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The Collaborative International Dictionary

n. A type of round shield borne by ancient Greek soldiers


An aspis (, plural aspides, ), sometimes also referred to as a hoplon, was the heavy wooden shield used by the infantry in various periods of ancient Greece.

Aspis (Dungeons & Dragons)

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the aspis is a roughly human-sized weevil-like creature that lives underground.

Aspis (Menander)

Aspis (, translated as The Shield, is a comedy by Menander (342/41 – 292/91 BC) that is only partially preserved on papyrus. Of a total of ca. 870 lines, about 420 lines survive, including almost all of the first and second act and the beginning of the third act. It is unknown when and at which festival the play was first performed.

Aspis (disambiguation)

" Aspis" is the generic term for "shield" in the Ancient Greek language.

Aspis may also refer to:

  • Asp (reptile), any of several venomous snake species, known as "aspis" in antiquity
    • Vipera aspis, a species of venomous viper
  • Aspis (Menander), a comedy by Menander
  • Aspis (Dungeons & Dragons), a creature in Dungeons & Dragons
  • Greek destroyer Aspis, a ship of the Hellenic Royal Navy
  • , a Greek cargo ship in service 1960–63

Usage examples of "aspis".

In her right hand shee had a timbrell of brasse, which gave a pleasant sound, in her left hand shee bare a cup of gold, out of the mouth whereof the serpent Aspis lifted up his head, with a swelling throat, her odoriferous feete were covered with shoes interlaced and wrought with victorious palme.

The Romans landed near the town of Clupea, or Aspis, which they took, and there established their head-quarters.

An aspis, a handful of moths or butterflies, and a couple of small birds.

There was a vessel wrought with a round bottome, haveing on the one side, pictures figured like unto the manner of the Egyptians, and on the other side was an eare, whereupon stood the Serpent Aspis, holding out his scaly necke.

Flying ants and wasps, bees and bluebottles, butterflies and mosquitoes fought airborne war against a thousand predators, aspises and dheri that snapped at them on the wing.

As the backs of several Snakes and Serpents, elegantly remarkable in the Aspis, and the Dart-snake, in the Chiasmus and larger decussations upon the back of the Rattle-snake, and in the close and finer texture of the mater formicarum, or snake that delights in Ant-hils.