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antique shop

n. A business dedicated to storing, selling, restoring, and trading in items from previous eras for their superficial and historical value, especially furniture and trinkets

Antique shop

An antique shop (or antiques shop) is a retail store specializing in the selling of antiques. Antiques shops can be located either locally or, with the advent of the Internet, found online. An online antiques shop can also be located within an antique mall, where an individual antique seller can open a shop or stall and display their items for sale within the mall.

Normally their stock is sourced from auctions, estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, etc. Many items may pass through multiple antiques dealers along the product chain before arriving in a retail antiques shop. By their very nature, these shops sell unique items and are typically willing to buy items, even from individuals. The quality of these items may vary from very low to extremely high and expensive, depending on the nature and location of the shop. Frequently, many antique shops will be clustered together in nearby locations; in the same town such as in many places in New England, on the same street such as on Portobello Road or Camden in London, or in an antique mall, especially if that antique dealer has another larger retail location outside of the mall or has a large online shop.

Antiques shops may specialize in some particular segment of the market such as antique furniture or jewelry, but many shops stock a wide variety of inventory. Some shops are online-only sellers; they have no physical retail location.

Usage examples of "antique shop".

Any woman who owns her own antique shop at age twenty-three, and rubs shoulders with mature adults on a daily basis - not to mention one who had probably offed two people - is not likely to forget to lock up at night.

So just what had Willy wanted with an antique shop in Angel's Gap that had him making tracks from New Yorkand doing everything he could to cover those tracks?

The count has a financial interest in the antique shop, as you may have surmised.

Or had he taken it out to Mom's antique shop, and given it back to her?

The first was from Glenda Dock-ridge, his right hand at the antique shop.

That's how they knew I was about to get a court order to deal with the antique shop.

And Kate would dash over on her lunch hour, eager to see a sale rung up on the vintage cash register she'd hauled in from an antique shop in Carmel.

Working with Gregory at his command were the twins from the antique shop.

He scavenged a big sheet of bubble wrap from the recycling bin of an antique shop, crossed Pioneer Square, then turned into a dark alley and made his way to his favorite nighttime hangout, a loading dock behind a rug store on First Avenue.

It's the best antique shop on the street - the most expensive, that is.

Just two years ago, my wife and I bought a little antique shop in Surrey.

Say you are a friend of the people at the antique shop and you have something you would like.