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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
car/antique/art etc dealer
▪ It casts more doubt on Wallace's conviction in 1981 of the killing of his friend, antique dealer Jonathan Lewis.
▪ Rudy was a loud-mouthed, crude man in flashy clothes who said he was an antique dealer.
▪ He had come to find out more about the antique dealer.
▪ Jasper had told me he had a store on East Twelfth Street, as do many antique dealers.
▪ The chief organiser is Giancarlo Gallino, president of the Piedmontese association of antique dealers.
▪ Last summer, a friend of mine, an antique dealer, had too much to drink.
▪ An increase in subscriptions and a merger with the Syndicat des Antiquaires of antique dealers are both being considered.
▪ He had personally recruited the antique dealer.
▪ Shown here is the Regal Supreme, supplied complete with a pocket-sprung mattress to bring modern comfort to antique furniture.
▪ His passions were antique furniture and shrewd bargaining.
▪ Amanda claims she got her eye for good antique furniture from her grandfather.
▪ It even has antique furniture that is used rather than just polished.
▪ After lunch we walked around the town and marvelled at the prices which were being asked for some of the antique furniture.
▪ The advisability of using antique furniture in a hotel bedroom is debatable.
▪ There is little call for antique furniture.
▪ We have one of the largest and finest collections of antique furniture in the country.
▪ It has a number of attractive old domestic buildings, schedule for preservation, and some interesting antique shops.
▪ Never seen so many antique shops.
▪ First I had to pass the antique shop where Mr Rutherford resided.
▪ Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in an antique shop?
▪ I just want to look into that antique shop.
▪ I've just heard about a very good antique shop opening over at Warmly.
▪ It is perfectly true - for this hotel is also an antique shop.
book/antiques/craft/trade etc fair
▪ Antiques Fair, Social Centre, Yarm.
▪ Attractions include over 100 trade stands, refreshment tents and licensed bars, caravan site and craft fair.
▪ Champagne was also prospering during this time from the great trade fairs.
▪ Chartwell Travel is offering discounted air fares to the Frankfurt Book Fair from £108 return.
▪ Eighty countries plan to attend the Baghdad trade fair in November.
▪ Running alongside was a trade fair.
▪ Then, on the third day, he would be a guest at a trade fair held in New Jersey.
▪ a lovely antique desk
▪ Jacobs collects antique fountain pens.
▪ A television set rested on an antique pine blanket-chest at the foot of the bed.
▪ Above, on a wooden platform, are the mill stones, accompanied by one or two antique items of interest.
▪ I imagined dead mice and old wires curled recklessly in the walls, rusty pipes among antique fixtures.
▪ I just want to look into that antique shop.
▪ I, I saw those in an antique store, mom.
▪ Public rooms include a cosy old fashioned bar and a magnificent antique salon with piano, overlooking the garden.
▪ She got up and crossed to a little antique rosewood desk with pigeonholes and tiny drawers along the top.
▪ We went on a tour of the ancient manuscripts, the antique mazes.
▪ Christoffers has cultivated a network among antiques dealers, collectors and museum staff who will allow her to copy their prize pieces.
▪ We can only stress that no reputable antiques dealer would ever conduct business on a doorstep.
▪ Found them at my pet antiques dealer in Cannes.
▪ Shares in Bond Street antiques dealer Mallett surged 19p to 73p after an unnamed bid approach.
▪ Edward is a private detective hired by an antiques dealer who asked Edward to list all of the valuables in the house.
▪ Therefore Paige Emerson is not an antiques dealer!
▪ He shared a shift with Philip Stacey, the local antiques dealer, who was exempt on health grounds from active service.
▪ Serious rely on the frequent antiques fairs because of the big selection.
▪ He likes to eat out, or listen to concerts, or attend antiques fairs.
▪ I love wooden toys, especially the doll that a local woman brought into the village antiques shop.
▪ Her husband had asked her why she did not trade it for one of the beauties that passed through their antiques shop.
▪ Have-a-go hero Richard was nominated by girlfriend Sarah Parker after chasing a youth who had raided a Malton antiques shop.
▪ One of the mill towers still stands as a private house and the old ropery is the base for an antiques shop.
▪ She often witnessed his eccentricity in full flow at the customers who came into his antiques shop.
▪ It has three pretty bedrooms, decorated in well-chosen fabrics, and furnished with antiques and pine.
▪ The house is beautifully furnished with antiques and warm colours.
▪ It is elegantly furnished with antiques.
▪ Salisbury Hall is a magnificent black and white house, set in beautiful grounds and selling antiques.
▪ They drove slowly along the main street, Juliet too tense to see the pretty shops selling antiques and gifts.
▪ So now Jane was selling the family antiques.
▪ The Bourgeois Gentilhomme was one of many enterprises in Chelsea which survived entirely by selling antiques to each other.
▪ an antiques dealer
▪ The house is full of valuable antiques.
▪ While some of the people attending were looking to decorate their own houses, most appeared to be antique dealers.
▪ But for the museum-quality antiques, he is a Renaissance craftsman.
▪ Gasp, just north of Wilshire, offers imported furniture, plus antiques and home accessories.
▪ Other exemptions -- such as for fine art or antiques -- can push that limit higher.
▪ Philpott understood the gesture and browsed through the antiques until the lone customer had left the shop.
▪ Prices of antiques at auction now, however, are very high.
▪ So many antiques that Architectural Digest magazine devoted a lengthy article to the subject in its November issue.
▪ The place was full of antiques, exhibited rather than used.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Antique \An*tique"\, n. [F. See Antique, a. ] In general, anything very old; but in a more limited sense, a relic or object of ancient art; collectively, the antique, the remains of ancient art, as busts, statues, paintings, and vases.

