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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But being forgettable was part of her job; a jigsaw piece that fitted invisibly into any puzzle.
▪ The different sectors are like jigsaw pieces and can be moved around to fit the particular city being dealt with.
▪ This was just another jigsaw piece in the bizarre events of the night.
▪ Instead, the candidates have to put together a jigsaw puzzle of states, bagging their votes in the electoral college.
▪ It is like putting together a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces.
▪ She was wound up, jumbled inside like a spilled jigsaw puzzle.
▪ And the majority of changes relate to content, more time-consuming and frustrating than an all-red jigsaw puzzle.
▪ Dress children up in paper which has wavy lines drawn on it to seem like a jigsaw puzzle.
▪ She thought the contents of a Cornflakes box were a jigsaw puzzle of a hen.
▪ The pieces of evidence fell into place with the unequivocal precision of a well-made jigsaw puzzle.
▪ We have a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces jumbled up.
▪ For example, consider the pieces of a jigsaw in a box.
▪ Instead, the candidates have to put together a jigsaw puzzle of states, bagging their votes in the electoral college.
▪ The giant jigsaw is good value.
▪ They would then take it in turns to piece together each others jigsaw, guaranteed to keep them happy for years.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also jig-saw, "vertical reciprocating saw," 1855, American English, from jig with its notion of "rapid up-and-down motion" + saw (n.1). Jigsaw puzzle first recorded 1906; originally one with pieces cut by a jigsaw.


n. 1 A saw with fine teeth and a narrow blade which can cut curves in wood or metal. 2 A jigsaw puzzle. vb. (context transitive English) To cut something using a jigsaw.

  1. n. a portable power saw with a reciprocating blade; can be used with a variety of blades depending on the application and kind of cut; generally have a plate that rides on the surface that is being cut [syn: saber saw, reciprocating saw]

  2. fine-toothed power saw with a narrow blade; used to cut curved outlines [syn: scroll saw, fretsaw]

Jigsaw (band)

Jigsaw was an English pop music group, fronted by the singer-songwriter duo of Clive Scott and Des Dyer. In Australia the group was called "British Jigsaw" due to the existence of a local band of the same name.

Jigsaw (U.S. TV series)

Jigsaw is a television crime drama that aired as an element of the short-lived wheel series The Men, part of the ABC network's 1972-73 lineup. Universal Television produced Jigsaw; the same studio had previously been responsible for a series which, in part, inspired The Men: The NBC Mystery Movie.

Jigsaw (Saw)

John Kramer (also known as The Jigsaw Killer, commonly referred to as Jigsaw) is a fictional character and serial killer from the Saw franchise. Jigsaw made his debut in the first film of the series, Saw, and he later appeared in Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI, and Saw 3D. He is portrayed by American actor Tobin Bell.

In the series' narrative, Kramer is a former civil engineer dying from an inoperable frontal lobe tumor that had developed from colon cancer. After a failed suicide attempt, Kramer found a new appreciation for his life, and decided to dedicate the rest of his life to inspiring the same appreciation in others by testing their will to live. His methods include forcing his subjects through deadly scenarios, which he referred to as "games" or "tests", in which they were forced to inflict pain upon themselves or others in order to escape. These tests were typically symbolic of what Jigsaw perceived as a flaw in each person's moral character or life. The Jigsaw name was given to him by the media for his practice of cutting a puzzle piece shape of flesh from those who fail.


Jigsaw may refer to:

  • Jigsaw (tool), a tool used for cutting arbitrary curves
    • Jigsaw (power tool), an electrically powered jigsaw
  • Jigsaw puzzle, a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of interlocking pieces
  • Jigsaw project of Java SE 9 (Java Module System)
Jigsaw (Marvel Comics)

Jigsaw (Billy Russo) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Len Wein and Ross Andru, the character made his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #162 (November 1976), and is the archenemy of the Punisher.

Jigsaw (clothing retailer)

Jigsaw is a fashion clothing retailer with outlets in Britain, the United States and an independent licensee in Australia. The company is based on Mortlake Road in Kew, south west London. It turned over £88m in 2005. It has 56 stores across the UK (as of May 2013). Jigsaw's sister company Kew 159, based in the same location and aimed at younger shoppers, closed in 2012 following heavy financial losses.

Jigsaw (UK game show)

Jigsaw was a daytime quiz programme that aired for one series on Channel 4 in early 1987. The programme was hosted by Dickie Davies.

Jigsaw (UK TV series)

Jigsaw was a BBC show aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 7 that combines elements of puzzle solving and entertainment, which was broadcast from 16 July 1979 until 24 May 1984.

Written and directed by Clive Doig, the show was presented by mime artist Adrian Hedley, Janet Ellis and "Jigg" - a giant floating orange jigsaw piece, voiced by John Leeson.

Ellis left in 1983 to become a Blue Peter presenter, at which point she was replaced by Dot, aka Julia Binstead.

