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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a cardboard/wooden/plastic box
▪ We packed all our things into big cardboard boxes.
a paper/plastic/china cup (=one made of paper etc)
▪ All they had to drink was warm beer in plastic cups.
a plastic/glass/metal etc container
▪ A lot of food is sold in plastic containers.
a plastic/polythene/paper bag
▪ Store the beans in a paper bag in the fridge.
a rubber/plastic bullet (=one made of rubber/plastic, not designed to kill)
▪ Riot police fired plastic bullets into the air.
a sealed container/box/plastic bag
▪ The specimens he collected were sent back to London in sealed containers.
a wooden/plastic/leather etc chair
▪ In the kitchen was a table with six wooden chairs around it.
cosmetic/plastic surgery (=surgery to improve someone’s appearance)
▪ More and more people are choosing to have plastic surgery.
plastic bullet
plastic explosive
plastic surgery
plastic wrap
plastic/rubber/metal etc sheeting
▪ The roof was covered in plastic sheeting.
▪ Plant in the same way as for trees and shrubs, mulching the prepared ground with black plastic or strips of old carpet.
▪ Each was lined with several layers of black plastic U. S. Government burn bag and the plastic sealed with masking tape.
▪ Even the hipsters - a purple and blue check, with a wide black plastic belt - had been preserved.
▪ So keep up the heat in your compost heap by covering it with black plastic sheets, old carpets or sacking.
▪ It was a black plastic dustbin bag.
▪ Three people, including two of our three women, pursued an S &038; M theme with leather and black plastic.
▪ Ellis opened the cupboard and took out a small black plastic suitcase.
▪ Inside was a single ultra-thin sheet of what seemed like pure black plastic.
▪ You can also get them with space for a name card behind a clear plastic window.
▪ Cover the area with clear plastic and secure the edges by burying them.
▪ With 12 clear plastic pockets, it's a bargain at £1.98.
▪ Remove the clear plastic in a month.
▪ When they get to the pillbox they have to divide their purchases into three clear plastic bags for inspection.
▪ Eight big plastic dustbins were filled with clear plastic bags and flown to London.
▪ Stylish, clear plastic lunchbox with carrying handle, available in clear, red, yellow, purple, blue or pink.
▪ Place a clear piece of plastic on a window, close one eye and trace the outlines of what you see.
▪ A tea-bag, a spoon of Marvel milk-powder, and the green plastic mug was steaming triumphantly by my side.
▪ He puts his green plastic briefcase on the desk.
▪ The only other control on the green plastic body is a front-mounted on/off switch.
▪ It was fashioned from dark green plastic, wafer thin, yet of considerable weight.
▪ At the comer stood a green plastic rubbish skip, presumably the one where Ruggiero's letter had been left.
▪ If you do desire greenery, it is best to use large plastic plants.
▪ You have the following equipment: a large piece of plastic, rope, and an air tank.
▪ Read in studio People are being urged to bury large plastic cones in their gardens and then fill them with waste.
▪ They're asking people to look out for the substances which were in a large grey plastic box.
▪ Placement of large bore plastic biliary stents was a good initial treatment for cholangitis or jaundice when present.
▪ Thérèse poured a large plastic glassful each of red wine.
▪ We also had a large plastic bag which we had to get in.
▪ You can use a large plastic cat litter tray as a dirt-box.
▪ She put a red plastic bowl on the refrigerator floor and sat down to wait for the ice to melt.
▪ The researchers had given me an electric thermometer, a stalk of red plastic, to put in my mouth.
▪ There are teacups made of red plastic on the table, and a little teapot.
▪ One of them comes tottering up to him, falls, and pitches a red plastic fire-engine at his feet.
▪ As a gesture of remembrance, the city has filled in many of these indentations with red plastic.
▪ I couldn't go without my red plastic bucket, or rather three of them.
▪ I popped the red plastic thermometer in my mouth and sat checking the map.
▪ He pulled the small plastic box free and laid it on top of the crate, fumbling in his jacket pocket for something.
▪ I now use a small plastic bucket to keep the worms and feed them on bread and milk.
▪ The memory card is a small plastic card about the size of a credit card.
▪ Quickly I bought three chocolate liqueur bottles and a small plastic figure of a stag.
▪ There, taped to the bottom, was a small plastic bag of amphetamines.
▪ And a small plastic bag full of white powder.
▪ The trap looks rather like an open-ended small plastic cloche, and hangs in the tree.
▪ Ellis opened the cupboard and took out a small black plastic suitcase.
▪ When lifted and placed against a transparent plastic sheet they would show up the tiniest particle.
▪ He's wearing a transparent blue plastic cagoule.
▪ Laminate a thin transparent plastic coating applied to paper or board to provide protection and give it a glossy finish.
▪ The shoes I had on were white plastic trainers in need of polish.
▪ Steven loved gadgets, and Jean had one of the latest square white plastic electric kettles.
▪ But I will not look up from the tray until I have it safely landed on the white plastic table.
▪ She looked down at the white plastic loop that now bound her wrist to the brass rail on the table.
▪ The man stuffed them into a white plastic bag and ran off.
▪ His sheets were scorched after the white plastic monitor box melted and set fire to the carpet.
