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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
deserve a (special) mention (=used especially in speeches to mention someone's good work or actions)
▪ Richard deserves a special mention for all his hard work on this project.
honourable mention
mention a subject
▪ The subject was not mentioned again.
omit to mention/say/tell etc
▪ Oliver omitted to mention that he was married.
rate a mention
▪ a local incident that didn’t rate a mention in the national press
too numerous to mention/list
▪ The individuals who have contributed to this book are far too numerous to mention.
▪ The two issues of Maastricht mentioned above are difficult reading because they are less than half the story.
▪ The fish mentioned above will help, as will snails.
▪ As we mentioned above, it only makes sense to count substitutions as errors when a grammar is used.
▪ One of these methods of vegetative reproduction is typical for some species; others utilize both methods mentioned above.
▪ The object will be one of those defined in the Zone Relationship Diagram mentioned above.
▪ Let us consider each of the five forms of representation mentioned above.
▪ Some problems in stratification theory and the theory of deviance are mentioned above.
▪ Neither the federal copyright law nor guidelines mentioned above apply to copying computer software, and such copying is not fair use.
▪ I have already mentioned the stipulation that before l could qualify for married status I should have passed two language exams.
▪ As already mentioned, Paredes y Arrillaga died in the summer of 1849, and Mariano Otero succumbed to the cholera epidemic.
▪ I have already mentioned the influence of Barth in the modern day.
▪ The other kind of move that is ruled out is one that violates the hard core, as we have already mentioned.
▪ We have already mentioned two factors that make the entire structure more progressive than an examination of income tax alone would suggest.
▪ I have already mentioned tumours and blindness as possible accompanying problems.
▪ Will there be a recommended itinerary apart from the buildings you have already mentioned?
▪ I have already mentioned the reality orientation objective of the Cumbria project.
▪ The court has power to extend or abridge time under s 376 as mentioned in section 2 above.
As mentioned earlier, the game was marbles, which requires two or more players.
As mentioned above, there were three important strands: the Salafiyyists, the Djazara'a group and the Afghanistes.
As mentioned in the discussion of pathophysiology, their beneficial effect is mainly due to the blocking of striatal acetylcholine receptors.
As mentioned in the previous section, there are sound reasons for the slowdown in big-city population decline.
As mentioned earlier, there are alternatives for those keeping a close watch on their cholesterol.
As mentioned at the beginning, oil paints dry by oxidisation.
▪ Tesla was told firmly that he must never so much as mention the subject of alternating current.
▪ One of these was mentioned earlier on.
▪ As mentioned earlier, the game was marbles, which requires two or more players.
▪ I mentioned earlier that the more work the greater the rewards.
▪ For example, some instruments are single dimensional such as the demographic variables mentioned earlier.
▪ We come back here, of course, to the question of extrapolation which I mentioned earlier.
▪ These symptoms may occur alone, or with other symptoms mentioned earlier.
▪ As I mentioned earlier, you must always bear in mind the effect of poor fertility, and less vigorous habit.
▪ As mentioned earlier, for some tables it is more convenient to enter the data as a series of columns.
▪ And they will continue to be exposed until they become too embarrassing to even mention.
▪ You mean I even mentioned the apartment number?
▪ She'd never even mentioned them and I was sure she'd think I was unclean.
▪ She has never wanted, or even mentioned, the notion of a two-year contract.
▪ I won't even mention Fosters.
▪ But on the morning after the birth of his daughter, even mentioning Watergate seemed wrong.
▪ How can you even mention experience to some one like me?
▪ Stan Harrison even mentioned that he had met her father.
▪ And among the most frequently mentioned vice-presidential possibilities are Govs.
▪ It is important to remember that a classic type of restraint of trade clause frequently mentions two quite separate time periods.
