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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
bar chart
flip chart
flow chart
follow/monitor/chart sb’s progress (=keep checking it)
▪ Throughout the night, doctors charted his progress.
pie chart
▪ In 1998 the group topped the charts with the song ‘Don’t Stop Loving Me’.
▪ Numerous companies also have reshuffled their corporate organizational charts.
▪ Institutions have regulations, codified systems of behavior, organizational flow charts, and job descriptions.
▪ One obvious source of data is the organizational chart, since it shows the design of position power.
▪ New organizational charts often look like wiring diagrams for networks.
▪ The traditional organizational chart with divisions, departments, and sections drawn along functional lines may cease to exist.
▪ The result of all this was that the Escort languished in some unfamiliar positions in the top 10 sales chart.
▪ It went on to top the charts for eight incredible weeks.
▪ Let me guess, they placed bets with bookmakers about who would be top of the charts at Christmas.
▪ And one of the records, Men at Work's Down Under, is now top of the chart.
▪ The album sold 18,000 copies within two weeks and entered the album chart at number 47.
▪ This option allows you to make more sweeping changes - for example you can go from a bar chart to a line chart.
▪ To illustrate this I want to put a bar chart and a table from the spreadsheet in my word-processed document.
▪ The bar chart shows Sales on the left and Cost of Sales on the right. 4.
▪ Drawing a bar chart Arrange the bars in some sensible order, such as in order of their lengths.
▪ Immediately the activities and their durations are entered the Gantt bar chart and the end date are displayed.
▪ The bars should be solid, not just drawn in outline. Bar charts are sometimes drawn vertically in columns.
▪ Back to back bar charts can be used as back to back stem and leaf displays were to compare two distributions.
▪ Typically these will include bar charts, pie charts and line graphs although numerous other types can be prepared.
▪ The table shows which companies are publishing the Colour Index Generic Names in their catalogues or on their colour charts.
▪ This is then compared to a colour chart which comes with the test kit, to find the result.
▪ You can show me or remind me of the difference between orange and pink, perhaps by showing me a colour chart.
▪ Ring 0543-481612 for free colour charts.
▪ These are explained with flow charts, diagrams and summaries assisting an understanding of the text.
▪ Mitchell visualized a hormonal flow chart that resembled a metropolitan subway system, all lines headed for the downtown station.
▪ The scale of the effort would have precluded updating the flow chart when new experience was gained or after equipment modification.
▪ It could disappear into the whirring computers and multicolored flow charts of the economic miracle.
▪ An example is given in Table 1. 14. Flow charts.
▪ Institutions have regulations, codified systems of behavior, organizational flow charts, and job descriptions.
▪ An illustration of a flow chart is given in Fig. 1.21.
▪ Obviously if you have a very large project you would never do a flow chart manually.
▪ Over a soundtrack of appropriate chart hits, unidentified teenagers talked about coming to terms with their own sexuality.
▪ It seems this year's surprise chart hit has prompted a renewed interest in the didgeridoo.
▪ Similarly, the organisation chart is an idealised guide.
▪ Figure 21 shows a typical formal structure embodied in an organisation chart.
▪ The command structure of authority may be shown by an organisation chart, or may be documented in schedules or manuals.
▪ This organisation chart approach would be carried out by implementing each department's system in turn.
▪ The formal structure is the structure of the organisation charts which we have drawn up in this chapter.
▪ It might be useful to think of an organisation chart as a kind of London Underground map.
▪ There are limitations to the use of pie charts.
▪ Each numbered space in this pie chart refers to a question on the Experiment Sheet.
▪ However, these criticisms are outweighed by the visual impact which pie charts have.
▪ A pie chart can help the retailer or business-person see at a glance exactly where the money goes.
▪ Typically these will include bar charts, pie charts and line graphs although numerous other types can be prepared.
▪ For example, more people now have key household goods and the benefit of home ownership - as the charts show.
▪ Four years ago Pepsi and Shirlie were enjoying considerable chart success and media attention.
▪ The chart table is supported on a tier of large drawers and there is adequate space on the bulkhead for mounting instruments.
▪ The outboard-facing chart table is particularly well thought out with a bench seat for the navigator built into the engine box.
▪ Amelia took several photos northward kneeling beside the chart table.