▪ And the body and headstock binding is simple white plastic, to avoid detracting from the overall look.
▪ For part of the antenatal survey aluminium bowls were replaced by white plastic bowls, which hampered interpretation of the clarity.
▪ He had a plastic bag in his pocket and he knelt down in the grass and scooped it up.
▪ The plastic bag can be removed when you have finished and the magnet will still remain clean.
▪ He inspected the plastic bag, satisfied that its contents had not been touched.
▪ Place a plastic bag in your pot and fill with ready mixed cement.
▪ A plastic bag containing some of his remains was found two weeks later at Reigate.
▪ Then seal it in a plastic bag to take home.
▪ The check-out clerks normally pack the already neatly wrapped fresh meat for you in a plastic bag.
▪ They used to be alone among the plastic bags, sorting and grading whatever had been donated.
▪ Wooden and plastic spoons, spatulas, empty plastic tubs, measuring scoops, a cat bell inside a taped-up plastic bottle.
▪ And it even comes in a plastic bottle, so it can be thrown at Teddy without causing serious injury.
▪ Assorted plastic bottles can be cut to the appropriate size.
▪ Fill an empty plastic bottle with a few lentils.
▪ This applies to mineral water as well - substances in the plastic bottle can leach out into the water.
▪ They keep their production costs low and help the environment by recycling waste material such as newspapers and household plastic bottles.
▪ One drum had burst open on impact with the water, leaving plastic bottles of waste floating on the surface.
▪ Cut a plastic bottle in half, and put a mixture of jam and water into the bottom half.
▪ He pulled the small plastic box free and laid it on top of the crate, fumbling in his jacket pocket for something.
▪ Then you take out the little plastic box from your jacket and show him the syringe needle.
▪ The plastic box was about seven inches long and five across.
▪ One tactic is simply to shield the device, by enclosing it in a metal or plastic box of low impedance.
▪ So I packed my plastic box, and off I went.
▪ Forget all the images you have of little plastic boxes and bored housewives.
▪ They're asking people to look out for the substances which were in a large grey plastic box.
▪ Once they can sit up, babies love to bash saucepans, plastic boxes, biscuit tins, cupboards and fireguards.
▪ I now use a small plastic bucket to keep the worms and feed them on bread and milk.
▪ The plastic buckets were slowly filled.
▪ If the Palaeolithic stone axe is immediately succeeded in a section by a plastic bucket, then we must suspect a gap.
▪ No flowers, no marble vases, just empty plastic buckets and washing-up bowls.
▪ I couldn't go without my red plastic bucket, or rather three of them.
▪ Harriet stood there in breeches and waxed jacket, holding a rope halter and a plastic bucket.
▪ Robinson and Porter both retrieved the small plastic buckets from one corner of the cell and wandered out on to the landing.
▪ He had asked for, and eventually been given, a plastic bucket of cold water and a sponge.
▪ Round for round plastic bullets have killed over four times as many people as their rubber predecessors.
▪ Left: The Diamond kite, using decoration from a plastic carrier bag.
▪ It attracted everyone from stunt flying professionals to kids with an old plastic carrier bag and a piece of string.
▪ She parked the car and hoisted the plastic carriers from the boot, perching the flat, be-ribboned pâtisserie box on top.
▪ After collecting the award Reeves slipped it into a plastic carrier bag and shortly after dropped it.
▪ The four sample bottles of water stood in their plastic carrier on my roomette floor.
▪ To waste them cleaning out a drawer of plastic carrier bags instead of scrambling up lofty pinnacles is something you may regret.
▪ The Fluid Foundation comes in a little opaque beige plastic container, and is labelled, in gold lettering, Teint Naturel.
▪ It consists of a plastic container and a liquid-crystal indicator strip.
▪ Duvall was carrying two plastic containers.
▪ Round about Grace herself the great river deposited little but mounds of plastic containers.
▪ He perched beside her and held the plastic container.
▪ Another group combs the refuse for tins, bottles and plastic containers to be sold on junk stalls.
▪ Her searching produced a roll of blankets, the first-aid box and a plastic container full of water.
▪ For dish washing, two plastic containers were filled with lake water, one with soap and the other for rinsing.
▪ On the back of the body, a plastic cover offers easy access to the control cavity.
▪ It overheated and melted the plastic cover.
▪ Robinson smiled as he lifted the plastic cover from the slop bucket to reveal a lump of excrement.
▪ I rattled the plastic cover over the Amstrad but it was firmly locked in place.
▪ A woman police constable deposited four plastic cups of tea on the formica.
▪ I gave him a Fred Flintstone plastic cup of ice water.
▪ Water spills Place a plastic cup full of water inside an empty bowl.
▪ The blades rotate inside a plastic cup, so the blender can even be used in nonstick kitchenware.
▪ Drinks being poured, a plastic cup crumpling, some one beating a fingertip tattoo on a table.
▪ Others keep on staring at their pink plastic cups.
▪ Kidskin sofa, a satinwood desk strewn with papers, overturned plastic cups, the surrounding chairs askew.
▪ He poured a generous measure into a plastic cup then slid it over the top of the desk into her hand.