▪ Like bread, it is mentioned frequently in sacred scripture and tradition.
▪ In these letters to Harry he frequently mentions his excessive response to beauty in men, women, and children.
▪ He is married with three children and frequently mentions his devotion to his family.
▪ Lucy frequently mentioned Charles's sailing weekends.
▪ The grounds for dismissal most frequently mentioned in state laws include insubordination, incompetency, immorality, and unprofessional conduct.
▪ Just a few have been mentioned here.
▪ Propitiation is mentioned here because it has a diagnostic value.
▪ Of these, three should be mentioned here.
▪ Many of the establishments mentioned here just opened in 1996; dozens more are due to open over the next few months.
▪ This suggests an important point which will be taken up in detail in the final chapter but which should be mentioned here.
▪ There is only one more thing I want to mention here.
▪ The astonishing work was mentioned here in the 15 December issue.
▪ Entirely reliable facts, other than those here mentioned, are scarce.
▪ Frank and Tom were never mentioned, even on the anniversary of their kidnaps, beyond being listed with all the hostages.
▪ Their difference in ages, although never mentioned, contributes to their combustion and credibility.
▪ I wondered when they had known each other and why the parents had never mentioned the affair to me?
▪ The Breeze never mentioned the stock market crash.
▪ She had wet her drawers, which was the kind of thing one would never mention to Mama.
▪ He never mentioned his father either.
▪ BHowever, it is a president Clinton almost never mentions who he resembles most closely -- Lyndon B.. Johnson.
▪ We treated it and never mentioned it again.
▪ Development training was specifically mentioned by fewer respondents than in the county libraries.
▪ Family relationships were also felt to suffer, with l6 carers specifically mentioning the friction and tension caused by their caring role.
▪ She specifically mentioned the victims of the Gulf War which had just broken out when the meeting started.
▪ However, a question mark continued to hang over Kaliningrad, which was not specifically mentioned in the agreement.
▪ At that point, there was no question of intent; a low dam was specifically mentioned in the appropriation.
▪ He has specifically mentioned selling a stake in the road.
▪ Sometimes, other officials said, Wood did specifically mention campaign contributions.
▪ As mentioned in Chapter 1, WordPerfect allows you to work with two documents at one time.
▪ The initial attempts at the solution of this problem are mentioned in the next chapter.
▪ As mentioned in Chapter Two, Terry began with an appeal to intellectual understanding.
▪ As we mentioned in Chapter 3, the new Age of Psychology promotes and emphasizes the development and self-fulfilment of the individual.
▪ The danger of working wet land has already been mentioned in Chapter 4.
▪ Hartley Coleridge's comment has been mentioned in an earlier chapter, and it emphasises his industry.
▪ I usually don't mention the fact that I once trained as a social worker.
▪ He never mentioned the fact that Tucson detectives had shown him her photo.
▪ I mentioned the fact that he always took his car on camping trips.
▪ Right, I believe you mentioned the fact a couple thirty, forty times now.
▪ I would prefer that you did not mention the fact of such a meeting to anymole ....
▪ I find it strange that a new name is mentioned despite the fact that we've just won two away games.
▪ I could mention the names of several persons whose influence over their flocks was solely attributable to this circumstance.
▪ It solves some of the puzzles mentioned for proper names.
▪ Clare had evidently mentioned my name to her.
▪ Not a soul talked to me about Dickie or even mentioned his name.
▪ If Simone had not mentioned his name she would completely have forgotten his existence.
▪ Disappointingly, none of the reviews mentioned Alvin by name.
▪ The original title-page was replaced with one that did not mention Shakespeare's name.
▪ The original script never mentioned the name Cyrex.
▪ I mentioned the word revelation just then.
▪ These terms are carefully coded and they are significant because they enable people to speak about race without mentioning the word.
▪ But mention the word kitsch in their company at your peril.
▪ Not to mention the words they need to describe manufacturing processes, distribution systems, schedules, and sales performance.