▪ The oilskins locker is in the passage behind the chart table.
▪ The navigator's seat swings out from beneath the chart table when in use.
▪ You pin up a wall chart listing how many calories you eat each day.
▪ You would make a great electronic wall chart of the Domain, eh?
▪ How to evaluate a wall chart: 1.
▪ There was a secret lift in his room, behind one of the full-length wall charts.
▪ I have drawn this chart to a larger scale because it provides an excellent check of the limiting magnitude of binoculars.
▪ One of them greeted each new speaker by drawing an organization chart.
▪ There are others who claim that they can draw up astrological charts which will provide similar details.
▪ I like to draw a diagram or chart rather than write or talk about something 18.
▪ As a full member of the Drapers' Company and with apprentices indentured to him he produced manuscript and engraved charts.
▪ Henderson was given full freedom to produce the charts and the sounds that meander within his head.
▪ Philip continues his show with mind-reading using extra sensory perception charts.
▪ Only 38 percent of young adults could use a chart to pick the right grade of sandpaper.
▪ Actually there was one good reason for using the charts: Everyone else did.
▪ The parser works in bottom-up, breadth-first manner and uses a chart for efficiency.
▪ As you use this chart to evaluate the character of your organization, be aware of two important points.
▪ His fees were petty and he didn't bleed his patients with leeches or use strange zodiac charts and stupid incantations.
▪ They would have used the charts even if no one else did.
shoot to number one/to the top of the charts etc
▪ medical charts
▪ This chart shows last year's sales figures.
▪ Apart from these, weigh all foods you eat when using the F-Plan calorie and fibre charts.
▪ That doesn't always mean a high chart place, although it would be very helpful!
▪ The reactions shown on the metabolic chart would proceed very slowly, or not at all, in the absence of enzymes.
▪ Try to find some of the albums from the Billboard charts on MiniDisc.
▪ We have seen charts that describe the organisational chart of a police authority and yet miss off the lowly police constable.
▪ Others follow regular bulletins to chart his course.
▪ Each made its own decisions and charted its own course.
▪ Now he relies on the blips and beeps of computers and sonars to chart his course and find his fish.
▪ So in 1992 Mr Fuller rounded up employers and hospital officials to chart a new course.
▪ All the far-flung stars must be cataloged, so as to chart a course for sailors over the oceans of the Earth.
▪ The cantankerous aide organized support for health care reform, coordinated the Whitewater defense and helped chart the course to renomination.
▪ Tuggener charted a contemporary history that was on the move.
▪ This will chart all of Z7015's history, along with unit badges.
▪ Kim spends most of her time in the kitchen, charting the progress of her late supper.
▪ Have you charted your progress and changed your course appropriately?
▪ In charting the progress of fans' careers, two types of data have been used.
▪ A nerve-wracking wait added to the mounting psychological pressure as we charted the progress of the sun over the Anglesey seascape.
▪ I don't know why we don't throw them away; perhaps we are charting our progress.
▪ Likewise a business plan should be developed in order to chart the proposed progress.
▪ They had charted their son's progress from afar but had not realised the group's popularity.
▪ We believe that we have charted a way forward which will secure our future.
▪ And a few visionaries are also charting ways to fit the automobile into a more livable lifestyle.
▪ Let us chart the way by which we arrive at the Fundamental Principle.
▪ Lydell has spent years charting the movement of these asteroids.
▪ She aims to chart new cases of cancer in areas around nuclear power stations.
▪ The article charts how adverts, in the past and in the present, have succeeded in linking the cigarette with sophistication.
▪ The computer will chart the spacecraft's progress as it approaches Saturn.
▪ A nerve-wracking wait added to the mounting psychological pressure as we charted the progress of the sun over the Anglesey seascape.
▪ All the far-flung stars must be cataloged, so as to chart a course for sailors over the oceans of the Earth.
▪ I kept a diary of events and attempted to chart the process by which 6-year-old Balbinder was removed from mainstream education.
▪ The project seeks to chart the speed of reaction by entrants to profitable opportunities, and documents the principal barriers to entry.
▪ You may feel comfortable with your growth, or you may want to chart a course so you can improve even faster.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chart \Chart\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Charted.] To lay down in a chart; to map; to delineate; as, to chart a coast. [1913 Webster] ||


