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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mora \Mor"a\, n. [It.] A game of guessing the number of fingers extended in a quick movement of the hand, -- much played by Italians of the lower classes.


Mora \Mo"ra\, n. (Bot.) A leguminous tree of Guiana and Trinidad ( Dimorphandra excelsa); also, its timber, used in shipbuilding and making furniture.


Mora \Mo"ra\, n. [L.] (Rom. & Civil Law) Delay; esp., culpable delay; postponement.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context Scottish law English) A delay in bringing a claim. 2 (context poetics English) A unit used to measure lines and stanzas of poetry. 3 (context phonology English) A unit of syllable weight used in phonology, by which stress, foot structure, or timing of utterance is determined in some languages (e.g. Japanese). Etymology 2

n. (context botany English) Any tree of the genus ''Mora'' of large South American trees. Etymology 3

n. 1 Any fish of the genus ''Mora'' 2 # The common mora Etymology 4

n. (alternative form of morra nodot=yes English) (finger-counting game) Etymology 5

n. An ancient Spartan military unit of about a sixth of the Spartan army, typically composed of hoplites.

Mora, PR -- U.S. comunidad in Puerto Rico
Population (2000): 1857
Housing Units (2000): 683
Land area (2000): 0.328026 sq. miles (0.849584 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.328026 sq. miles (0.849584 sq. km)
FIPS code: 54882
Located within: Puerto Rico (PR), FIPS 72
Location: 18.462591 N, 67.031232 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Mora, PR
Mora, MN -- U.S. city in Minnesota
Population (2000): 3193
Housing Units (2000): 1471
Land area (2000): 4.087358 sq. miles (10.586209 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.156129 sq. miles (0.404372 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 4.243487 sq. miles (10.990581 sq. km)
FIPS code: 44044
Located within: Minnesota (MN), FIPS 27
Location: 45.874024 N, 93.293913 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 55051
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Mora, MN
Mora -- U.S. County in New Mexico
Population (2000): 5180
Housing Units (2000): 2973
Land area (2000): 1931.096512 sq. miles (5001.516792 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 2.379886 sq. miles (6.163875 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1933.476398 sq. miles (5007.680667 sq. km)
Located within: New Mexico (NM), FIPS 35
Location: 35.986698 N, 104.919077 W
Mora, NM
Mora County
Mora County, NM

Mõra is a village in Haaslava Parish, Tartu County in eastern Estonia.

Category:Villages in Tartu County

Mora (linguistics)

A mora (plural morae or moras; often symbolized μ) is a unit in phonology that determines syllable weight, which in some languages determines stress or timing. The definition of a mora varies. In 1968, American linguist James D. McCawley defined it as "something of which a long syllable consists of two and a short syllable consists of one". The term comes from the Latin word for "linger, delay", which was also used to translate the Greek word chronos (time) in its metrical sense.

Monomoraic syllables have one mora, bimoraic syllables have two, and trimoraic syllables have three, although this last type is relatively rare.

Mora (plant)

Mora is a genus of large trees in the subfamily Caesalpinioideae of the legume family Fabaceae, (or in some classifications the family Caesalpinaceae of the order Fabales). There are seven to ten species, all native to lowland rainforests in northern South America, southern Central America and the southern Caribbean islands. These are large, heavily buttressed rainforest trees up to 130 feet (40 meters) in height (to 200 feet (61 meters) in the case of M. excelsa ). The genus is particularly noteworthy for the exceptional size of its beans, which are commonly acknowledged to be the largest known dicot seeds, in the instance of M megistosperma being up to seven inches (18 cm) in length, six inches (15 cm ) in breadth and three inches (8 cm)in thickness, and a weight of up to 2.2 pounds (1000 grams). The beans of Mora spp. are edible if boiled, and are also the source of a red dyestuff. The species M. excelsa is one of the few rainforest trees to grow in pure stands.

