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n. A fantasy fiction criminal or evil-doer, often with supernatural powers or equipment, in popular children's and fantasy literature who can present a credible challenge for a superhero.


A supervillain is a variant of the villainous stock character archetype commonly found in American comic books and sometimes possesses superhuman abilities. A supervillain is the antithesis of a superhero.

Supervillains are often used as foils and could present a daunting challenge to the superhero. In instances where the supervillain does not have superhuman, mystical, or alien powers, the supervillain may possess a genius intellect or a skill set that allows them to draft complex schemes or commit crimes in a way normal humans cannot. Other traits may include a megalomaniac streak and possession of considerable resources to help further their aims. Many supervillains share some typical characteristics of real world dictators, gangsters, and terrorists, with aspirations of world domination or universal leadership.

Supervillain (disambiguation)

A supervillain is a type of villain character.

Supervillain may also refer to:

  • SuperVillain Studios, a video game development company
  • The Supervillains, an American reggae band
  • " Supervillain", a song by Nicole Scherzinger
  • MF DOOM, singer, often refers to himself as the "Supervillain".

Usage examples of "supervillain".

But I watched and I listened and I saw Mr Boothy and his dogs and he did one of those routines that the supervillains always do when they have the hero captured.