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old geezer

n. an elderly man [syn: old-timer, oldtimer, gaffer, antique]

Usage examples of "old geezer".

And,' then he flashed her a grin, 'I'm not as hard-hearted as that old geezer Reidinger was.

Maledicta thinks about hiding, but there's not much chance of that: the bar is small and mostly empty right now, the only occupants besides Maledicta and the bartender being a handful of gray-haired alcoholics, clones of the old geezer from the Pink Mammoth.

Travers, who had a house in the vicinity, and he said he knew the place, though he had never met the old geezer to whom I referred.

This smarted a little, and Amarante croaked a string of feeble curses as he limped around in the road, amazed by what a flabby uncoordinated old geezer he had become.