▪ New Labour failed to mention the theatre in one of its early cheerleading manifestos for Cool Britannia.
▪ But he failed to mention one key appeal: fun.
▪ Modern censures on Herodotos for failing to mention this obstacle have, here as often, been proved unjustified.
▪ They offered no explanation for why they failed to mention the excessive airborne formaldehyde last week.
▪ The reader can no doubt think of other properties usually ascribed to Z which we have so far failed to mention.
▪ Don't fail to mention previous letters you have written and which haven't been answered. 3.
▪ You also failed to mention safe transport schemes for women.
▪ Either by accident or design, has also failed to mention several of the chief features of the new law.
▪ She forgot to mention the noise.
▪ I forgot to mention that we had a mild, almost balmy day on Saturday.
▪ I just forgot to mention it.
▪ And then he forgets to mention inflation.
▪ I forgot to mention that to Becky, but there won't be any problem.
▪ Did I forget to mention Stonehenge?
▪ Sorry, I forgot to mention the ghosts.
▪ You forgot to mention that they are guests of the company, not mine personally.
▪ Scriven had neglected to mention this in his presentation.
▪ It could mean that, unknowingly, he has neglected to mention some crucial detail.
▪ Sadly he neglects to mention whether they also gave his feet a bit of a squeeze.
▪ The article neglected to mention the large percentage of homeowners who rebuilt early and subsequently tried to sell their houses.
▪ For some reason Ted neglected to mention the deals when he was responding to questions from the board.
▪ What he neglects to mention: The Diamondbacks' season tickets will be the most expensive in organized baseball.
▪ Why then omit to mention Walter?
▪ It omitted to mention how much of its ever-increasing charges it contributed to WaterAid.
▪ My diary records the incident in a tone of self-righteousness, omitting to mention my feeling of incompetence.
▪ There's one of those towns marked with an asterisk that you omitted to mention.
a glancing reference/mention
mention/note sth in passing
▪ He noted, in passing, that he had lasted longer than Texas Sen.
▪ In Exodus the quails were mentioned only in passing.
▪ Like many more, presumably, we mention Ribblehead in passing.
to name/mention but a few
▪ "Why didn't you tell me?" "It didn't seem worth mentioning."
▪ As I mentioned earlier, sales this year have been lower than expected.
▪ Did he mention where he went to school?
▪ Did I mention I saw Lee and John yesterday?
▪ Eve mentioned that you might be looking for a temporary job.
▪ He mentioned something about a party, but he didn't say when it was.
▪ I forgot to mention that I won't be in tomorrow.
▪ It is worth mentioning that young children are particularly vulnerable to accidents in the home.
▪ Now that you mention it, I did think she was behaving a little strangely last night.
▪ She had started having nose bleeds, but when she mentioned this to her doctor, he told her not to worry.
▪ Then he remembered that Liz had mentioned in passing that her father was a lawyer.
▪ We didn't really discuss the price, but somebody mentioned a figure of £300.
▪ When I mentioned her name, he looked embarrassed.
▪ When you were talking to Barbara, did she mention her mother at all?
▪ An Inhibition as mentioned above, is rarely used.
▪ As mentioned at the beginning, oil paints dry by oxidisation.
▪ As mentioned, later on we will talk about the importance of being a brand.
▪ As I mentioned earlier, not all children who are aggressive display these physical characteristics.
▪ At that stage the inspector did not mention spent nuclear fuel.
▪ He didn't mention which limb though.
▪ She mentioned this every year until the year our parents died and she betrayed me, paying me back.
▪ The insurance industry has all the power, not to mention our friend Chuck Quackenbush as state insurance commissioner.
▪ Work on automatic classification should not be overlooked, although a brief mention only is permitted.
▪ Second, brief mention should be made of the law relating to adultery.
▪ Two other political phenomena deserve brief mention in this context.
▪ Nevertheless, one aspect of the AD-AS approach deserves brief mention.
▪ In this final section, brief mention will be made of that particularly complex policy area, urban finance.
▪ Stratford Mill's earliest mention comes in 1607 in the will of Edward Stratford.