▪ As night approached, the man was forced to put on a belt packed with plastic explosives and connected to a detonator.
▪ We waited for two minutes before the combined strength of thirty-five pounds of EP-12 plastic explosive tore the car apart.
▪ Mine gained great pleasure from playing with a piece of plastic pipe.
▪ Lengths of plastic pipe are useful as a cave as they are light, and easy to move.
▪ If space is very tight, use flexible copper pipe or plastic pipe for some if not all of the final fittings.
▪ Keep your hacksaw handy for cutting plastic pipe, however.
▪ Solvent-weld fitting Cutting plastic pipe Plastic pipe can be cut easily with a hacksaw.
▪ Recently, plastic pipe has become available for home plumbing for both hot and cold water pipes.
▪ Add a length of plastic pipe over the top of the funnel so that it comes up to the top of the bottle.
▪ Filtration: Undergravel Decor: The tank contains slate and bogwood with plastic plants.
▪ No new plastics plants will be opened; no existing plants will be closed.
▪ However, all these species will suffer at the mouths of Scats, if you want these plant eaters choose plastic plants.
▪ If you do desire greenery, it is best to use large plastic plants.
▪ Clean rocks, plastic plants, etc in a bucket of warm water with a cupful of household bleach.
▪ Algae stained plastic plants can be bleached and rinsed cleaned.
▪ Inset shows the same set-up with a mixture of natural and plastic plants.
▪ So keep up the heat in your compost heap by covering it with black plastic sheets, old carpets or sacking.
▪ If you're basing yourself at one campsite place an old groundsheet or plastic sheet under the tent.
▪ The deck and superstructure is effectively a sandwich of foam contained within two fibre reinforced plastic sheets.
▪ The intestinal segment, covered by a thin plastic sheet, was placed on a plastic plate specially designed for this purpose.
▪ Esda is effectively negated because the plastic sheet ensures that no indentation is left on underlying pages.
▪ When lifted and placed against a transparent plastic sheet they would show up the tiniest particle.
▪ It's easy to be tidy, just carry a plastic sheet or bag upon which your excavated earth is placed.
▪ The corpses lay uncovered in the open on plastic sheets.
▪ Also widely grown are tomatoes and strawberries, nowadays mainly under plastic sheeting.
▪ As strawberries ripen, push some straw or plastic sheeting under them so they can't rot on the soil.
▪ There were no more coffins available, but by four o'clock we had buried the soldiers, wrapped in plastic sheeting.
▪ Wardle Storeys, he plastic sheeting concern, had a nervous session, falling 27p to 266p.
▪ Soon, he knew, the two bodies would be neatly parcelled in plastic sheeting.
▪ Rizla waded into some plastic sheeting and resumed her second teething phase with it.
▪ A cheaper alternative to glass is to double glaze them yourself with plastic sheeting, but this will obviously affect their appearance.
▪ For years now, self-appointed surgeons without the appropriate training have been performing life-threatening operations usurping the skills of consultant plastic surgeons.
▪ Once here he will have an operation to repair a cleft palate by plastic surgeon Charles Viva.
▪ Did you hear about the plastic surgeon warming himself by the fire?
▪ It may be necessary to get reports from an orthopaedic surgeon, a neurologist and perhaps a plastic surgeon.
▪ He said plastic surgeons were working close with the surgery team.
▪ She's had so much plastic surgery done, it's not like she's herself any more.
▪ They've all been waiting for more than 2 years for plastic surgery at Stoke Mandeville hospital near Aylesbury.
▪ Doctors hope Christina's face will heal quickly and that she will be able to avoid plastic surgery.
▪ Instead, 20-year-old Alison was transferred by ambulance to a specialist plastic surgery unit 60 miles away.
▪ He became one of the first to benefit from the plastic surgery techniques pioneered by Sir Archibald McIndoe.
▪ One of my men had to have plastic surgery after that little lark.
▪ He was later transferred to St John's hospital in Livingston where he underwent plastic surgery.
▪ He slipped out of the pony harness, withdrew the slim plastic tube and emptied the sticky gerbils back into their cage.
▪ The distal end of the intestinal segment was connected via a plastic tube to a basin on the plate.
▪ A long plastic tube containing a tasty morsel of food in the middle was placed in their cage.
▪ Firstly, we have to realise the full potential for growth and profitability of our plastic tube technology.
▪ Duvall was carrying two plastic containers.
▪ Smitty was carrying the plastic can up the side of a rock where wildflowers grew.
▪ I see Harry sauntering through the gates wearing a warm coat and carrying a plastic bag.
▪ Gionesca wore a bedsheet and a necklace of rabbit-bones, and led four pall-bearers carrying a plastic carton containing a Marlboro butt.
▪ They carried a long plastic body-bag into the building.
▪ It's easy to be tidy, just carry a plastic sheet or bag upon which your excavated earth is placed.
▪ I had no sleeping bag but always carry an orange plastic survival bag in the rucksack.
▪ A plastic bag containing some of his remains was found two weeks later at Reigate.
▪ Behind her and to the right stretched a plastic canopy containing cakes and filled rolls.
▪ Gionesca wore a bedsheet and a necklace of rabbit-bones, and led four pall-bearers carrying a plastic carton containing a Marlboro butt.
▪ The waiter smacked a plastic plate containing the bill on to the corner of the table and glared at them.
