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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
an old-fashioned/outdated expression
▪ The old-fashioned expression 'in the family way' means to be pregnant.
▪ Some of his views now sound very old-fashioned.
▪ I decided to throw out all my old-fashioned clothes.
▪ The overall impression is one of rather old-fashioned comfort marred by a degree of shabbiness.
▪ It's all painfully literal, and rather old-fashioned.
▪ But that would have been very old-fashioned.
▪ First, no technology is foolproof, especially electronic technology; we still need very old-fashioned backup systems.
▪ Willi made his way over to Madge Grimsilk, coughed, hesitated, then bowed in a very old-fashioned and courtly way.
▪ It seemed a very old-fashioned and Victorian success story.
▪ There were no horse-drawn wagons, but one of the trailers looked very old-fashioned and may have been home-made.
▪ But in many ways you've always been a very old-fashioned girl.
▪ He was the old-fashioned type, intelligent and analytical.
▪ It was the same old-fashioned type as Miss Tuckey's and he unscrewed the mouthpiece carefully but found nothing extra inside.
▪ If you have an old-fashioned type of mortgage, you will have to wave goodbye to your overpayments.
▪ He was dressed simply in the old-fashioned way with a cote-hardie which fell beneath his knees.
▪ They just go out and get it done, the old-fashioned way.
▪ It has done it the old-fashioned way, with teamwork, better quality and new models that appeal to its customers.
▪ They come here looking for a better life, the good, old-fashioned way our grandparents did: By working for it.
▪ Hugh's body was laid out in the old-fashioned way.
▪ His own wish was to be buried in the old-fashioned way, with birds singing and roses blooming over him.
▪ That said, editing in the old-fashioned way - with cursor keys - is probably quicker anyway, and works just as well.
▪ It may, indeed, move you in an old-fashioned way.
▪ 'Wireless' is an old-fashioned word for radio.
Old-fashioned ceiling fans have been making a comeback as a cheap and reliable alternative to air conditioning.
old-fashioned clothes
old-fashioned ideas about sex
▪ A lot of the machines at the factory are very old-fashioned.
▪ Albert was a tall, gangling man with long blond hair, like an old-fashioned rock star's.
▪ Cromer is a charmingly old-fashioned resort that has changed little over the years.
▪ good old-fashioned home cooking
▪ He has some very old-fashioned ideas about women.
▪ He rides one of those old-fashioned bikes with high handlebars.
▪ He was a nice, old-fashioned gentleman who would hold open the door for you or offer to carry your bags.
▪ her strict, old-fashioned father
▪ I don't wear that skirt now - it looks so old-fashioned.
▪ In many ways the village is a very old-fashioned sort of place.
▪ In those days, people believed that divorce was morally wrong, but this now seems very old-fashioned.
▪ Mandy was carrying a big old-fashioned leather briefcase.
▪ Most of the students found the course material boring and old-fashioned.
▪ My Dad was very old-fashioned and didn't approve of me going to nightclubs with my friends.
▪ The system uses fiber-optic cable instead of the old-fashioned copper wire.
▪ It has done it the old-fashioned way, with teamwork, better quality and new models that appeal to its customers.
▪ Jayojit observes his parents' old-fashioned marriage; they come to terms with his modern divorce.
▪ The old-fashioned three-bay barn - the centre bay with doors each end for loading - has much in its favour.
▪ The explosion from the big old-fashioned gun was deafening.
▪ The flattening of organizations means that all employees have to learn that old-fashioned promotion is not the only way of getting ahead.
▪ Then they beat the Broncos the old-fashioned way.
▪ Willi made his way over to Madge Grimsilk, coughed, hesitated, then bowed in a very old-fashioned and courtly way.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

old fashioned \old fashioned\, old-fashioned \old-fashioned\n. A cocktail consisting of whiskey, bitters, and sugar, garnished with with fruit slices and often a cherry.


Old-fashioned \Old`-fash"ioned\, a. Formed according to old or obsolete fashion or pattern; belonging to or characteristic of times past; adhering to old customs, styles, or ideas; as, an old-fashioned dress, girl; old-fashioned wire-rimmed glasses. ``Old-fashioned men of wit.''

This old-fashioned, quaint abode.

2. Unacceptable or suboptimum because of having been superseded by something more recent; outmoded[2]; out-of-date. [Narrower terms: old-fashioned, out of fashion(predicate), out of style(predicate), passe, passee.]