Chart \Chart\ (ch[aum]rt; k[aum]rt Obs.), n. [A doublet of card: cf. F. charte charter, carte card. See Card, and cf. Charter.]

  1. A sheet of paper, pasteboard, or the like, on which information is exhibited, esp. when the information is arranged in tabular form; as, an historical chart.

  2. A map; esp., a hydrographic or marine map; a map on which is projected a portion of water and the land which it surrounds, or by which it is surrounded, intended especially for the use of seamen; as, the United States Coast Survey charts; the English Admiralty charts.

  3. A written deed; a charter.

    Globular chart, a chart constructed on a globular projection. See under Globular.

    Heliographic chart, a map of the sun with its spots.

    Mercator's chart, a chart constructed on the principle of Mercator's projection. See Projection.

    Plane chart, a representation of some part of the superficies of the globe, in which its spherical form is disregarded, the meridians being drawn parallel to each other, and the parallels of latitude at equal distances.

    Selenographic chart, a map representing the surface of the moon.

    Topographic chart, a minute delineation of a limited place or region.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1570s, "map for the use of navigators," from Middle French charte "card, map," from Late Latin charta "paper, card, map" (see card (n.1)). Charte is the original form of the French word in all senses, but after 14c. (perhaps by influence of Italian cognate carta), carte began to supplant it. English used both carte and card 15c.-17c. for "chart, map," and in 17c. chart could mean "playing card," but the words have gone their separate ways and chart has predominated since in the "map" sense. In the music score sense from 1957.


1837, "to enter onto a map or chart," from chart (n.). In the commercial recording sense, a reference to appearing on the "Billboard" magazine music popularity chart is by 196

  1. The chart itself was printed from c.194

  2. Related: Charted; charting.


n. 1 A map. 2 # A map illustrating the geography of a specific phenomenon. 3 # A navigator's map. 4 A systematic non-narrative presentation of dat

  1. 5 # A tabular presentation of data; a table. v

  2. 1 (context transitive English) To draw a chart or map of. 2 (context transitive English) To draw or figure out (a route or plan). 3 (context transitive English) To record systematically. 4 (context intransitive of a record or artist English) To appear on a hit-recording chart.

  1. v. make a chart of; "chart the territory"

  2. plan in detail; "Bush is charting a course to destroy Saddam Hussein"

  3. represent by means of a graph; "chart the data" [syn: graph]

  1. n. a visual display of information

  2. a map designed to assist navigation by air or sea


A chart, also called a graph, is a graphical representation of data, in which "the data is represented by symbols, such as bars in a bar chart, lines in a line chart, or slices in a pie chart". A chart can represent tabular numeric data, functions or some kinds of qualitative structure and provides different info.

The term "chart" as a graphical representation of data has multiple meanings:

  • A data chart is a type of diagram or graph, that organizes and represents a set of numerical or qualitative data.
  • Maps that are adorned with extra information ( map surround) for a specific purpose are often known as charts, such as a nautical chart or aeronautical chart, typically spread over several map sheets.
  • Other domain specific constructs are sometimes called charts, such as the chord chart in music notation or a record chart for album popularity.