▪ It consists of a plastic 3*3 square containing eight little tiles and one empty space.
▪ A long plastic tube containing a tasty morsel of food in the middle was placed in their cage.
▪ He is skinnier than ever before and the owner of several plastic bags each containing a forgotten toothbrush.
▪ Then after filling a plastic bag she popped the lot in the bin.
▪ Holly had filled the plastic bag with oil and twisted the neck tight and fastened it with a snip of wire.
▪ Eight big plastic dustbins were filled with clear plastic bags and flown to London.
▪ Give him a plastic or wooden spoon and plug your ears! Fill an empty plastic bottle with a few lentils.
▪ Florence re-emerged holding a plastic raincoat over herself and the baby, and got into the back seat.
▪ The cans are held together by plastic, and you can see the red and white labels.
▪ The best way to train for this is to have your partner hold a plastic foam impact pad against his chest.
▪ She was holding a plastic bag of ice cubes on top of her head.
▪ He is holding the plastic tub out to Keith.
▪ There are grants for developing industrial crops to generate energy, make plastics and grow hemp for manufacturing.
▪ Why not make cars or plastics this way?
▪ You can't make spaceships out of plastic!
▪ It smashed through the gates, tearing them off their hinges as though they were made of plastic.
▪ These are made from a tough plastic foam and are very light to wear.
▪ The buildings were made of plastic and glass on a plexiglass base, detailed at the front but merely silhouettes further back.
▪ Collecting and cleaning some types of plastic for recycling uses more energy than making new plastic.
▪ As mentioned in the introduction, the LEGATO.INI that you see here is one I made earlier from sticky-backed plastic.
▪ I hang my clothes in the wardrobe and put on the plastic gown.
▪ She put a red plastic bowl on the refrigerator floor and sat down to wait for the ice to melt.
▪ He puts his green plastic briefcase on the desk.
▪ All the same, she put a little more plastic holly in the shop-window.
▪ Never block ventilation bricks. Put metal or plastic around the sides of doors.
▪ They made him strip, put a plastic bag over his head and then poured petrol over him.
▪ Newspapers are tied up in bundles, or put into plastic bags.
▪ Unrecycleable material is put into either plastic or brown paper rubbish bags.
▪ So the detergent companies have been careful to use lots of recycled plastic in their containers.
▪ Oceangoers compare the diversity of techniques used in fishing plastic to that of fly fishing.
▪ Endoprosthesis placement was performed in the conventional manner using a plastic prosthesis for the bile and pancreatic ducts.
▪ Are you addicted to the joy of using plastic?
▪ I now use a small plastic bucket to keep the worms and feed them on bread and milk.
▪ Jim Thorpe: using plastic kiddies' clubs.
▪ Left: The Diamond kite, using decoration from a plastic carrier bag.
▪ And as they use more plastic, chemicals and metals, so what they discard becomes increasingly durable and potentially poisonous.
▪ Carry your spares in their original bubble pack or, if loose, wrap each battery in plastic.
▪ She wrapped the blazing plastic in a cloth and drove away to pass the sweltering hours until she could visit again.
▪ If a toy is wrapped in a plastic bag make sure that you keep the bag out of the reach of children.
▪ Rindless cheeses are produced by wrapping cheeses in plastic.
▪ They take tissue from an animal and wrap it in plastic before transplanting it.
▪ Another tip for a different effect is to wrap a plastic bag around the roller with a rubber band.
▪ There's something inside, wrapped up in a plastic bag.
metal-coated/plastic-coated etc
▪ I didn't have the cash for a trip home, so I paid with plastic.
▪ The company experimented with various plastics but found that aluminum was still the best option.
▪ The doors are made of plastic so they don't dent.
▪ Not a piece of sticky-back plastic, a toilet roll or a Blue Peter badge in sight!
▪ Some industries, for example plastics, will evidently not be greatly affected.
▪ You have the following equipment: a large piece of plastic, rope, and an air tank.
▪ Punctured plastic bags blow across the adjacent plots of waste land.
▪ Each plastic bag and drainage tile dropped in the coffin makes the world just that much more beautiful.
▪ But not the man with the plastic bag.
▪ Wash them before packing into plastic bags or containers.
▪ All radiocarbon samples should be sealed within a clean container such as a plastic bag at the time of recovery.
▪ It was supplied in plastic bags, carefully wrapped up and tied at the neck with string.
▪ A body wrapped in a plastic bag is loaded on to a lorry and taken off to the morgue.
▪ They pushed a plastic bag over his head and almost suffocated him.
▪ All you need is a light and a few empty plastic bottles.
▪ That move is aimed at meeting global demand for plastic bottles.
▪ Keep refrigerated in small plastic bottles until a demonstration.
▪ The teacher from Boston told me that this plastic bottle was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.
▪ Using tyre tubes and air-filled plastic bottles as life-jackets, they stayed within sight of land and took turns rowing.
▪ She set out through the brush with the empty plastic bottles.
▪ Alternatively, you can make your own by filling two plastic bottles with water or sand or use cans of beans.
▪ The market for providing clear plastic bottles is open in Minnesota, he said.