▪ An early mention in Wisden came in 1976.
▪ Again there is no further mention of this incident in the study.
▪ It goes without further mention that all authors of scales or other instruments should be given full credit for their work.
▪ Chapter Eight contains further mention of its application in dealing with high-status people and conflict.
▪ As these matters are not generally relevant to mainstream public company takeovers, no further mention is made about them here.
▪ History owes a page of honorable mention to the Federal capital on this occasion.
▪ Red, who was an honorable mention on the Pac-10 team, is having a huge defensive night with fourteen rebounds.
▪ Both projects were shortlisted and received an honourable mention in the 1991 awards.
▪ Rickenbacker deserves an honourable mention for the most significant non-advance in design.
▪ He also deserves an honourable mention for working with Graham Knight and Carlton Brown, and retaining a sense of humour.
▪ Idealism apart, this long chapter has made strikingly little mention of individual motives or decisions.
▪ Some scholars, however, see Matthew's interest in the Church as going beyond the mere mention of the word.
▪ A mere mention was enough to remind me that I was not free, yet.
▪ There are lawyers who are proud of their craft, and get defensive at the mere mention of lawyer-bashing.
▪ I normally throw up at the mere mention of footy management, but Soccer Rivals is darn good.
▪ Ruth's heart jumped; escape was precisely what she'd thought of, at the mere mention of Fincara.
▪ The mere mention of precious Graham seemed to enrage Eunice even more.
▪ Pulses quicken at the mere mention of the name; grown men develop a glazed look in their eyes.
▪ I believe in trickle filters, but they rarely get more than a passing mention.
▪ Tonight was not about money, but about winning, fun, maybe a passing mention in the morning's racing press.
▪ David Whitehead of the University of Sheffield received a special mention and a prize of £100.
▪ Tonight, she figures her contribution on the court is worth special mention.
▪ And there are neighbouring glens on the east side of the watershed, also lovely and deserving of special mention.
▪ Two of these behaviors deserve special mention.
▪ In a month-long seat belt campaign during 1992, this group received special mention and considerable media attention.
▪ The chairman thanked all committee members, with special mention of Violet Scrace's Friday coffee mornings.
▪ One other case deserves special mention.
▪ There is no specific mention of Catholics as rioters.
▪ Lucy could only conclude that, whatever Charlie had been saying, it hadn't included specific mention of her name.
▪ But she sees him suppress what could only be a smirk at her very mention of a dybbuk.
▪ The very mention of Sylvie's name filled her with a rage which was instantly followed by guilt.
▪ The very mention of her name aroused fury.
▪ But the very mention of Greg Martin's name was painful to Hugo.
▪ Two of these we shall not need here, but they are worthy of a mention.
▪ Two other documents are worthy of mention.
▪ The question then arises: What might Morris say that might be worthy of mention before the lecture?
▪ But the brick dropped by a local Sunday newspaper last weekend is worthy of mention.
▪ Before I leave the period of the great map makers and engravers, there is one more map worthy of mention.
▪ Out of the team, only Platt, Ince and Ripley were worthy of mention.
▪ Most of his property was left to her, in a will containing no mention of any children.
▪ Ephriam Dickson had read everything ever written that contained a mention of Crazy Horse.
▪ Chapter Eight contains further mention of its application in dealing with high-status people and conflict.
▪ Her letters, three of them, contain no mention as to her health, or how she is feeling.
▪ The partnership agreement should contain express mention of the following matters: 1.
▪ Two of these behaviors deserve special mention.
▪ One other case deserves special mention.
▪ Two other specialist texts deserve special mention.
▪ Bryn Terfel also deserves special mention as a stunning bass who is actually in tune, and whose words are clearly understood.
▪ Before we leave his cricket career two particular stories deserve a mention.
▪ Dunn and Hack began to scour the literature, but found no mention of the muscle.
▪ Strangely I could find only one mention of a plant parasite - in a figure.
