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Obec (plural: obce or obcí) is the Czech and Slovak word for a municipality (both in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad). The literal meaning of the word is " commune" or " community". It is the smallest administrative unit that is governed by elected representatives. Cities are also municipalities. The council is called "obecní zastupitelstvo/obecné zastupiteľstvo" or "zastupitelstvo města/mestské zastupiteľstvo" or "zastupitelstvo městyse", the office is called "obecní úřad/obecný úrad" or "úřad města/mestský úrad" or "úřad městyse". An obec can have its own flag and coat of arms. An obec is composed of one or more cadastral areas ("katastrální území/katastrálne územia"). Obec can have several settlements or parts whether villages or hamlets.