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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a band leader (=the conductor of a brass band, a military band, etc)
a community leader
▪ Community leaders meet regularly to discuss local problems.
a gang leader
▪ Gang leaders used cellphones to order the attacks.
a group leader
▪ There were three groups of eight people, each with a group leader.
a political leader
▪ a strong political leader
a project manager/leader
▪ The project manager is responsible for sorting this out.
a team leader
▪ The team leader will co-ordinate the work.
an industry leader (=one of the most successful companies in a particular industry)
▪ We are now a mature company and an industry leader.
elect sb (as) president/leader/mayor etc
▪ In 1768, John Wilkes was elected as their Member of Parliament.
loss leader
majority leader
market leader
▪ the UK market leader in sports shoes
minority leader
squadron leader
the brand leader (=the brand that sells the most)
▪ Schwartz is the brand leader for herbs and spices in the UK.
the coup leader
▪ The coup leaders escaped when the rest of the men were arrested.
the party leader
▪ He met with opposition party leaders.
undisputed leader/champion/master etc
▪ the undisputed world heavyweight champion
veteran politician/campaigner/leader etc
▪ the veteran leader of the socialist party
weak leader/ruler/king etc
▪ a weak and ineffective president
world leaders
▪ a meeting of world leaders
▪ It is his task to try to involve black leaders in negotiations on constitutional reform.
▪ Every black leader became suspected of anti-Semitism-if not of fomenting it, then at least of tolerating it in colleagues.
▪ The persistence of black troubles, and the loss of faith in the old integrationist cause, has discredited traditional black leaders.
▪ I think he was so intense because he was the only black platoon leader in our battalion.
▪ But that afternoon he made a quick reverse when he sat down in his office with King, and other black leaders.
▪ But premier black leader he is.
▪ Odd how no traditional civil rights or liberal black leader stepped forth to champion her cause.
▪ Gennady Zyuganov, the Communist party leader, called for Mr Chubais to be arrested and jailed for his policy.
▪ The real power lies with prime minister Zhan Videnov, a one-time Communist Party youth leader.
▪ I refer to the Communist leaders of the Front as the Party.
▪ The two now do for the private sector what they used to do for Communist Party leaders.
▪ Investors hoped then the team of ex-#Communist leaders would bring quicker reforms and a more stable government.
▪ Free world and Communist leaders alike condemned Deng and his government.
▪ But the measure is still pending and has the backing of the Clinton administration and congressional leaders.
▪ But it was clear he would face mounting pressure to intervene from not only congressional leaders but travelers.
▪ Republican Congressional leaders have launched a rhetorical assault against the Clinton proposal this week.
▪ Republicans concede that the president has an uncanny rhetorical talent that he has used effectively to put congressional leaders on the defensive.
▪ Weather permitting, Clinton and congressional leaders are to meet today.
▪ Goodwill has been in short supply on Capitol Hill as Congressional leaders have busied themselves this month trading ethics allegations.
▪ S., President Bill Clinton and Republican congressional leaders are scheduled to resume their budget talks later today.
▪ Congressional sources believe the White House saw the chance for a quick, psychologically valuable victory over the Democratic leaders.
▪ Gingrich and the Democratic leaders who are now under the ethics microscope are unlikely to receive such kindly treatment.
▪ It did so with only grudging recognition of the need for national consultations with Social Democratic leaders.
▪ The Democratic leader broke with the Clinton administration, which opposes the idea.
▪ The law bars 26 veteran legislators, including the Democratic leaders of both houses, from seeking re-election next year.
▪ For public consumption, Labour leaders purport to have jettisoned the principles of a life-time. but how much can they be trusted?
▪ President Herzog granted the Labour leader a further 15 days in which to secure majority support.
▪ All that one can say is that he was better than the current Labour party leader.
▪ He defeated Denis Healey to become Labour leader the following year.
▪ And it provoked a furious backlash from Labour and union leaders.
▪ The fine print of the speeches of Labour leaders and party policy documents has changed during the 1980s.
▪ By that standard, the Labour leader is the perfect operator.
▪ Changing sides.Council Labour leader defects to the Tories.
▪ This unanimity encouraged local leaders to abstain from political initiatives and to concentrate on local and day-to-day issues.
▪ Under intense fiscal pressure, state and local leaders had no choice but to change the way they did business.
▪ So this news has come as a disappointment to local business leaders.
▪ Perhaps the working poor should threaten to incorporate in order to get local leaders to seriously address their plight.
▪ The local party leaders, anxious to rock no ideological boats in the unstable times, left them alone.
▪ Or local political leader whose authority has been superseded by leaders abroad?
▪ To that end, its project supervisors hold regular meetings with local community leaders.
▪ The interim government was not recognized by the major rebel movements. Main government leaders President of interim government: Amos Sawyer.
▪ Collectively, these opportunities and threats posed four main concerns for leaders: Managing assets and policies apart from people.