▪ But there is also something worrying about a plastic box outwitting humans at this most cerebral of pastimes.
▪ Archie ignored the bell and continued talking but everyone stopped listening and started worming their way free of the hard plastic chairs.
▪ There is a woman with blowsy yellow hair pushing along an orange plastic chair as she mutters obscenities to herself.
▪ I watched them watching, my thighs getting sweaty on the plastic chair to which the secretary had consigned me.
▪ There is a man sitting on a plastic chair tied in restraints, rocking back and forth.
▪ Near these were assorted plastic containers.
▪ Mattie grunted abstractedly, totally engrossed in peering at the various plastic containers and bowls in the refrigerator.
▪ The dishwasher was filled with plastic containers from Boston Market, but still the pantry was empty.
▪ SchultzeAllen markets a kind of worm condo, a multilevel plastic container system about the size of a backyard grill.
▪ The socks are the latest item to be made from eco-friendly EcoSpun, a material made from recycled plastic containers.
▪ Aseptic boxes of fruit juices or plastic containers of prepared beverages can be frozen to serve double duty in the cooler.
▪ People emerge from the casinos with beers in one hand and plastic cups full of change in the other.
▪ He brought out the bottle and the plastic cups.
▪ Douglas kept plastic cups to drink from.
▪ Give each group a plastic cup with a small amount of the cabbage water in it.
▪ With each lunge his jaw shot past a plastic cup of coffee which was on the desk.
▪ I sipped my plastic cup of reconstituted orange juice and took a bite of my over-buttered pumpernickel bagel, smearing my hands.
▪ Semtex is not the only plastic explosive.
▪ Some machines sniff out plastic explosives.
▪ As passed by the House and agreed to by the Senate, the bill allowed only plastic explosives to be tagged.
▪ Inside he found what he took to be plastic explosive, wrapped in cellophane, with a wire protruding from it.
▪ Instructions on how to make plastic explosives are on the Internet and in anti-government underground literature.
▪ Then, we would line the bottom with plastic explosive, about 2 pounds or better.
▪ In 1991, 40 nations gathered in Montreal to develop a plan for better controls and detection of plastic explosives.
▪ As the investigation into these bombings continues, it has reinvigorated efforts to learn more about the black market for plastic explosives.
▪ On Polly's other chair was a big plastic sack of fertilizer.
▪ Most plastic sacks contain only 5 percent recycled content.
▪ Another reason is, plastic sacks are commonly contaminated by trash, such as paper and metal cans stuck inside.
▪ A plastic sack costs less than 2 cents.
▪ If everyone used plastic sacks, that would save Randalls about $ 3 million a year.
▪ Within moments a plastic sheet had been placed on the floor and a mountain of food was brought in.
▪ Workers held up plastic sheets so that bystanders and news cameras had no view.
▪ At the end of last week 116 had returned for classes on plastic sheets strewn with leaves.
▪ These minute air pockets within the plastic sheet act as mirrors and reflect light.
▪ He said the plastic surgeon drank vodka and sniffed cocaine during the operation, and the result was a ghastly mask.
▪ A plastic surgeon said no decision would be made on whether they needed reconstructive surgery until their wounds healed.
▪ Conley markets the nip-and-tuck package by going directly to about 35 San Franciscan plastic surgeons.
▪ But the big scene happens at a cocktail party in the home of a famous plastic surgeon.
▪ The plastic surgeon to the stars...
▪ Now, board-certified plastic surgeons appear on your television screen to sell you a new face.
▪ One way of exorcizing such fear and longing is to submit to the ghastly ritual of plastic surgery.
▪ HOUSTONRight before Geni Hefner had plastic surgery to repair her battered face, she sat in her apartment and recalled the horror.
▪ Later, police rushed the damaged nose part to hospital where it was sewn back on by delicate plastic surgery.
▪ Carrillo died last July 4 from complications following extensive plastic surgery and liposuction.
▪ Medical care at the hospital was soon expanded to include rehabilitation and plastic surgery.
▪ Flatten slightly into disk and wrap in plastic wrap.
▪ Put them on a plate, cover lightly with plastic wrap, and refrigerate.
▪ Cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate 1 hour.
▪ The price is right and the laundry comes returned to you in an vacuum-tight plastic wrap.
▪ Press mixture down hard and wrap in plastic wrap.
▪ Return to a clean bowl and cover with damp towel or plastic wrap, or put the bowl inside a plastic bag.
▪ Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let dough rise in a warm place until it has doubled in bulk.
▪ A clear plastic tarp flapped and ballooned in the breeze.
▪ But not the man with the plastic bag.
▪ By mid-century, Californians Charles and Ray Eames had molded their plastic chaise for a 1948 museum competition.
▪ I tried to find the plastic value of these fragments of our modern life.
▪ People emerge from the casinos with beers in one hand and plastic cups full of change in the other.
▪ She just let her feet get wet in their sensible plastic sandals.
▪ The murder weapon, a Kalashnikov free of fingerprints, was left at the scene in a plastic bag.
▪ They closed a few plants and decided to use the idle machinery to make plastic chips for cigarette filters.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