Syn: antique, old-hat(predicate), outmoded, out-of-date.

3. Unfashionably out of date; out of style. [Narrower terms: unfashionable (vs. fashionable)]

Syn: demode, out of fashion(predicate), out of style(predicate), passe, passee.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "in an outdated style," from old + past participle of fashion (v.). As a type of cocktail, attested from 1901, American English.\n\nOld Fashioned Tom Gin Cocktail Mix same as Holland Gin Old Fashioned Cocktail using Old Tom gin in place of Holland

[George J. Kappeler, "Modern American Drinks," Akron, Ohio, 1900]


a. Of a thing, outdated or no longer in vogue. n. A whiskey-based cocktail.


adj. out of fashion; "a suit of rather antique appearance"; "demode (or outmoded) attire"; "outmoded ideas" [syn: antique, demode, ex, old-hat(p), outmoded, passe, passee]

Old-fashioned (short story)

"Old-fashioned" is a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov. The story was written at the request of Kim Armstrong, editor of Bell Telephone Magazine, with the stipulation that it be 3,000 words and center on a problem in communications. The author claimed that he had thought up a plotline before lunch while the editor was over. The story was duly written and published in February 1976. It was illustrated by Gerald McConnell 1 in comic book style.


Old-fashioned may refer to:

  • Old Fashioned, a cocktail
    • Old Fashioned glass, a type of drinking glass named after the cocktail
  • Old Fashioned (film), a 2015 film by Rik Swartzwelder
  • "Old-fashioned" (short story) a 1976 short story by Isaac Asimov
  • Old Fashioned (horse), a racing horse
  • Old-fashioned three, a basketball term
  • "Old Fashion," the name for maple syrup at IHOP
  • Old-fashioned (slang), an informal term for an act of manual sexual stimulation
  • Old-fashioned doughnut, a type of doughnut

Usage examples of "old-fashioned".

She ached to be outside in the fresh air, to be dressed in her oldest jeans, turning over spades full of soft loamy earth, feeling the excitement and pleasure of siting the bulbs, of allowing her imagination to paint for her the colourful picture they would make in the spring, in their uniform beds set among lawn pathways and bordered by a long deep border of old-fashioned perennial plants.

At this time of day, it is perhaps not improper to adduce the parallel instance of the old-fashioned corset, which was subject to a similar inconvenience.

It works by pneumatic power, and does away with the old-fashioned method of starting an aeroplane by twisting the propeller.

Old Amable himself, wearing his old-fashioned green frock coat, had wished to see the assembly, for he never failed to attend on such an occasion.

Lucas had a strong suspicion that Amaryllis was stuffed to her pretty eyeballs with a host of old-fashioned, boring, and very inconvenient virtues.

This layered imaging technique, far more precise than old-fashioned X-raying, allowed one to determine the age of the victim to the decade, judging by the hardening in the articular cartilage and in the blood vessels, since medicine, at the time these people lived, had not yet learned how to halt the changes termed sclerosis.

She glanced at Petya, nodded her massive head in its old-fashioned black bonnet and talked to Auntie a little while about the weather and politics.

The huge old-fashioned, four-posted bed, overhung by a baldachin of carved wood with satin linings, occupied a deep alcove.

The Old Sweet is, in fact, a delightful old-fashioned resort, respectable and dull, with a pretty park, and a crystal pond that stimulates the bather like a glass of champagne, and perhaps has the property of restoring youth.

Twenty yards beyond the gates was the villa itself, a rambling old-fashioned Edwardian building much behung with balconies.

Joe tromped loudly into the house and transferred the twelve birdlets from bis pockets into an old-fashioned, hexagonal glass-paneled ballot jar which he had bought for five bucks at a Monte Vista, Colorado, auction.

And the critics who think it very new and splendid to bring bohunks into poetry are equally old-fashioned in their ideas.

The doctor went upstairs, and buckled on a long-necked pair of old-fashioned spurs, and Mrs.

And the old-fashioned ceramet material of her hull, built before collapsed metals had been possible, had been opened up like cardboard under the edge of red-hot knives.

I rubbed it with pumice stone, sand, and ochre, and finally I succeeded in imparting to my production such a queer, old-fashioned shape that I could not help laughing in looking at my work.