Featured supporting cast also included Paul Clayton, Biggum the giant and Wilf Lunn who appeared as a mad inventor. Other unusual characters included Pterry, a Pterodactyl, Cid Sleuth (played by David Cleveland), a Sherlock Holmes-looking bumbling detective plagued by a mysterious burglar (David Wyatt), Hector The Hedgehog, Dot (played by Julia Binstead) - a pixel-come-to-life, the O-Men ( Sylvester McCoy and David Rappaport), and Mr. Noseybonk, performed by Hedley in a dinner suit and a white face mask with a prominent nose and toothy grin.

Throughout the show, the presenters and supporting characters came together to solve a number of puzzles; these puzzles would then contribute to one larger conundrum that would be revealed at the end of the show. The viewer was encouraged to take part and solve the puzzles at home.

Jigsaw (video game)

__NOTOC__ Jigsaw is an interactive fiction (IF) game, written by Graham Nelson in 1995.

The game begins on New Year's Eve of 1999, with the player discovering a time machine enabling him or her to travel throughout the twentieth century (including voyage of The Titanic, discovery of penicillin, codebreaking of the enigma machine during WWII, opening of the Suez Canal, and the recording of Abbey Road) to ensure history unfolds 'correctly'.

Jigsaw contains references to other interactive fiction games, including Trinity. Features of the game include attention to detail, and a romantic relationship between the player's character and another central character whose gender is never revealed (allowing the player to project the gender of their choice onto both).

Jigsaw has been described as "acclaimed," "epic...notable," and as "[perhaps] one of the most fun educational games in existence". The gameplay is challenging.

Jigsaw (Harvey Comics)

Jigsaw was a Joe Simon-created character and two-issue comic series published by Harvey Comics from September to December 1966.

Developed for Harvey's short-lived superhero line, Harvey Thriller, Jigsaw was the disconnectable "Man of a Thousand Parts". The feature was drawn by Tony Tallarico, with the writing generally, if unconfirmably, credited to Otto Binder. The backup features were "Super Luck" in issue #1 (artist unknown) and "The Man From SRAM" (art by Golden Age veteran Carl Pfeufer) in #2. The first issue also featured an anthological science fiction story drawn by EC Comics great Reed Crandall. Work for a third issue may exist.

Jigsaw (1949 film)

Jigsaw is a 1949 American film noir crime film directed by Fletcher Markle, and starring Franchot Tone, Jean Wallace and Marc Lawrence. The feature was produced by the Danziger Brothers, Edward J. Danziger and Harry Lee Danziger, from a screenplay by Vincent McConnor and Fletcher Markle, based on a story by John Roeburt.

Of note is that the film has cameo appearances by Marlene Dietrich, Henry Fonda, John Garfield, Burgess Meredith, Marsha Hunt, Doe Avedon, Everett Sloane, newspaper columnist Leonard Lyons, and the director Fletcher Markle.

Jigsaw (teaching technique)

The jigsaw technique is a method of organizing classroom activity that makes students dependent on each other to succeed. It breaks classes into groups and breaks assignments into pieces that the group assembles to complete the (jigsaw) puzzle. It was designed by social psychologist Elliot Aronson to help weaken racial cliques in forcibly integrated schools.

The technique splits classes into mixed groups to work on small problems that the group collates into a final outcome. For example, an in-class assignment is divided into topics. Students are then split into groups with one member assigned to each topic. Working individually, each student learns about his or her topic and presents it to their group. Next, students gather into groups divided by topic. Each member presents again to the topic group. In same-topic groups, students reconcile points of view and synthesize information. They create a final report. Finally, the original groups reconvene and listen to presentations from each member. The final presentations provide all group members with an understanding of their own material, as well as the findings that have emerged from topic-specific group discussion.

Jigsaw (1962 film)

Jigsaw is a 1962 British crime drama film written and directed by Val Guest and starring Jack Warner and Ronald Lewis. It is based on the police procedural novel Sleep Long, My Love by Hillary Waugh, with the setting changed from the fictional small town of Stockford, Connecticut, to Brighton, East Sussex, while retaining the names and basic natures of its two police protagonists and most of the other characters. It was filmed with the cooperation of the County Borough of Brighton Police and the East Sussex Constabulary.

Jigsaw (Lady Sovereign album)

Jigsaw is the second studio album by English rapper Lady Sovereign, released on 6 April 2009 in the United Kingdom and 7 April 2009 in the United States under Midget Records, with distribution by EMI.

Jigsaw (1968 film)

Jigsaw is a 1968 mystery film directed by James Goldstone. It stars Harry Guardino and Bradford Dillman. This remake of Mirage (1965) was originally made for television but shown first in theaters.

Jigsaw (wrestler)

Ed McGuckin (born December 16, 1983) is an American professional wrestler, better known by the ring nameJigsaw. He is best known for his work on the independent circuit for promotions such as Chikara, Combat Zone Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA, Full Impact Pro, and Ring of Honor and has also made appearances for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), where he worked under the ring name Rubix. He is currently working most notably for Global Force Wrestling but also regularly competes in the UK, predominantly for HOPE Wrestling.

Jigsaw (power tool)

A jigsaw power tool is a jigsaw made up of an electric motor and a reciprocating saw blade.

