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pie charts

n. (pie chart English)

Usage examples of "pie charts".

I regarded a screenful of confusing graphs, histograms and pie charts hopefully, but was soon put in my miserable place.

It was a lot of bogus figures that didn't add up correctly, a lot of statistics on job creation for telepaths that definitely favored the commercial sector, some pie charts that attacked military spending, and the request for a new research and development center.

We'd have hard numbers, data we could crunch and lay out in graphs or pie charts.

The files were impenetrable, stuffed with graphs and pie charts and computer printouts that meant nothing to your average break-in artist.

Macx bounces into the room with his brain wide open to a blizzard of pie charts and growth curves, documents spawning in the bizarre phase-space of his corporate management software.

There's a thick folder of handouts, three-color pie charts and dimensional projections.