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jigsaw puzzles

n. (jigsaw puzzle English)

Usage examples of "jigsaw puzzles".

She came by herself, she hadn't a good word for me or anybody else, she was drinkin more'n ever and looked like death's Gramma most days, but she came n she stayed n she did her jigsaw puzzles n she went down - all by herself now - n collected her shells on the beach, just like she always had.

She now despondently surveyed her bric-a-brac and was wondering how she was going to sell cracked 78s, single book-ends, cake knives, jigsaw puzzles of Norwegian fjords, purple plastic roses and a flowered vase she had given Hermione last Christmas, when Lysander came rushing up.

The walls were knotty pine with quadraphonic speakers embedded in them, there was an Armstrong suspended ceiling overhead, a large case filled with jigsaw puzzles and books, an electric train set, a slotcar racing set.

I figure life is like one of those big jigsaw puzzles you have to put together, and you can&rsquo.

Human-derived jigsaw puzzles were not in the same league as the puzzles of the kzinti priesthood, but they were useful for schooling infants in patience and persistence.

Keefer had retired into an isola-tion like Queeg's-except that he worked on his novel instead of solving jigsaw puzzles.