▪ There you will find mention of F Taylor.
▪ Ever since Ben had first found that single mention of him in the journals.
▪ Nowhere will a visitor find a mention of such things as Whitewater.
▪ We find few mentions of the bishops living at Halling now, although they still continued to use Trottescliffe.
▪ I found mention of it in the archives.
▪ What teaching quality might look like in drama, physical education, music and art, for instance, scarcely gets a mention.
▪ Totally different point, we got a mention on the Newman and Baddeil show last night.
▪ Even Fergie got a mention in a spurious gag about how he and the Royal got together.
▪ Retailers, publishers etc make sure your product gets a mention - contact FlyPast before October 23.
▪ Jimmy Tarbuck would probably get a mention too.
▪ But it was local craftsmen who built the cloisters and they all get a mention on the windows.
▪ Did we ever get a mention in the programme?
▪ She heard mention of six months' imprisonment, and was terrified that she'd be locked up for doing nothing.
▪ It is therefore surprising that none of the articles includes any mention of the costs that might be incurred.
▪ Lucy could only conclude that, whatever Charlie had been saying, it hadn't included specific mention of her name.
▪ She never made mention of her constant realignment of interests in any of her occasional letters, periodic updates of the trivial.
▪ Kavanagh's book makes no mention of Katherine's name.
▪ Biblical writings, which lie at the root of Western culture, make numerous mention of portents in the heavens.
▪ Faculty minutes likewise make no mention of any admissions decision concerning him.
▪ He had made no mention of the previous evening, nor had she expected him to.
▪ The constitution makes separate mention of impeachment.
▪ Environmental considerations and costs do not even seem to merit a mention.
▪ It would hardly merit a mention except for the presence in the market of one incredible wine.
▪ The headlines were smaller this time and Bayly's religion didn't merit a mention in the Press.
▪ Integrity, validity and reliability merited one mention each and objectivity got two.
▪ Wharfe is omitted from mention in official guides to the district and doesn't mind it all.
▪ Predictably, Communist historians omit any mention of this atrocity in their accounts of the period.
▪ Indeed, in its Manifesto to Members, the Institute omits any mention of members' interests.
▪ David Whitehead of the University of Sheffield received a special mention and a prize of £100.
▪ She received just four passing mentions in Mr Brown's speech last week.
▪ Both projects were shortlisted and received an honourable mention in the 1991 awards.
▪ But basic biographical details which are referred to in the letters often receive no mention in the main text.
▪ Surprisingly it does not receive a mention in the parable of the Fall.
▪ Lice, made much of by combatants on other fronts, receive little mention.
▪ Along the way, scientists came up with two key innovations that were singled out for mention in the book.
a glancing reference/mention
any ... you care to name/mention
mention/note sth in passing
▪ He noted, in passing, that he had lasted longer than Texas Sen.
▪ In Exodus the quails were mentioned only in passing.
▪ Like many more, presumably, we mention Ribblehead in passing.
to name/mention but a few
▪ Mr Franks made no mention of any changes at the top of the company.
▪ The case even got a mention in some of the national newspapers.
▪ There was no mention of a pay rise.
▪ Ever since Ben had first found that single mention of him in the journals.
▪ Faculty minutes likewise make no mention of any admissions decision concerning him.
▪ Omit any mention of a short-term job that you left on poor terms?
▪ Players not even worth a mention now can change everything with a good game or two.
▪ Please don't switch off at the mention of maths, if you can use a calculator, you an do this.
▪ The next thing to disappear without mention was the Ransome.
▪ Tonight, she figures her contribution on the court is worth special mention.
▪ Two other specialist texts deserve special mention.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mention \Men"tion\, n. [OE. mencioun, F. mention, L. mentio, from the root of meminisse to remember. See Mind.] A speaking or notice of anything, -- usually in a brief or cursory manner. Used especially in the phrase to make mention of.