Charts are often used to ease understanding of large quantities of data and the relationships between parts of the data. Charts can usually be read more quickly than the raw data that they are produced from. They are used in a wide variety of fields, and can be created by hand (often on graph paper) or by computer using a charting application. Certain types of charts are more useful for presenting a given data set than others. For example, data that presents percentages in different groups (such as "satisfied, not satisfied, unsure") are often displayed in a pie chart, but may be more easily understood when presented in a horizontal bar chart. On the other hand, data that represents numbers that change over a period of time (such as "annual revenue from 1990 to 2000") might be best shown as a line chart.

Chart (disambiguation)

A chart is a graphical representation of data.

Chart may also refer to:

  • A specific type of map, for example:
    • Aeronautical chart, a representation of airspace and ground features relevant to aviation
    • Nautical chart, a representation of a maritime area and adjacent coastal regions
  • an Old English word for rough ground
  • Chart (data structure), used by a chart parser to store partial hypothesized results for re-use
  • Chart (magazine), a Canadian music publication
  • Chart (topology), a coordinate chart for a manifold in geometry or topology
  • CHART, Continuous, hyperfractionated, accelerated radiotherapy
  • CHART ( Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy), a registered trademark of Amicus Therapeutics
  • CHART (Coordinated Highways Action Response Team), part of the Maryland State Highway Administration
  • Chart of accounts, an accounting term
  • Chart Records, a record label
  • Chord chart, a form of sheet music
  • Medical record, a medical file
  • Project CHART, a digital history project in Brooklyn, New York
  • Record chart, for music popularity rankings

Usage examples of "chart".

It appeared as only a minor notation on the original Ildiran charts the Roamers had purchased long ago.

Here were deposited charts of the coast, and of the navigation of the Nile, which were engraved on pillars, and in aftertimes sketched out upon the Nilotic Papyrus.

UIA reports arrived month after month, endlessly piling confusion upon confusion as his three distant enemies across the sea laughed and joked and dealt the cards that spun out their game over the years in the eternal city, as Nubar brooded over hearsay and hints and shadowy allegations in his castle tower in Albania, safe and far away as he wanted to be, as indeed he had to be so great was his fear of the conflicting clues of the Old City that rose above time and the desert, at home in his castle tower safely handling charts and numbers to his satisfaction, safely arranging concepts.

They had charted an amphib and had spent week after blissful week hopping from island to island or just mooring out in the gentle seas, soaking up the sun and each other.

Beta Niobe and the Amphion sun here do match up on the two charts, Mr.

In spite of all of the information the Archerfish had in her own charts, and the details Danzig had brought with him, there were changes in the sea floor that were not shown on the charts.

All Carter and Bogdanovich did was to apply that rationale to the astrogation charts.

Earth, and later, in hope of a new beginning, across the gulfs of the Martian astrogation charts to the world that would later become known as Latimer.

Martian debacle, built and hurled at the nearest of the habitable worlds indicated on the Martian astrogation charts with the bravado of a Molotov cocktail hurled at a tank.

These portolanos or sailing charts are of great interest to the Australasian student, not only because they depict for the first time the Molucca Islands, but also because Java, Bali, Lomboc and Sumbawa are set down on them as distinct and separate islands, whereas on a class of maps a little later in date, on which the Australian Continent is represented, some of those islands are indicated as forming part of the northern shores of Australia.

Drake and Cavendish we see that the term Java Major is restricted to Java, whereas in the oldest Australasian charts it is extended to Australia.

Terra Australis that is represented there, discovered and charted before the arrival of the Dutch in Australasian regions.

Chief among these were a chart and compass, and a backstaff if they could find one.

On the aft wall Pacino had taped a large chart of the Go Hai and Korea bays, the Lushun area in the center.

While he was waiting to be introduced by Beaumont, Drummond let his gaze move slowly around the spartan interior, noting the many wall charts and plans, the few personnel who seemed to be needed in this very special place.