  • Mora abbottii: Caribbean
  • Mora ekmanii: Caribbean
  • Mora excelsa: Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela
  • Mora gonggrijpii: Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela
  • Mora megistosperma: Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia
  • Mora oleifera: Panama, Colombia
  • Mora paraensis: Brazil

Some of the species are important for timber production. Mora excelsa and Mora gonggrijpii are also known as nato, and are commonly used in guitar body and neck construction. Mora Excelsa :is a species of the Mora genus,belonging to the "Peafamilie"; Fabaceae.It Occurs in the west of Surinam and in Guyana,mostly along rivers and Creeks The trunkbark is greyish brown,covered with small lenticells, The trunk forms buttreses. The Tree can become as high as 40m.,the leavea pinnate compound in 3-4 parts,The bell-shaped flowers are white. The big Cylindershaped pods contain 1 seed.

Mora (drink)

Mora is a South American drink consisting of blackberry juice, water and sugar. It is dark red in color and tart to sweet in flavor.

Mora (canton)

Mora is the 7th canton in the province of San José in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 162.04 km², and has a population of 23,004. The capital city of the canton is Ciudad Colón.

The Río Virilla establishes the northern boundary of the canton, with the Río Grande de Tárcoles delineating its far western limit. The Río Chucás, Quebrada Grande, Río Viejo and Río Tabarcia mark the canton's western boundary; the Río Jorco, Río Tabarcia and Río Negro, the southern limit; and a series of foothills rising into the Cerros de Escazú delineate the canton's eastern border.

Mora (music store)

is an online music and video store for the Japanese market. It is integrated into the Japanese version of Sony's SonicStage software and is now the official store for their Walkman devices. Up until October 1, 2012, music purchased from mora was exclusively in Sony's proprietary ATRAC3 format with OpenMG DRM. A partner store called was also in operation, using Windows Media Audio codec and Windows Media DRM encryption, and integrated into the Japanese version of Microsoft's Windows Media Player 11 as the "recommended store" in Japan.

On October 1, 2012, mora underwent a rehaul into a DRM free store, selling songs and music videos in Advanced Audio Coding formats. The mora win service was also eliminated in the restructuring, with the DRM free store being integrated into the Media Go service in Windows 8. One year later on October 17, 2013, mora began offering songs and albums as 24bit/96kHz FLAC files.

mora is operated by Label Gate Co., Ltd., a joint venture of 17 Japanese record companies including Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Avex Group, and Universal Music Japan.

Mora (military unit)

A mora ( Greek: ) was an ancient Spartan military unit of about a sixth of the Spartan army, at approx. 600 men by modern estimates, although Xenophon places it at 6,000. This can be reconciled by the nature of the Spartan army with an organisation based on year classes, with only the younger troops being mobilised for all but the gravest emergencies. Either way, it was the largest tactical unit in Sparta, if not all Greece, and was often the only force sent out on campaign.

A mora was composed typically of hoplites, men armed with spears, swords and the heavy aspis shield and armoured in a cuirass, greaves and a helmet. This equipment changed over time, with more or less armour being used over different eras. Around 227BC Cleomenes III, re-equipped some Mora with the Macedonian sarissa and trained them to fight in the Macedonian pike phalanx. The unit was led by a Polemarch, the third (or arguably second) highest rank in Spartan hierarchy after the kings. However, sometimes there was a higher rank, that of Strategos, most famously held by Lysander. During the time of pure phalanx combat in Greece, the mora was a very difficult obstacle for an opposing commander to negotiate. However, Iphicrates of Athens used a small, elite group of lightly armed peltasts to destroy one.

Mora (Cordillera)

Mora (Cordillera) is a small town in Bolivia.

Mora (surname)