I will make mention of thy righteousness.
--Ps. lxxi. 16.

And sleep in dull, cold marble, where no mention Of me more must be heard of.


Mention \Men"tion\ (m[e^]n"sh[u^]n), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Mentioned (m[e^]n"sh[u^]nd); p. pr. & vb. n. Mentioning.] To make mention of; to speak briefly of; to name.

I will mention the loving-kindnesses of the Lord.
--Is. lxiii. 7.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "a note, reference," from Old French mencion "mention, memory, speech," from Latin mentionem (nominative mentio) "a calling to mind, a speaking of, a making mention," from root of Old Latin minisci "to think," related to mens (genitive mentis) "mind," from PIE root *men- (1) "think" (see mind (n.)).


1520s, from mention (n.) or else from Middle French mentionner, from Old French mencion. Related: Mentioned; mentioning; mentionable. Don't mention it as a conventional reply to expressions of gratitude or apology is attested from 1840.


n. A speaking or notice of anything, usually in a brief or cursory manner. Used especially in the phrase to ''make mention of.'' vb. To make a short reference to something.

  1. n. a remark that calls attention to something or someone; "she made frequent mention of her promotion"; "there was no mention of it"; "the speaker made several references to his wife" [syn: reference]

  2. a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage; "the student's essay failed to list several important citations"; "the acknowledgments are usually printed at the front of a book"; "the article includes mention of similar clinical cases" [syn: citation, acknowledgment, credit, reference, quotation]

  3. an official recognition of merit; "although he didn't win the prize he did get special mention" [syn: honorable mention]

  4. v. make reference to; "His name was mentioned in connection with the invention" [syn: advert, bring up, cite, name, refer]

  5. make mention of; "She observed that his presentation took up too much time"; "They noted that it was a fine day to go sailing" [syn: note, observe, remark]

  6. commend; "he was cited for his outstanding achievements" [syn: cite]

Mention (blogging)

A mention (also known as @replies or tagging, not to be confused with metadata tags or hashtags) is a means by which a blog post references or links to a user's profile. This may be done as a matter of getting the attention of (or drawing attention to) another user of a social networking or blogging service, as a matter of replying to the other user's post, or as a matter of "tagging" a user in a post (i.e., to say that "Jay Thompson was here"). As of 2012, no standard for mentioning a user in a blog post has been developed, and various approaches have been developed.

Mention (company)

Mention is a social media and web monitoring tool. The media monitoring tool provides real-time alerts for a company's keyword and allows users to monitor millions of sources in real time and in 42 languages. Mention can be accessed from a mobile app or the web-based app.

Usage examples of "mention".

Instead of accounting for this, we shall proceed in our usual manner to exemplify it in the conduct of the lad above mentioned, who submitted to the persuasions of Mr.

There were other reasons to use this accounting idea that nobody was mentioning.

Therein lies the problem: textbooks cannot report accurately on the six foreign interventions described in this chapter without mentioning that the U.

March, they discussed these visions, the continued fits of the afflicted, the inability of secular and religious leaders to end the crisis, and the seven unnamed witches mentioned by Tituba.

It may be mentioned that all the Allied effort in the radio war for D-Day was British.

After the scout ship on Ambrosia, their quarters, not to mention the privacy of a separate small dwelling, seemed positively elaborate.

We have not yet mentioned the Ambrosian Library in Milan, nor, except the Vatican, a single library by name in Rome.

He declared that he would smite with anathema anyone so rash as to mention consanguinity as an obstacle to their union.

Medico-Chirurgical Association of London, January 25, 1870, there was an anosmic patient mentioned who was very fond of the bouquet of moselle, and Carter mentioned that he knew a man who had lost both the senses of taste and smell, but who claimed that he enjoyed putrescent meat.

At one point, while NSA was planning its intercept operation at Arecibo, Gerson mentioned that while the antenna was ideal, the location was bad.

There are about two thousand labs in the United States alone that have anthrax samples, not to mention hostile foreign nations such as Iraq that have large supplies.

While these unfinished exclamations were actually passing my lips I chanced to cross that infernal mat, and it is no more startling than true, but at my word a quiver of expectation ran through that gaunt web--a rustle of anticipation filled its ancient fabric, and one frayed corner surged up, and as I passed off its surface in my stride, the sentence still unfinished on my lips, wrapped itself about my left leg with extraordinary swiftness and so effectively that I nearly fell into the arms of my landlady, who opened the door at the moment and came in with a tray and the steak and tomatoes mentioned more than once already.

Thus the alien elements, those which do not properly enter into the composition of any living tissue, are the most to be suspected,-- mercury, lead, antimony, silver, and the rest, for the reasons I have before mentioned.

Stranger and far more awkward than this is the case mentioned in an ancient collection, where the subject of the antipathy fainted at the sight of any object of a red color.

Doctor, in terms of the sexual connotations you mention - would it be equally possible for an antisocial mind to fixate on a man, or - boy?