▪ An upper house representing regional leaders is to be created in 1992. Main government leaders President:Sam Nujoma.
▪ Naturally, the secret police and the military leaders were men, and they subjected their female prisoners to sexually specific tortures.
▪ The constitution also made military leaders directly responsible to the emperor, allowing them to bypass the cabinet.
▪ More than a dozen other former military leaders also are being investigated.
▪ This policy was attracting criticism from former military leaders and the Catholic Church, as well from the left.
▪ The military leader was returned to the post he first held from 1979 until 1991, when public discontent forced him out.
▪ Police and military leaders have insisted they are not interested in assuming power.
▪ The process began in January 1942 when Churchill and his military leaders came to Washington to discuss strategy.
▪ Modern electronic technologies promote radical individualism, and mass culture controls national leaders much more than national leaders control the mass culture.
▪ She also has a distaste for policy debates, interviews, extemporaneous speeches and many other traditional obligations of a national leader.
▪ Dozens of parents, students and national leaders of Latino activist groups unsuccessfully petitioned the school board for her return.
▪ California is certainly the national leader in just about every cultural, social, economic and political barometer.
▪ Ngo Dinh Diem filled a vacuum, but despite his record of integrity, he lacked the dimensions of a national leader.
▪ Even among national leaders who agree on current nuclear policy goals, there is disagreement how to reach them.
▪ The new leader, Vojislav Kostunica, undoubtedly will follow some policies distasteful to the West.
▪ It soon became evident that the new Soviet leader had some of the qualities associated with youth.
▪ The new military leader confirmed that Venda's situation would be put to a referendum.
▪ The new senate leader will join me in being a junior partner to the presidential nominee.
▪ Last month the Bloc elected its second new leader in the 14 months since Bouchard left.
▪ Judas the Maccabee emerged as the new leader of the nation.
▪ Lenin, Kerensky and the other leaders of the new order all met there.
▪ I think that the vast majority of the nation would expect my right hon. Friend to be there with the other leaders.
▪ Clinton comes from a place named Hope - and it is hope other leaders are placing on his shoulders.
▪ He can also make a point of talking to Mr Yeltsin and other republican leaders to offer them moral support.
▪ He travelled widely in the early 1970s, probably more widely than any other world leader.
▪ They will be trained by observing other leaders in action.
▪ The vote raised the possibility that charges might be brought against Suchinda and other former military leaders involved in the May unrest.
▪ It is this which establishes the control of the people over their political leaders or of the shareholders over their directors.
▪ It also is important to establish the recurrent right of the people to select political leaders who do take office.
▪ Their political leaders, horrified by the isolation to which the electorate had consigned the country, have rallied behind the treaty.
▪ The idea is to reach outside the Beltway to tap business and political leaders for ideas and insights.
▪ So, perhaps we're lucky just being able to watch our political leaders slug it our over speeches and television debates.
▪ These might include songs, chants, or activities that express allegiance to political leaders or symbols.
▪ The political leaders themselves were often active propagandists; both Somers and Harley, for example, wrote their own tracts.
▪ Psychoanalytic Approaches Traditionally, our formal knowledge about top political leaders came from relatively straight forward reports of biography and journalism.
▪ She was mistaken only in not tearing up shots of other religious leaders also.
▪ A son of the great religious leader I think it was-he discovered that place where the cannery was.
▪ It is a system that works well for the police and for the city's religious leaders.
▪ It was the inspired creation of a company of gifted architects, canny financiers, and cosmopolitan religious leaders.
▪ Orthodoxy and national identity were inextricably intertwined, and religious leaders became the spokesmen of national revolt.
▪ But religious right leaders had adamantly opposed him because of his views on abortion and affirmative action.
▪ Enquiries emanated from government departments, newspapers, independent scholars, medical practitioners, religious leaders and philanthropic bodies.
▪ The power of these royals derived as much from their role as religious leaders as from their military might.
▪ Mr Gore has attended every one of the negotiating sessions between the president and Republican leaders.
▪ The commission was created by Republican leaders shortly after they took control of Congress in November of 1994.
▪ Some Republican leaders have suggested attaching welfare, and possibly Medicaid reform, to legislation extending the federal debt ceiling.
▪ Self-interest now propels both Clinton and Republican leaders in Congress to reach accommodation on issues that long have divided them.
▪ There was no immediate comment on the proposed expansion from Republican leaders in Congress.
▪ Democrats want to look into the entirety of campaign finance law; Republican leaders want to focus on the White House.
▪ Today's Soviet leaders are the products of a long-standing tradition of thinking about war and the use of force.
▪ They long for the stability of a period that in fact was known for stagnation and corruption under Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.
▪ No Soviet leader until Gorbachev would have so wide a reformist programme.