Mora is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alberto J. Mora (born 1951), General Counsel of the United States Navy (2001–2006)
  • Alfonso Mora (born 1964), Venezuelan former tennis player
  • Bruno Mora (1937–1986), Italian football player and coach
  • Cristian Mora (born 1979), Ecuadorian football goalkeeper
  • Domingo Mora (d. 1911), Spanish born American sculptor and father of F. Luis Mora and Jo Mora.
  • F. Luis Mora (1874–1940), Hispanic American artist and illustrator
  • Ferenc Móra (1879–1934), Hungarian writer
  • Georges Mora (1913–1992), German-born Australian entrepreneur, art dealer, patron, connoisseur and restaurateur
  • Jesús Mora (baseball) (born 1933), Venezuelan ballplayer
  • Jim E. Mora (born 1935), former National Football League (NFL) and United States Football League head coach
  • Jim L. Mora (born 1961), former NFL head coach, son of Jim E. Mora
  • Jim Mora (broadcaster), New Zealand television and radio presenter
  • Jo Mora (1876–1947), American artist
  • Joaquín Mora Fernández (1786–1862), provisional head of state of Costa Rica in 1837
  • José Mora (1642–1724), Spanish sculptor
  • José Francisco Mora (born 1981), Spanish footballer
  • Juan Mora Fernández (1784–1854), Costa Rica's first elected head of state, brother of Joaquín Mora Fernández
  • Juan Rafael Mora Porras (1814–1860), President of Costa Rica (1849–1859)
  • Juan Luis Mora (born 1973), Spanish retired football goalkeeper
  • Manuel Argüello Mora (1834–1902), Costa Rican writer
  • Melvin Mora (born 1972), Venezuelan professional baseball player
  • Miguel Mora Porras (1816–1887), President of Costa Rica in 1849
  • Mirka Mora (born 1928), French-born Australian visual artist
  • Naima Mora (born 1984), Americas Next Top Model Cycle 4 winner
  • Néstor Mora (1963–1995), Colombian cyclist
  • Octavio Mora (born 1965), Mexican former footballer
  • Philippe Mora (born 1949), French-born Australian film director
  • Rick Mora, Native American actor
  • Sergio Mora (born 1980), Mexican-American boxer and former World Boxing Council light middleweight champion
  • Sergio Mora Sánchez (born 1979), Spanish footballer
  • Tiriel Mora (born 1958), Australian television and film actor
  • Víctor Mora (comics) (1931–2016), pseudonym of Eugenio Roca, Spanish writer of comic books
  • Víctor Mora (athlete) (born 1944), Colombian long-distance runner
MORA (album)

MORA is the fifth studio album of Hungarian rock, nu-metal band FreshFabrik. The album was released under the label of Hungarian record and book company Alexandra . Four videos were shot supporting MORA: "Stealing The Sun", "Woman", "Into The Light" and "Orpheus". MORA was honoured as the Best Domestic Modern Pop-Rock Album of 2011 at the 2012 Fonogram, Hungarian Music Awards.

Mora (ship)

Mora was the name of William the Conqueror's flagship, the largest and fastest ship in his invasion fleet of 700 or more ships used during the Norman conquest of England in 1066.

Usage examples of "mora".

Its authors, Heinz van Foerster, Patricia Mora and Lawrence Amiot, were members of the staff of the department of electrical engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana.

Even the Marquis of Moras, one of the most pleasant men in Spain, did not hold out any hopes.

Also, I owe much to the guerilla chief Moras, with whom I acted for six weeks, last autumn.

That should give Wex incentive enough to take the false file Mora stole and spend the next several months traveling across the galaxy to the middle of nowhere.

Only they, Mora, Bett, and Sels knew that Ercy had named Joeslee as being inside the burning building.

Sels and Bett and Mora and I have checked all the likely places, even the Memorial.

Mora is supervising the dispersal of the search teams, and Sels and Bett have flown out to coordinate the desert search.

Finally the column reached the village of Medo, on the banks of the Mora, which ran along the border between Shienar and Arafel and so into the River Erinin.

The Mora, which no doubt was the best of the ships and had the best of the crews, had outsailed all the rest.

The grass, scraps of paper, walls, Biri and Mora, Nikolai, all took off around him in a violent spin.

Vuk verovao da mora negde biti neka dobra i krasna zemlja, kuda svi treba da se isele.

Nam Carnutes, qui saepe vexati numquam pacis fecerant mentionem, datis obsidibus veniunt in deditionem, ceteraeque civitates positae in ultimis Galliae finibus Oceano coniunctae, quae Armoricae appellantur, auctoritate adductae Carnutum adventu Fabi legio numque imperata sine mora faciunt.

Luciano Mora was always scolding that American inns do not use the good out-of-doors, a tea and luncheon terrace, vine-sheltered and looking on sea or lake or mountain-valley.

Houses, conscripts from the barracks, malcontents out of the Moras district.

There had been no recent unrest, religious or otherwise, in the city, not even in the Moras district.