Misshapen monuments and maimed antiques.


Antique \An*tique"\, a. [F., fr. L. antiquus old, ancient, equiv. to anticus, from ante before. Cf. Antic.]

  1. Old; ancient; of genuine antiquity; as, an antique statue. In this sense it usually refers to the flourishing ages of Greece and Rome.

    For the antique world excess and pride did hate.

  2. Old, as respects the present age, or a modern period of time; of old fashion; antiquated; as, an antique robe. ``Antique words.''

  3. Made in imitation of antiquity; as, the antique style of Thomson's ``Castle of Indolence.''

  4. Odd; fantastic. [In this sense, written antic.]

    Syn: Ancient; antiquated; obsolete; antic; old-fashioned; old. See Ancient.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s, "aged, venerable," from Middle French antique "old" (14c.), from Latin antiquus (later anticus) "ancient, former, of olden times; old, long in existence, aged; venerable; old-fashioned," from PIE *anti in sense of "before" (see ante) + *okw- "appearance" (see eye (n.)). Originally pronounced in English like its parallel antic, but French pronunciation and spelling were adopted from c.1700.


"an old and collectible thing," 1771, from antique (adj.).


"to give an antique appearance to," 1896, from antique (adj.). Related: Antiqued; antiquing.\n

  1. old, used especially of furniture and household items; out of date. n. 1 An old piece of furniture, household item, or other similar item. 2 (label en figuratively mildly pejorative) An old person. v

  2. 1 (label en intransitive) To shop for antiques; to search for antiques. 2 (label en transitive) To make an object appear to be an antique in some way.

  1. adj. made in or typical of earlier times and valued for its age; "the beautiful antique French furniture"

  2. out of fashion; "a suit of rather antique appearance"; "demode (or outmoded) attire"; "outmoded ideas" [syn: demode, ex, old-fashioned, old-hat(p), outmoded, passe, passee]

  3. belonging to or lasting from times long ago; "age-old customs"; "the antique fear that days would dwindle away to complete darkness" [syn: age-old]

  4. n. an elderly man [syn: old-timer, oldtimer, gaffer, old geezer]

  5. any piece of furniture or decorative object or the like produced in a former period and valuable because of its beauty or rarity

  6. v. shop for antiques; "We went antiquing on Saturday"

  7. give an antique appearance to; "antique furniture" [syn: antiquate]

Antique (province)

Antique (Pronunciation: ) or is a province of the Philippines located in the region of Western Visayas. Its capital is San Jose. The province is situated in the western section of Panay Island and borders Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo to the east, while facing the Sulu Sea to the west.


An antique (; "old", "ancient") is an old collectable item. It is collected or desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and/or other unique features. It is an object that represents a previous era or time period in human society.

It is common practice to define "antique" as applying to objects at least 100 years old.