▪ The Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin was helpful toward that end and pledged monetary support.
▪ Even the medieval church's spiritual leader, St Bernard of Clairvaux, wanted an explanation.
▪ But Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the paramount spiritual leader of Shas, is committed to peace.
▪ Greene was the spiritual and physical leader.
▪ Protestants who should have known better paid tribute to the Antichrist, the spiritual leader of the disloyal Catholics.
▪ The Lutherans asked Amsterdam to please send them a new spiritual leader, preferably an unmarried man.
▪ The young, the bold, the lowly paid and overworked, acknowledged him as their spiritual leader.
▪ Payne snorts when Yarbrough suggests he act more the spiritual leader.
▪ Du Pont was team leader at the Barcelona Olympics, and the annual world team trials were named after him.
▪ Thus, the team leader had real authority, not just cheerleading responsibility.
▪ Those who did so received high praise: He asked me to be a team leader.
▪ M -, the meeting is brought to order by Vickie, the team leader.
▪ Gradually, team leaders in work-unit teams change to more of a coordination rather than leadership role as the team develops.
▪ It is not the team leader who makes the decision, the team does.
▪ Unlike most working group leaders, many team leaders must learn new skills and behaviors.
▪ Who would be the team leader for this one? he asked himself.
▪ It is this prospect that has prompted trade union leaders with a public-sector contingent to be wary about the single currency project.
▪ Thomas Murray, union leader and school board member, begat James Murray, congressman and alderman.
▪ Still, executives and union leaders would surely protest such a plan and claim that such a plan would require unacceptable concessions.
▪ Though most workers remained on strike, union leaders said they agreed to let 300&038;.
▪ Linda Chavez-Thompson, a union leader born of sharecropper parents, became the first person of color elected to the executive office.
▪ The union leaders appear to be building public support for their cause, with clever use of symbolic gestures and public relations.
▪ The union leaders ignored the summonses, leaving the government to decide whether to arrest them.
▪ A judge in Seoul issued the arrest warrants after union leaders ignored three court orders this week to appear for questioning.
▪ The potential economic boom has been welcomed by business leaders in Swindon.
▪ As Tark himself noted, many of the players he coached at San Joaquin Memorial are now civic and business leaders.
▪ In 1874 Elliot became the first of the coal industry's business leaders to receive a baronetcy.
▪ Falun Gong's decision to stage demonstrations here has created a vexing dilemma for Hong Kong officials and business leaders.
▪ Nearly 90 percent of business leaders in the state rank civil lawsuits as their most serious problem, they say.
▪ I believe it is our responsibility as business leaders to manage as carefully and as compassionately as we can.
▪ In 1859 the tsar intervened personally to prevent church leaders from consigning Belliustin to a monastery in the White Sea.
▪ Northern church leaders used equally strong language about their southern counterparts.
▪ You are also asked to keep your church leaders informed of your involvement so that they can ensure you are adequately supported.
▪ Civic and church leaders are turning to downtown businesses for help in replacing shrinking government resources.
▪ Here was a civil servant exercising obvious power in the choice of a Church leader.
▪ The majority of biblical figures, whether patriarchs, prophets, priests, disciples or church leaders, are male.
▪ The new generation of church leaders seems convinced that the cause of unity will be better served by plain speaking.
▪ The security forces have raided the camps, captured community leaders and stolen possessions and church supplies.
▪ Possibly they were daughters of a community leader, a priestess or elder.
▪ In Brixton consultative machinery involving the police and community leaders had ceased to function.
▪ They were selected by a screening panel of professional, business and community leaders.
▪ That has been achieved as the direct result of the enthusiasm and support of key business and community leaders throughout the country.
▪ For the most part, they listened respectfully as community leaders and peers encouraged everyone to atone, unite and reconcile.
▪ Executives said there can be no compensation because the well was sabotaged, something community leaders reluctantly acknowledged.
▪ In addition to big party donors, guests also included community leaders, elected officials and business executives.
▪ The Palm Pilot is currently the market leader with 75-80 % of the market share.
▪ Bath and Body Works, a division of the Limited, is the market leader.
▪ It will also become a market leader in several food areas within Scandinavia.
▪ That proved a bonanza in 1995, when blue chips were market leaders.
▪ Its only aim is to knock the market leader off the pedestal.
▪ H., a market leader in building computer networks, closed down 6 3 / 8 at 70 5 / 8.
▪ They include seven market leaders and had a turnover of almost £19 million last year, though they suffered a loss.
▪ This consolidates our marketing network in the Puget Sound area, where we are among the market leaders.
▪ Also on March 24, the embattled Traoré told opposition leaders that he would not resign, but promised early elections.
▪ When it went off track, opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu pulled roughly even.
▪ And on returning to Downing Street for talks with the Opposition leaders, he spoke of his death warrant.
▪ They also sought to use their influence with Draskovic and other opposition leaders, cautioning them against agitating for further violence.