A jigsaw with a bevel function on the sole plate allows cutting angles of typically up to 45 degrees relative to the normal vertical stroke for cutting miter joints.

In the past, what are now usually called scroll saws were often referred to as jigsaws.

A power jigsaw may also be referred to, by some manufacturers, as a "bayonet saw" or sabre saw.

Jigsaw (The Shadows album)

Jigsaw is the sixth rock album by British instrumental (and sometimes vocal) group The Shadows, released in 1967 through EMI Records.

Jigsaw (Mike Stern album)

Jigsaw is the fourth studio album by guitarist Mike Stern, released in 1989 through Atlantic Records and reissued on July 17, 2007 through Wounded Bird Records. The album reached #12 on Billboard's Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart in 1989.

Jigsaw (company)

Jigsaw, formerly Google Ideas, is a technology incubator created by Google, and now operated as a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Based in New York City, Jigsaw is dedicated to understanding global challenges and applying technological solutions, from countering extremism, online censorship and cyberattacks, to protecting access to information. Jared Cohen, formerly with the Policy Planning Committee at the US State Department, is the founder and president of Jigsaw, and was formerly founder and director of Google Ideas.

In 2010, Eric Schmidt approached Jared Cohen to lead Google Ideas, as a think tank to research issues at the intersection of technology and geopolitics, and has worked on projects meant to protect activists and independent media from cyberattacks. The team's most recent conference was the Conflict in a Connected World Roundtable Series, in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations’ Center of Preventative Action. Under the leadership of Jared Cohen, Jigsaw brings together a team of Google engineers, research scientists, product managers, and policy experts. In May 2016, Jigsaw announced it had partnered with VICE NEWS on a five-part documentary series, called BLACKOUT, examining free expression around the world.

Jigsaw has come under scrutiny for its links with the US State Department and its 'regime change' activities.

Jigsaw (1989 film)

Jigsaw is a 1989 thriller film starring Rebecca Gibney.

Jigsaw (tool)

A jigsaw is a saw which uses a reciprocating blade to cut irregular curves, such as stenciled designs, in wood, metal, or other materials. Today they are electrically powered and known as scroll saws, and have been largely displaced by portable power jigsaws.

Jigsaws first emerged in the 19th century and employed a treadle to operate the blade. The modern portable jigsaw was introduced in 1947 by Scintilla AG (later acquired by Bosch) .

Jigsaw (Australian game show)

Jigsaw is an Australian television series which aired 1965 on the Australian Television Network, which later became the Seven Network. Hosted by Billy Raymond, it was a daytime game show aired in a 30-minute time-slot. (Running time excluding commercials is not known. Though a prime-time series of the era could run 24–25 minutes, daytime series tended to run shorter). The series was produced in Sydney. It ran for 24 weeks.

Usage examples of "jigsaw".

This evening, instead of crocheting, she was intent on putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Now, as he pondered the puzzle of the multiple earths and the falling seed, Joshua found that long-ago jigsaw cobble pricking his memory.

Watching his brother, the jigsaw juggernaut, he glimpsed movement peripherally in the mirror, but by the time he shifted his focus, the phantom glided out of sight.

I was supposed to construct a jigsaw puzzle by recapitulating, without any apparent order, different events of my life.

Construct a jigsaw puzzle by recapitulating, without any apparent order, different events of your life.

She got up too quickly and there was a thud as her thighs connected solidly with the edge of the cardtable she did her jigsaws on.

It was all confused in his mind, the pieces jumbled up like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that had just been dumped out on one of the shitty cardtables in the rec room at Jumper Hill.

The cellar had been Henry Petrie's domain, and it reflected his personality perfectly: Three high-intensity lights had been hung in a straight line over the work area, each shaded with a wide metal shell that allowed the light to fall with strong brilliance on the planer, the jigsaw, the bench saw, the lathe, the electric sander.

They blazed with insights until they were in their mid-teens and then burned out and spent the rest of their lives watching cartoons on television, doing jigsaw puzzles, and working on coloring books.

No more than two ever appeared on the same sheet, and most of these were crude renderings, because none of the writers had the complete solution in their hands the way he did, but they'd all comprehended some part of the jigsaw, and their observations about the part they had, whether haiku, dirty talk or alchemical formulas, gave him a better grasp of the system behind the symbols.

When I was about seven or eight years old, somebody gave me a map of the United States that was cut up into a jigsaw puzzle.

Why is our pilot house, and so many others, all fancied up with curlicues and carvings and trim, why is every steamer worth her name full of fine wood and carpets and oil paintings and jigsaw carpentry?

The doctor took him apart wit exquisite care, like disassembling a flexible, fragile, tremendous] complex jigsaw puzzle.

The doctor took him apart with exquisite care, like disassembling a flexible, fragile, tremendously complex jigsaw puzzle.

The ant was now running over the jigsaw puzzle that Alice had spent the whole morning trying to complete, only to find (frustratingly) that fully twelve pieces were missing from the segmented picture of London Zoo.