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Cléverson Gabriel Córdova (born 9 August 1985), commonly known as Cléo, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Goiás. He also holds Serbian citizenship.

While playing on three different continents, Cléo scored at least once in the major club international competitions, in the Copa Libertadores for Atlético Paranaense, in the UEFA Champions League for Partizan, and in the AFC Champions League for two clubs, Guangzhou Evergrande and Kashiwa Reysol.

Cleo (TV series)

Cleo is a Swedish drama/ comedy TV series in two seasons, each consisting of nine episodes. The series was broadcast on SVT, the first season in 2002 and the second in 2003. Directed by Svante Kettner and screenplay by Michael Hjorth, Tomas Tivemark and Johan Kindblom.

The name of the series comes from the main character Cleopatra "Cleo" Andersson, played by Suzanne Reuter. When the first episode aired on March 24, 2002 it was watched by 2,2 million people. At the 2004 Monte-Carlo TV FestivalCleo won three awards in the comedy category, Outstanding Actor, Outstanding Actress and Outstanding European Producer.

CLEO (router)

CLEO - Cisco router in Low Earth Orbit, is an Internet router from Cisco Systems that was integrated into the UK-DMC Disaster Monitoring Constellation satellite built by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) as a secondary experimental hosted payload, and launched into space with the satellite from Plesetsk on 27 September 2003.

CLEO and the UK-DMC satellite were tested over five years to show the feasibility of extending the Internet to orbit, using both the Internet Protocol and Mobile IP. CLEO was configured by NASA's Glenn Research Center to be used with Virtual Mission Operations Center (VMOC) software from General Dynamics as part of a large internetworking exercise from the field at Vandenberg Air Force Base in June 2004.

On 29 March 2007, CLEO was configured for and tested on IPsec and IPv6 use, making this the first use of IPv6 on board a satellite in orbit.

The use of CLEO builds on and validates the approach to use of the Internet Protocol articulated by Keith Hogie with NASA Goddard and first demonstrated as part of the Operating Missions as Nodes on the Internet (OMNI) effort on board the UoSAT-12 satellite built by SSTL.

CLEO was followed by the IRIS router on a geostationary Intelsat satellite.

Cleo (magazine)

Cleo is an Australian, New Zealand, South African, Malaysian, Singaporean, Thailand and Indonesia monthly women's magazine.

Aimed at an older audience than the teenage-focused Dolly, Cleo is published by Bauer Media Group in Sydney and known for its Cleo Bachelor of the Year award.

CLEO (particle detector)

CLEO was a general purpose particle detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR), and the name of the collaboration of physicists who operated the detector. The name CLEO is not an acronym; it is short for Cleopatra and was chosen to go with CESR (pronounced Caesar). CESR was a particle accelerator designed to collide electrons and positrons at a center-of-mass energy of approximately 10  GeV. The energy of the accelerator was chosen before the first three bottom quark Upsilon resonances were discovered between 9.4 GeV and 10.4 GeV in 1977. The fourth Υ resonance, the Υ(4S), was slightly above the threshold for, and therefore ideal for the study of, B meson production.

CLEO was a hermetic detector that in all of its versions consisted of a tracking system inside a solenoid magnet, a calorimeter, particle identification systems, and a muon detector. The detector underwent five major upgrades over the course of its thirty-year lifetime, both to upgrade the capabilities of the detector and to optimize it for the study of B mesons. The CLEO I detector began collecting data in October 1979, and CLEO-c finished collecting data on March 3, 2008.

CLEO initially measured the properties of the Υ(1–3S) resonances below the threshold for producing B mesons. Increasing amounts of accelerator time were spent at the Υ(4S) as the collaboration became more interested in the study of B mesons. Once the CUSB experiment was discontinued in the late 1980s, CLEO then spent most of its time at the Υ(4S) and measured many important properties of the B mesons. While CLEO was studying the B mesons, it was also able to measure the properties of D mesons and tau leptons, and discover many new charm hadrons. When the BaBar and Belle B factories began to collect large amounts of data in the early 2000s, CLEO was no longer able to make competitive measurements of B mesons. CLEO revisited the Υ(1-3S) resonances, then underwent its last upgrade to CLEO-c. CESR ran at lower energies and CLEO measured many properties of the ψ resonances and D mesons. CLEO was the longest running experiment in the history of particle physics.

Cleo (Polish singer)

Joanna Klepko (born 25 June 1983 in Szczecin), known by her stage name Cleo, is a Polish singer. She represented Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark along with Donatan with the song " My Słowianie".

Cleo (artist)

Cleo (Clementina Cote) (1943 - 2007) was a French fauvist neo-impressionist painter.

Clementina Cote was born near Lyon in 1943. Her youth fell 1960s - the time of " Flower children, the sexual revolution and the creation of communes.

Cleo, pseudonym or abbreviation from her name and her family name - Clementina Cote, she invented for herself as a protest against her family name. Cleo, thus she was known in communes and in Giverny and like this she signed her paintings.