▪ Mr Huntington, 50, works for a local hotel and is the opposition leader for Sedgefield Council.
▪ But it failed to satisfy opposition leaders, who announced they would continue their protests until all their demands are met.
▪ Former opposition leaders joining the cabinet.
▪ Also Tuesday, opposition leaders said they will mount a new challenge to riot police blocking protest marches.
▪ Whitehall mandarins have discreetly voiced hopes that the party leaders will cobble together an agreement rather than face a second election.
▪ The ability of party leaders to manipulate the nomination process had been substantially undercut, however, by party reform.
▪ Dole also enlisted many other party leaders and state legislators in his campaign in both states.
▪ Seniority provides committee chairmen with an independent power base and helps to insulate them from control by party leaders and presidents.
▪ National party leaders rewarded him with an invitation to the 1981 inaugural ball.
▪ All that one can say is that he was better than the current Labour party leader.
▪ Some contemporary Labour groups have very open decision-making structures; others are dominated by the party leader.
▪ The article also mentioned Masud, the rebel leader: Ellis recalled Jean-Pierre speaking of him, too.
▪ The rebel leader was Esteban V.. Leon.
▪ This led rebel leaders to agree to combine their forces in one division under a unified command structure.
▪ Such a government should include members drawn from the existing parliament, the nonviolent opposition movement and rebel leader Kabila himself.
▪ Increasingly, funding will reflect the quality of the research output so that the best centres can truly be world leaders.
▪ No world leader would try to launch a surprise attack because the response would be terminal for his own nation.
▪ Britain is the world leader in deaths caused by heart disease.
▪ After seven years,-#world leaders finally reached an agreement in December 1993, after hundreds of little compromises.
▪ Statesmen and politicians in the family offer equally numerous opportunities for choosing quotations from famous world leaders.
▪ Messages of condolence began arriving in New Delhi on May 22 from a host of world leaders.
▪ Today the business holds its head high and is a world leader in its specialized fields.
▪ When Margaret Thatcher became leader the party was still dominated by these men who had been through the war together.
▪ We even honor these great gluttons who have become our world leaders, our socialites, our jet-setters.
▪ They were incensed that some one from the lower caste should have become leader of their gang.
▪ Before very long he becomes the leader of one of the most powerful teenage gangs in Brooklyn.
▪ As the supervisor becomes a group leader, however, the role of employees changes also.
▪ For the first time since he became leader, he is in the position to set the political agenda.
▪ George McGovern sought to become the leader of the delegates that had favored Kennedy.
▪ This system relies upon the ability of the electorate to elect and dismiss leaders at periodic intervals.
▪ More, apparently, than our elected leaders possess.
▪ The gunmen have made a point, but they must now leave room for talks by elected leaders to go forward.
▪ That, said the ejidatarios' elected leader, Rafael Garcia Espinoza, was never the peasants' intention.
▪ Peter Reith, an unsuccessful contender for the leadership, was elected as deputy leader.
▪ The village elders were encouraged to establish a system of local government, and elected their leaders.
▪ Locally, elected leaders are concerned that none of the money would trickle down to city coffers.
▪ It would grant them greater control over electing their own leaders and over their natural resources and economies.
▪ A gun was pushed in his back and he was taken to meet the group's leader.
▪ Boudiaf had met the leaders of eight opposition parties on Feb. 9 in order to give them prior notice of the measures.
▪ It was Schmerhom, however, who was despatched to lead a negotiating team to meet the Republican leaders.
▪ In June of last year Mr Gorbachev met secretly with leaders of the radical opposition.
▪ Although no announcement of a national conference was made, Kolingba met separately with opposition leaders on Sept. 14.
▪ He also meets a leader who, after Mr Mandela's abrupt departure, can't help returning to the basic question.
born leader/musician/teacher etc
▪ Because Karajan was a born teacher, he was always interested in young musicians.
make sb captain/leader etc
the unacknowledged leader/authority etc
▪ In the hierarchy of Balniddrie-although pecking-order might be a more accurate term-Kara was the unacknowledged leader.
titular head/leader/monarch etc
▪ She was the titular head of our hareem.
▪ Some thought it odd to see the retired Frank Kush out there, as titular head of the football program.
▪ 12,000 party members will vote next week to elect a new leader.
▪ a band leader
▪ a Boy Scout leader
▪ our national political leaders
▪ Peter was a born leader, and his chairmanship of the WWF could not have been more effective.
▪ So far, business leaders have been encouraged by the government's economic policy.
▪ the leader of the Communist party
▪ The leader of the opposition has demanded an early election.
▪ The leaders of the rebel movement have been arrested.
▪ The Detroit Tigers are now the American League division leaders.
▪ The report has raised strong opposition from radical black leaders.
▪ Three members of the 'Hells Angels' group were convicted of the murder of a rival gang leader.
▪ To function effectively, a party leader has to be attentive to people's needs.
▪ World leaders are meeting in Geneva today to consider the peace plan.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Leader \Lead"er\, n.