plastic \plastic\ (pl[a^]s"t[i^]k), n. A substance composed predominantly of a synthetic organic high polymer capable of being cast or molded; many varieties of plastic are used to produce articles of commerce (after 1900). [MW10 gives origin of word as 1905]


Money \Mon"ey\, n.; pl. Moneys. [OE. moneie, OF. moneie, F. monnaie, fr. L. moneta. See Mint place where coin is made, Mind, and cf. Moidore, Monetary.]

  1. A piece of metal, as gold, silver, copper, etc., coined, or stamped, and issued by the sovereign authority as a medium of exchange in financial transactions between citizens and with government; also, any number of such pieces; coin.

    To prevent such abuses, . . . it has been found necessary . . . to affix a public stamp upon certain quantities of such particular metals, as were in those countries commonly made use of to purchase goods. Hence the origin of coined money, and of those public offices called mints.
    --A. Smith.

  2. Any written or stamped promise, certificate, or order, as a government note, a bank note, a certificate of deposit, etc., which is payable in standard coined money and is lawfully current in lieu of it; in a comprehensive sense, any currency usually and lawfully employed in buying and selling.

  3. Any article used as a medium of payment in financial transactions, such as checks drawn on checking accounts.

  4. (Economics) Any form of wealth which affects a person's propensity to spend, such as checking accounts or time deposits in banks, credit accounts, letters of credit, etc. Various aggregates of money in different forms are given different names, such as M-1, the total sum of all currency in circulation plus all money in demand deposit accounts (checking accounts). Note: Whatever, among barbarous nations, is used as a medium of effecting exchanges of property, and in the terms of which values are reckoned, as sheep, wampum, copper rings, quills of salt or of gold dust, shovel blades, etc., is, in common language, called their money. 4. In general, wealth; property; as, he has much money in land, or in stocks; to make, or lose, money. The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. --1 Tim vi. 10 (Rev. Ver. ). Money bill (Legislation), a bill for raising revenue. Money broker, a broker who deals in different kinds of money; one who buys and sells bills of exchange; -- called also money changer. Money cowrie (Zo["o]l.), any one of several species of Cypr[ae]a (esp. Cypr[ae]a moneta) formerly much used as money by savage tribes. See Cowrie. Money of account, a denomination of value used in keeping accounts, for which there may, or may not, be an equivalent coin; e. g., the mill is a money of account in the United States, but not a coin. Money order,

    1. an order for the payment of money; specifically, a government order for the payment of money, issued at one post office as payable at another; -- called also postal money order.