The rebel, Cleo didn’t recognize all official art and any critic. Although she got artistic education in the Academy of Fine Arts, Cleo denied the power of museums and auctions.

In her youth she idolized Picasso. When Cleo was sixteen she escaped from home to Paris to become a disciple of Picasso. Cleo was lucky - the aged maestro gave her some lessons in his Paris studio. Later, her life crossed with other artists - Dalí and Chagall.

There were three periods in her life and art.

The first is the life in communes throughout the world: in Europe, England, USA right after Academy of Fine Arts. The paintings of this period are impressive, impetuous and full of unchecked sexuality. At this time Cleo bore two children.

The second period passed under the sign of Monet. She lived in the village of Giverny, where Monet passed his late years. Her paintings become more restrained, with a big harmony of colours so characteristic of Monet. In her works some subjects appear which were absent before: still lifes, flowers, views of Giverny. At that time her artistic style became a mixture of fauvism and neo-impressionism.

The third period is her return to home and to her children. She lived a calm, measured life, entirely devoted to art. Cleo died at Lyons in 2007 at the age of 64.

Cleo (company)

Cleo is an enterprise software company that provides electronic data interchange (EDI), and application-to-application (A2A), business-to-business (B2B), and big data integration services to organizations with managed file transfer needs. The company, formerly known as Cleo Communications, was founded in 1976. Cleo was acquired by investment firm Globe Equity Partners in 2012. Mahesh Rajasekharan is Cleo's CEO, and Sumit Garg serves as Cleo's president.

Cleo (band)

Cleo was a three-member South Korean girl group, formed in 1999. They were one of the original Korean idol girl groups and were active at the same time as Fin.K.L and S.E.S. Their debut song "Good Time", from their first studio album, was very successful. The group's second album, released in 2000, was also successful and included the songs "Ready For Love", "Always in My Heart", and "Mosun" (; lit. "Contradiction"). Cleo's third album, which included the song "Triple", was released in 2011. Their fourth album was released in 2003, included the tracks "Donghwa" (; lit. "Fairy Tale") and "S.P.Y". Their fifth album, Rising Again, was released in 2004 and included the song "In and Out". The group disbanded in 2005.

In November 2011, the three original members reunited to appear on an episode of SBS Plus' Comeback Show Top 10. In June 2016, Jung Ye-bin (now using her real name, Kong Seo-young), Chae Eun-jung, and Kim Ha-na appeared on Two Yoo Project Sugar Man, performing "Good Time".

Cleo (Swedish singer)

Cleo, performance name of Nathalie Missaoui (born 5 September 1987) is a Swedish rap artist, singer and songwriter. Cleo grew up in Umeå where she started rapping with the Random Bastards collective in the ealry 2000s. She is one of the founders of Femtastic a network for women in music and culture in Sweden. Along with Syster Sol she runs the hiphop and reggeawork shop Tell Dem.

In 2012 Cleo along with singer Jessica Folcker and Håkan Lidbo performed as an interval act, they performed Leila Ks song Electric in Melodifestivalen of that year. In March 2013 she collaborated with the group Looptroop Rockers for the music single Hårt mot hårt.

At the 2015 Kingsizegala she won the award for Best live act of that year. In on 19 June 2015 Cleo released her second music single called 240 along with guest singer Alina Devecerski.

Usage examples of "cleo".

I'm sorry, but I'm on a tight deadline—" "After you get hold of Cleo," Jimmy's sister says, "call me back.

Wasting no time, I tell Cleo Rio how much I liked her hit single, "Me.

The bald guy brings Cleo what looks like a screwdriver in a tall frosty glass.

Trying to slow Cleo down, I say, "Have you got a phone number for Jay?

Shamelessly I jot this down, too, knowing it's a word that Cleo uses probably fifty times a day to describe everything from bubble bath to frozen yogurt.

I hear the voice of Cleo Rio, and though I can't make out her words, the tone is clearly friendly and familiar.

One is a nice warm quote about her brother—I hate to hang the entire obit on Cleo Rio.

Janet Thrush could tell me if her brother had been producing Shipwrecked Heart for Cleo, and if the CD was nearly finished.

Known to millions of youthful fans as Jimmy Stoma, Stomarti disappeared on the afternoon of August 6 while exploring the sunken wreckage of a smuggler's airplane near Chub Cay, according to his wife, the singer Cleo Rio.

Except for a few paragraphs of background from old clippings, the obituary is pretty much all Cleo Rio.

One more detail jumps out of the obituary to give me a twinge of acid reflux: the bit about how Jimmy and Cleo Rio first met at a VH1 party.

Stomarti's wife, the singer Cleo Rio, said she had been apprehensive about her husband's plan to explore the sunken plane wreck, even though he was an experienced diver.

In the front row I spy a snow-white noggin that belongs to either Cleo Rio or Johnny Winter in drag.

One person I don't see is Janet Thrush—maybe Cleo told her not to come, or maybe Janet felt she'd be uncomfortable.

Another person not in attendance is the tall, shimmery-haired guy from the elevator at Cleo and Jimmy's condo.