  1. One who, or that which, leads or conducts; a guide; a conductor. Especially:

    1. One who goes first.

    2. One having authority to direct; a chief; a commander.

    3. (Mus.) A performer who leads a band or choir in music; also, in an orchestra, the principal violinist; the one who plays at the head of the first violins.

    4. (Naut.) A block of hard wood pierced with suitable holes for leading ropes in their proper places.

    5. (Mach.) The principal wheel in any kind of machinery. [Obs. or R.]
      --G. Francis.

    6. A horse placed in advance of others; one of the forward pair of horses.

      He forgot to pull in his leaders, and they gallop away with him at times.

    7. A pipe for conducting rain water from a roof to a cistern or to the ground; a conductor.

    8. (Fishing) A net for leading fish into a pound, weir, etc.; also, a line of gut, to which the snell of a fly hook is attached.

    9. (Mining) A branch or small vein, not important in itself, but indicating the proximity of a better one.

  2. The first, or the principal, editorial article in a newspaper; a leading or main editorial article.

  3. (Print.)

    1. A type having a dot or short row of dots upon its face.

    2. pl. a row of dots, periods, or hyphens, used in tables of contents, etc., to lead the eye across a space to the right word or number.

      Syn: chief; chieftain; commander. See Chief.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English lædere "one who leads," agent noun from lædan (see lead (v.)). As a title for the head of an authoritarian state, from 1918 (translating führer, Duce, caudillo, etc.). Meaning "writing or statement meant to begin a discussion or debate" is late 13c.; in modern use often short for leading article (1807) "opinion piece in a British newspaper" (leader in this sense attested from 1837).


n. Any person that lead#Verbs or directs.

  1. n. a person who rules or guides or inspires others [ant: follower]

  2. a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers [syn: drawing card, loss leader]

Leader (disambiguation)

A leader is one who influences or leads others.

Leader may also refer to:

Leader (comics)

The Leader (Samuel Sterns) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Leader first appeared in Tales to Astonish #62, created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko as an enemy of the Hulk. He has mainly appeared in Hulk related comic books over the years and was one of the featured characters in the Marvel NOW! Thunderbolts relaunch. In 2009, The Leader was ranked as IGN's 63rd Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

Sterns worked as a janitor in Boise, Idaho when he was exposed to Gamma Radiation. The radiation mutated him into a green skinned, super-intelligent entity who names himself the Leader, embarking on a career of crime. He is repeatedly foiled by the Hulk, who overcomes all of the Leader's schemes as well as his artificial henchmen known as the Humanoids. Sterns would later be further transformed, causing his cranium to change into the shape of an oversized brain. As part of the Intelligencia he is an integral part of the Hulked Out Heroes storyline.

Actor Tim Blake Nelson portrays Dr. Samuel Sterns in the 2008 superhero film The Incredible Hulk. In the movie, Sterns is shown to be mutating, but the film does not use the character beyond the initial mutation.

