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Luká is a village and municipality ( obec) in Olomouc District in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic.

The municipality covers an area of , and has a population of 793 (as at 3 July 2006).

Luká lies approximately west of Olomouc and east of Prague.

Luka (song)

"Luka" is a song recorded by Suzanne Vega and released as a single in 1987. It remains her highest-charting hit in the United States, reaching number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Luka" earned Vega nominations at the 1988 Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Vega also recorded a Spanish-language version of the song, featured on the single.


Lúka is a village and municipality in Nové Mesto nad Váhom District in the Trenčín Region of western Slovakia.

Luka (župa)

Luka was a zhupa of the medieval principality of Zahumlje (later Hum). It was situated in a swampy area on both sides of the Neretva river, from Bregava and Trebizat down to the sea. It bordered the zhupas of Rastok (west), Vuceric (north), Drijeva (east) and the Adriatic Sea (south).

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Luka (Česká Lípa District)

' Luka' is a village and municipality in Česká Lípa District in the Liberec Region of the Czech Republic.

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Luka (Voyno-Yasenetsky)

Archbishop Luka (Luke, , born Valentin Felixovich Voyno-Yasenetsky, ; April 27/May 9, 1877 in Kerch – June 11, 1961, Simferopol) was an outstanding surgeon, the founder of purulent surgery, a spiritual writer, a bishop of Russian Orthodox Church, and an archbishop of Simferopol and of the Crimea since May 1946. He was a laureate of Stalin Prize in medicine in 1946.

His most important work in medicine is Purulent Surgery Essays, 1934. This is still a reference book and a manual for surgeons. As a noticeable religious figure, he was subjected to political repressions and spent 11 years in internal exile. He was canonized in Russian Orthodox Church in 2000. His feast day is May 29/June 11 (Julian [Old] Calendar/Gregorian [New] Calendar).

Luka was born into a family of faithful parents but, according to his memoirs, did not receive a religious upbringing from his family. He apprehended the Christ's teaching by assiduous reading of the New Testament.

Luka (Ilijaš)

Luka is a village in the municipality of Ilijaš, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Luka (Prague Metro)

Luka is a Prague Metro station on Line B opened in 1994. It is located at Mukařovského street in the suburb of Stodůlky.

Luka is a surface type station with an island platform and one staircase exit. The name, which literally means Meadows, is shared with the surrounding housing estate.

Luka (Konjic)

Luka ( Cyrillic: Лука) is a village in the municipality of Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Luka (film)

Luka is a Croatian film directed by Tomislav Radić, starring Ivo Gregurević, Mirta Zečević, Zlatko Crnković and Damir Lončar. It was released in 1992.

The script was based on the 1976 novel of the same name by Antun Šoljan.

Luka (Srebrenik)

Luka is a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the 1991 census, the village is located in the municipality of Srebrenik.

Luka (singer)

Luciana Karina Santos de Lima better known by her stage name Luka (born in Porto Alegre, Brazil on 26 June 1979) is a Brazilian singer and songwriter. She has released 4 studio albums.

She started singing and playing guitar at 16 when she was known as Luciana Lima, performed in venues in Rio Grande do Sul. She also appeared in music festivals such as Planeta Atlântica. Besides guitar, she learned piano, music theory and joined a choir called Arapy when she lived in Paraguay for 2 years.

Returning to Brazil, she had a big success with the single "Tô Nem Aí" co-written by Luka herself, Latino, Lara Tausz and Alessandro Tausz.