    2. a similar order issued by a bank or other financial institution.

      Money scrivener, a person who procures the loan of money to others. [Eng.]

      Money spider, Money spinner (Zo["o]l.), a small spider; -- so called as being popularly supposed to indicate that the person upon whom it crawls will be fortunate in money matters.

      Money's worth, a fair or full equivalent for the money which is paid.

      A piece of money, a single coin.

      Ready money, money held ready for payment, or actually paid, at the time of a transaction; cash.

      plastic money, credit cards, usually made out of plastic; also called plastic; as, put it on the plastic.

      To make money, to gain or acquire money or property; to make a profit in dealings.


integrative \integrative\ adj.

  1. tending to combine and coordinate diverse elements into a whole. [Narrower terms: consolidative, unifying; plastic )] Also See: collective, combinative, integrated. Antonym: disintegrative.

  2. centralizing(prenominal). Opposite of decentralizing.

    Syn: consolidative.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1905, "solid substance that can be molded," originally of dental molds, from plastic (adj.). Main current meaning, "synthetic product made from oil derivatives," first recorded 1909, coined by Leo Baekeland (see bakelite).


1630s, "capable of shaping or molding," from Latin plasticus, from Greek plastikos "able to be molded, pertaining to molding, fit for molding," also in reference to the arts, from plastos "molded, formed," verbal adjective from plassein "to mold" (see plasma). Surgical sense of "remedying a deficiency of structure" is first recorded 1839 (in plastic surgery). Meaning "made of plastic" is from 1909. Picked up in counterculture slang with meaning "false, superficial" (1963). Plastic explosive (n.) attested from 1894.


a. 1 Capable of being moulded; malleable, flexible, pliant. (from 17th c.) 2 (context medicine now rare English) Producing tissue. (from 17th c.) 3 (context dated English) creative, formative. (from 17th c.) 4 (context biology English) Capable of adapting to varying conditions; characterized by environmental adaptability. (from 19th c.) 5 Of or pertaining to the inelastic, non-brittle, deformation of a material. (from 19th c.) 6 Made of plastic. (from 20th c.) n. 1 (context obsolete English) A sculptor, moulder. 2 (context archaic English) Any solid but malleable substance. 3 A synthetic, thermoplastic, solid, hydrocarbon-based polymer.


n. generic name for certain synthetic or semisynthetic materials that can be molded or extruded into objects or films or filaments or used for making e.g. coatings and adhesives

  1. adj. used of the imagination; "material...transformed by the plastic power of the imagination"--Coleridge

  2. capable of being molded or modeled (especially of earth or clay or other soft material); "plastic substances such as wax or clay" [syn: fictile, moldable]

  3. capable of being influenced or formed; "the plastic minds of children"; "a pliant nature" [syn: pliant]

Plastic (disambiguation)

Plastic is a polymerized material. It may also refer to:

  • Plasticity (physics), a material that has high plasticity may be called plastic
  • Phenotypic plasticity, the ability of an organism to change its phenotype in response to changes in the environment
  •, a community-driven message board
  • Plastic SCM, a distributed revision control tool
  • Plastic arts, art forms involving physical manipulation of a plastic medium, such as sculpture or ceramics
  • Plastic (2011 film), American horror film
  • Plastic (film) (2014), a British detective film
  • Plastic, Polish video game developer most notable for Linger in Shadows
  • Credit card, colloquially called "plastic", a payment card issued to users as a method of payment
Plastic (Mitsuki Aira album)

Plastic, stylised as PLASTIC, is the second album by the Japanese artist Mitsuki Aira. It was released July 22, 2009, and contains the singles " Robot Honey", " Sayonara Technopolis" and " Barbie Barbie". This is her current best-selling album according to Oricon. __FORCETOC__


Plastic is a material consisting of any of a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds that are malleable and can be molded into solid objects. Plastics are typically organic polymers of high molecular mass, but they often contain other substances. They are usually synthetic, most commonly derived from petrochemicals, but many are partially natural. Plasticity is the general property of all materials that are able to irreversibly deform without breaking, but this occurs to such a degree with this class of moldable polymers that their name is an emphasis on this ability.

