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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
hash browns
▪ He had a trick of chopping up frying hash browns with the edge of an empty baking powder can.
▪ Now you can get pancakes, waffles and omelets with hash browns.
▪ If you are having hot cakes, also order hash browns.
▪ His western omelet comes with hash browns on the side and a superfluous garnish of an orange slice and parsley.
▪ Some picked at plates of eggs and hash browns until the session was called to order.
▪ An Egg McMuffin, hash browns and orange juice is more reasonable.
▪ But we know that we'd make a frightful hash of it.
▪ Such variations can make hash of attempts to say anything categorical about how people respond to alcohol.
▪ And then she's made a hash of that an'all.
▪ When ordinary people are called upon to make sense of this hash the results can be truly nutty.
▪ She knew she'd made a hash of the whole thing, and she'd let her tongue run away with her.
▪ He was entitled to look thoroughly cheesed off when Stewart made an awful hash of stumping Miandad.
▪ But if Labour do win they will make the usual hash of things and then the whole merry-go-round will begin again.
▪ Her prolonged absence had affected his concentration, and he'd made a hash of the signature of Percy Bysshe Shelley.
▪ corned-beef hash
▪ I do canned corned beef hash too.
▪ The presents are unwrapped, the holiday turkey is hash, and the carols have all been sung.
▪ The smell of hash is strong.
▪ With uh, with some hash and then some tobacco.
▪ After signing a cooperation agreement May 11, the two airlines have been hashing out details.
▪ As we hashed out the deal, people on the trading floor began to grow curious.
▪ Company hopes to hash out an expansion agreement with venture capital groups in the next few months.
▪ On the radio, the same things get hashed and rehashed, over and over, day after day.
▪ The process is often also described as hashing.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

octothorp \oc"to*thorp\, octothorpe \oc"to*thorpe\, n. [octo- eight + thorp Etymology of thorp uncertain. (ca. 1965). See quote below. Possibly derived from octalthorpe or octotherp (once used by the Bell System?).] A typographic symbol (#) having two vertical lines intersected by two horizontal lines. It is also called the crosshatch, hash, numeral sign and number sign; in the U. S. it is commonly called the pound sign, especially to designate the symbol as used on digital telephone dials, but this can be confusing to Europeans who think of the pound sign as the symbol for the British pound. It is commonly used as a symbol for the word number; as in #36 (meaning: number thirty-six).

octothorp Otherwise known as the numeral sign. It has also been used as a symbol for the pound avoirdupois, but this usage is now archaic. In cartography, it is also a symbol for village: eight fields around a central square, and this is the source of its name. Octothorp means eight fields.
--Robert Bringhurst (The Elements of Typographic Style (2d edition, 1996), Hartley & Marks, Publishers, Point Roberts, WA; Vancouver, BC, Canada, p. 282)

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "to hack, chop into small pieces," from French hacher "chop up," from Old French hache "ax" (see hatchet). Hash browns is short for hash browned potatoes (1917), with the -ed omitted, as in mash potatoes. The hash marks on a football field were so called 1960s, from similarity to hash marks, armed forces slang for "service stripes on the sleeve of a military uniform" (1909), which supposedly were called that because they mark the number of years one has had free food ( hash (n.1)) from the Army; but perhaps there is a connection with the noun form of hatch (v.2).


short for hashish, 1959.


"a stew," 1660s, from hash (v.). Meaning "a mix, a mess" is from 1735.


Etymology 1

  1. Hashed, chopped into small pieces n. 1 food, especially meat and potatoes, chopped and mixed together. Image:Corn-beef-hash.jpg 2 A confused mess. 3 The (unsupported: #) symbol (octothorpe, pound). 4 (context computing English) The result generated by a hash function. 5 A new mixture of old material; a second preparation or exhibition; a rehashing. 6 A hash run; a sort of paperchase organised by the (w: Hash House Harriers). v

  2. 1 (context transitive English) To chop into small pieces, to make into a hash. 2 To make a quick, rough version 3 (context computing transitive English) To transform according to a hash function. Etymology 2

    n. hashish, a drug derived from the cannabis plant.

  1. n. chopped meat mixed with potatoes and browned

  2. purified resinous extract of the hemp plant; used as a hallucinogen [syn: hashish, hasheesh, haschisch]


v. chop up; "hash the potatoes"


Hash, hashes, hash mark or hashing may refer to:

Hash (food)

Hash is a dish consisting of diced or chopped meat, potatoes, and spices that are mixed together and then cooked either alone or with other ingredients such as onions. The name is derived from the French verb hacher (to chop).

Corned beef hash became especially popular in some countries including in Britain and France during and after World War II as rationing limited the availability of fresh meat.

In many locations, hash is served primarily as a breakfast food on restaurant menus and as home cuisine, often served with eggs and toast (or biscuits(US) or Bun/Bap/Barmcake (UK)), and occasionally fried potatoes ( hash browns, home fries, etc.). The dish may also use corned beef or roast beef.

Hash has recently made a comeback as more than just a dish for leftovers or breakfasts of last resort. High-end restaurants now offer sophisticated hashes and the first cookbook dedicated exclusively to a wide variety of hashes was self-published in 2012.

Hash (Unix)

hash is a Unix command that prints the location information for the commands found.

Usage examples of "hash".

I know from New Mexico, Bobby from New Mexico, made me promise to tell you he knows where to get some unbelievable hash that you can have for nothing and you don't even have to talk to him.

The effect of this scrappy, desultory reading is bad enough when the hashed compound selected is tolerably good.

He and McGarvey had hashed over this same argument days ago, and this time around it still sounded unreal.

He ducked beneath one, feeling its puff of spiced air on his face, and found himself staring at the hash of scars and the rigid ropes of hyperextended muscle and joints.

Still, although the world had turned calm and beautiful because of the growing warmth of the majoon hash, the whole beautiful sequence of the story still lingered.

CIA actually believe this Hashim Nidal has the wherewithal to pull something like this off?

Hashim Nidal has to be stopped and his organization dismantled before he can launch any attacks within or against the United States.

Operation Phantom is to identify and eliminate Hashim Nidal before he can carry out his next attack, and hopefully dismantle his organization once and for all.

ID and termination of Hashim Nidal, after which you will return to your duties at the White House.

Somewhere in here we believe we have Hashim Nidal himself, as well as all of his men.

It was obvious to Harvath that Morrell was quickly coming to the end of his command ability, and there was no way he was going sit with his ass hanging out in the wind on top of the Jetway waiting for Hashim Nidal or one of his guys to pick them all off.

He swore to himself that the only way Hashim Nidal and any of his remaining men were going to be leaving this plane was feetfirst.

ID Hashim Nidal, so instead of encouraging her to put everything behind her, like you were doing back in her room, we need to encourage her to work with us.

Almost every element had some radioactive nuclides, leftover hash from the Creation.

In like manner, we shall represent human nature at first to the keen appetite of our reader, in that more plain and simple manner in which it is found in the country, and shall hereafter hash and ragoo it with all the high French and Italian seasoning of affectation and vice which courts and cities afford.