Antiques are usually objects that show some degree of craftsmanship—or a certain attention to design, such as a desk or an early automobile. They are bought at antique shops, estate sales, auction houses, online auctions, and other venues, or estate inherited. Antique dealers often belong to national trade associations, many of which belong to CINOA, a confederation of art and antique associations across 21 countries that represents 5,000 dealers.

Antique (EP)

Antique is an EP consisting of remixes from Antique's hit singles " Opa Opa" and " Dinata Dinata". It was released on October 18, 2000 by Popular Records.

Antique (disambiguation)

An antique is an old collectible item

Antique may also refer to:

  • Antique (band), a Greek-Swede musical group
    • Antique (EP), 2000 release by the duo
  • Antique (film), a 2008 South Korean film
  • The Antique (film), a 2014 film starring Olu Jacobs and Bimbo Akintola
  • Antiques (magazine), a monthly arts publication
  • Antique (province), a province of the Philippines in the Western Visayas region
Antique (film)

Antique is a 2008 South Korean comedy film, starring Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Jae-wook, Yoo Ah-in and Choi Ji-ho. It is based on Fumi Yoshinaga's manga Antique Bakery. It was released on 13 November 2008.

It was invited to the 59th Berlin International Film Festival.

Antique (band)

Antique was a Swedish- Greek singing duo consisting of Elena Paparizou (Έλενα Παπαρίζου in Greek) and Nikos Panagiotidis (Νίκος Παναγιωτίδης in Greek) originating from Sweden which combined Greek popular music and lyrics with a Nordic dance pop beat. Both Paparizou and Panagiotidis were born and raised in Sweden by Greek parents. They were the first ever to be nominated for a Swedish Grammis in the category modern dance with a Greek song. In 2001, Antique were selected to represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with the song " Die for You", sung in a blend of English and Greek, ending with a third place – only behind Estonia and hosts Denmark.

Usage examples of "antique".

On the dressing table, ably guarded by a dark Regency armchair cushioned in yet another floral, sat an assemblage of antique silver-hair accessories and crystal perfume flacons, the grouping flanked by two small lamps, everything centered around a gold Empire vanity mirror.

Despite a conservative training--or because of it, for humdrum lives breed wistful longings of the unknown--he swore a great oath to scale that avoided northern cliff and visit the abnormally antique gray cottage in the sky.

It showed a man in antique clothing standing behind a fossil ammonite that almost reached his waist.

She matched the antique ambience of the place almost to a T, the only anachronistic feature being the optical fiber running from the desk to her datajack.

Antique mirrors, gold-lettered with advertisements for cigarettes and aperitifs, were fixed to every wall.

But at a glance, Harry could tell that it qualified for the preservation of the Argyle treasures, and was there as a residence for the men who had those priceless antiques under their protection.

Gillette paused, judged distances behind him then tossed the audion tube at Phate, who cried out in horror and dropped the crowbar, trying to catch the antique.

Lily Bede spent money like this on every meal and hosted conventions for impecunious suffragists, and collected antique race horses as pets, she must be damn near running the estate into the ground.

The boxes may show us some verdant antiques, Some old harridans who beplaster their cheeks.

Philippe Liotard had started collecting testimonials from bibliophiles, and it had turned out that Steuvels was one of the best bookbinders in Paris, possibly the best, and that collectors entrusted their delicate work to him, especially the restoration of antique bindings.

He praised the Chevalier twins, claiming their galerie had the best tapestries and antique rugs in all of Paris-which to him meant in all the world-and raved about Jacques Perrin, an aggressive dealer who was one of the first foreigners to exhibit at BLIrlington House-the London show that alternated years with the Biennale and admitted more foreign dealers than Grosvenor House.

Only in Tokyo could the jam-packed bizarrerie of a byway like Takeshita-dori exist side by side with the elegant teahouses and antiques shops of Brahms-no-komichi, and the stark contrast is one of the reasons Harajuku has always been one of my favorite parts of the city.

Now I found myself upon an apparently abandoned road which I had chosen as the shortest cut to Arkham, overtaken by the storm at a point far from any town, and confronted with no refuge save the antique and repellent wooden building which blinked with bleared windows from between two huge leafless elms near the foot of a rocky hill.

There was a parcel, neatly wrapped and itemized, of ammunition, including both the rare caseless rounds and the antique .

However, Centaine had ordered the antique Limoges dinner service and the best silver.