help you bury incriminating Service documents Acton re-coded as private paper.

But the most important step which his Prussian majesty took in his own justification, was that of publishing another memorial, specifying the conduct of the courts of Vienna and Saxony, and their dangerous designs against his person and interest, together with the original documents adduced as proofs of these sinister intentions.

Rabbi Solomon ben Adret of Barcelona issued a document labeling Abulafia a dangerous charlatan.

In such case, the charter-party of the MAY-FLOWER, with the autograph of each Merchant Adventurer appended, would constitute, if it could be found, one of the most interesting and valuable of historical documents.

The Gospel of Thomas contains some sayings of Christ and I believe there must be other types of agrapha, non-canonical documents, yet undiscovered that at least allude to the teachings of Christ.

Thero glared at Alec for an instant, then began gathering his scattered documents.

Stories circulated that this allegation made a number of moderate Republicans more inclined to vote against Clinton, but of the 45 Republicans who saw the secret documents, only two were undecided.

The story of King Sonom, also retold by Quincy, comes from an extraordinary contemporary document, a 1775 letter by a French missionary in China named Joseph Amiot, which Savina reproduces in full.

It was also documented that the patient had a total paralysis following his anesthetic complication that involved not only the spinal cord but cranial nerves as well.

RESOLUTION To prepare a revised edition of the Annotated Constitution of the United States of America as published in 1938 as Senate Document 232 of the Seventy-fourth Congress.

That the Librarian of Congress is hereby authorized and directed to have the Annotated Constitution of the United States of America, published in 1938, revised and extended to include annotations of decisions of the Supreme Court prior to January 1, 1948, construing the several provisions of the Constitution correlated under each separate provision, and to have the said revised document printed at the Government Printing Office.

This was issued as Senate Document 96 of the 67th Congress, and was followed the next year by a similar volume annotating the cases through the October 1923 Term of the Supreme Court.