Due to their relatively low cost, ease of manufacture, versatility, and imperviousness to water, plastics are used in an enormous and expanding range of products, from paper clips to spaceships. They have already displaced many traditional materials, such as wood, stone, horn and bone, leather, paper, metal, glass, and ceramic, in most of their former uses. In developed countries, about a third of plastic is used in packaging and another third in buildings such as piping used in plumbing or vinyl siding. Other uses include automobiles (up to 20% plastic), furniture, and toys. In the developing world, the ratios may be different - for example, reportedly 42% of India's consumption is used in packaging. Plastics have many uses in the medical field as well, to include polymer implants, however the field of plastic surgery is not named for use of plastic material, but rather the more generic meaning of the word plasticity in regards to the reshaping of flesh.

The world's first fully synthetic plastic was bakelite, invented in New York in 1907 by Leo Baekeland who coined the term 'plastics'. Many chemists contributed to the materials science of plastics, including Nobel laureate Hermann Staudinger who has been called "the father of polymer chemistry" and Herman Mark, known as "the father of polymer physics". The success and dominance of plastics starting in the early 20th century led to environmental concerns regarding its slow decomposition rate after being discarded as trash due to its composition of very large molecules. Toward the end of the century, one approach to this problem was met with wide efforts toward recycling.

Plastic (Joey Tafolla album)

Plastic is the third studio album by guitarist Joey Tafolla, released on July 16, 2001 through Mascot Records.

Plastic (film)

Plastic is a British-American action comedy- crime film directed by Julian Gilbey and co-written by Will Gilbey and Chris Howard. The film stars Ed Speleers, Will Poulter, Alfie Allen, Sebastian de Souza and Emma Rigby.

Plastic (2011 film)

Plastic is a 2011 horror crime film. It was written and directed by Jose Carlos Gomez and stars North Roberts, Colleen Boag, and Matthew Prochazka. The film was mostly shot in Villa Park, Illinois. Plastic has won several awards, and is now available on DVD and Video on Demand.

Plastic (New Order song)

"Plastic" is a song by English rock band New Order. It was released digitally on 16 September 2015 as an advanced download from their tenth studio album, Music Complete. An actual physical release of the single nor additional remixes has not been released as of yet. The song itself debuted as new material at the Chicago Aragon Ballroom on January 7. The song is the second released from the album, itself, and deals with a man who is in a struggling relationship with a woman. La Roux's Elly Jackson provides backing vocals. The song received critical acclaim, with many critics praising the song as their best song in decades.

Usage examples of "plastic".

The late show that same individuality broadening to a conception of the whole world as plastic material, sustained by a sense of understanding and support, coming into relationship and cooperation with an accumulating movement of kindred minds.

Standing now at the edge of this pond, Ambler whipped his fishing rod back and forth, trying to drop the tiny dot of burgundy fly into the yellow plastic hoop floating thirty feet away.

I stared down at the ampoule in his hand, the little glass vial and the sealed blue plastic top.

The finger was then amputated at the second joint and the plastic operation completed, with a result pleasing both to patient and operator.

Anna and Barth each took a yellow plastic hard hat from the row she indicated with a red porcelain nail and left their Stetsons in their places.

The beautician had divided the damp strands into sections, inserting small white plastic rollers as dainty as chicken bones.

The games arcade is as stuffed as ever, the floor strewn with Woozle Pup wrappers and crunched clear plastic bento boxes and chopsticks from The Great Teriyaki Experience!

The spicier varieties, usually designer ketchups, are zesty on a plastic spoon but obscure the loveliness of a crisp French fry, which the blander, mainstream brands perfectly complement.

I scooped it onto a hunk of plastic film, folded the fair-size blivit neatly, and left it nearby.

Tuscan sunset glimpsed through straggling vines was painted onto a rough-hewn wall on the far side, decorated with bunches of bloomy plastic grapes.

My collection includes everythingcandy-pink rain boots, shoes with feathers and sequins, wooden clogs, alligator-skin bootees, other footwear in plastic.

The wall was of a rocklike substance, but it was not like any rock or plastic Burl had ever seen.

Beautiful expanses of metal and plastic, each enclosed in seductively homogeneous chitin of earth tones and ochers, formed a ring around the room as secret and monolithic as Stonehenge.

Cheap hoors, he thought with satisfaction, a fancy car made of plastic.

Standing by the incubators and glove boxes, not thinking about anything in particular, breathing in the familiar odors of warm plastic and hypochlorite, the faint tang of methanol and the yeasty must of nutrient concentrate, allowing them to calm her.