Leader (spark)

A leader is a hot, highly conductive channel of plasma that plays a critical part during dielectric breakdown within a long electric spark.

Leader (1964 film)

Leader is a 1964 CinemaScope Hindi political drama film. The film is produced by Sashadhar Mukherjee and directed by Ram Mukherjee . The film stars Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala and Jayant. The story of the film was written by Dilip Jain.

The films music is by Naushad with lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni, it is noted for the patriot song, Apni Azadi Ko Hum Hargis Mita Sakte Nahin, and Mujhe Duniyawalon Sharabi Na Samjho by Mohammed Rafi.

Leader (2010 film)

Leader is a 2010 Telugu political drama film written and directed by Sekhar Kammula marking the acting debut of Rana Daggubati in the lead role, with Richa Gangopadhyay and Priya Anand as the female leads. This film was produced by AVM Productions. The movie opened to rave positive reviews and was a super-hit. It was dubbed into Hindi in the same name as Leader.

Leader (typography)

A leader in typography is a series of characters, usually dots or dashes, that are used as a visual aid to connect items on a page that might be separated by considerable horizontal distance. For example, dot leaders are often used in tables of contents to connect section headings with the page numbers on which those sections begin.

Most word processing software includes a feature for the automatic generation of dot leaders.

Leader (surname)

Leader is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Benjamin Williams Leader (1831–1923), English artist
  • Bill Leader, English record producer
  • George M. Leader (1918-2013), American politician
  • Guy Leader (1887-1978), American politician
  • Imre Leader (born 1963), British mathematician
  • Jeffery J. Leader (born 1963), American mathematician
  • Joyce Ellen Leader (born 1942), American diplomat
  • Otis Wilson Leader, a World War II Choctaw code talker
  • Zachary Leader (born 1946), American professor of English Literature
Leader (political party)

Leader (, an acronym for Miflaga Mitkademet Liberalit Demokratit , lit. Progressive Liberal Democratic Party) was a minor political party in Israel. Headed by Alexander Radko, it is related to the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.

It has run in elections in 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2013. In 2003 it won only 833 votes, the lowest of any party. In 2006 it received 580 votes, again the lowest. In 2009, it received 1,887 votes, and in 2013—1,568 votes—not succeeding in passing the electoral threshold and not receiving any seats.

Category:Defunct political parties in Israel

Usage examples of "leader".

It seems likely that Raeder took this step largely because he wanted to anticipate any sudden aberration of his unpredictable Leader.

Moreover, thou sayest it that the champions of the Dry Tree, who would think but little of an earl for a leader, are eager to follow me: and if thou still doubt what this may mean, abide, till in two days or three thou see me before the foeman.

Senator Glancey spearheaded a third group, ably supported by General Funkhauser, civilian leaders of the aircraft industry and many champions of private enterprise.

The party had come aboard without waiting to be invited, their leader stepping forward with his hat in his hand.

These Sea Folk were not like the aborigines of Ruwenda, accustomed to obey the laws of the White Lady and freely accepting Kadiya as their leader.

To support these and concentrate from the earliest moment as effective a fire as possible upon the works, Farragut brought his ironclads inside of the wooden vessels, and abreast the four leaders of that column.

Often, the leaders and practitioners of absolutist religions were unable to perceive any middle ground or recognize that the truth might draw upon and embrace apparently contradictory doctrines.

Such treatment by the authorities soon led some socialist leaders to despair of ever achieving their goals by parliamentary means and to embrace more radical ideologies, such as syndicalism and anarchism.

Orange was hailed with approbation and delight by the Catholic leaders, those promoted by Adrets excited such a storm of indignation, among the Huguenots of all classes, that he shortly afterwards went over to the other side, and was found fighting against the party he had disgraced.

Certainly, if a female manager or leader is seen crying and emotionally disabled in a situation that might be handled aggressively by a strong male, she will lose prestige in the eyes of many people.

One Adolf Hitler was an early Party agitator, but as I recall it he intrigued against the Leader during the War of Triumph and was executed.

The Agnates are prepared to do something about that, even if our War Leader has had his brain softened by these degenerates from the Confederation.

Darwin, Huxley, Maudsley, and similar agnostic and materialistic leaders of modern thought.

Ever since Akela had been deposed, the Pack had been without a leader, hunting and fighting at their own pleasure.

Bane, but a man well nigh as old as his uncle, though he hath not made men tremble so sore, albeit he be far the better man, a good warrior, a wise leader, a reiver and lifter well wrought at all points.