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Word usage examples

Recently, Leichtenstein, observing in a case of myxedema treated with the thyroid gland that the subcutaneous fat disappeared with the continuance of the treatment, was led to adopt this treatment for obesity itself and reports striking results.

The removal of the thyroid might result in severe myxedema, but the patient at least remains alive.

He holds that the observations in myxedema, in obesity, and psoriasis warrant the belief that the thyroid gland eliminates a material having a regulating influence upon the constitution of the panniculus adiposus and upon the nutrition of the skin in general.

The disease is not myxedema because there is no peculiar physiognomy, no spade-like hands nor infiltrated skin, no alteration of the speech, etc.

Marie regards the disease as a systemic dystrophy analogous to myxedema, due to a morbid condition of the pituitary body, just as myxedema is due to disease of the thyroid.

A condition akin to myxedema occurs after operative removal of the thyroid gland.

Brissaud shows the intimate relation between myxedema, endemic cretinism, sporadic cretinism, or myxedematous idiocy, and infantilism.

Figure 285 shows a case of myxedema, one of myxedema in a case of arrested development--a transition case between myxedema of the adult and sporadic cretinism--and a typical case of sporadic cretinism.

His intelligence, inventiveness, and business acumen have already taken on mythlike characteristics.

Even accepting, I am as mythless, as bitterly stripped as those who deny the evidence.