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Myawaddy is a town in south-eastern Myanmar in Kayin State close to the border with Thailand. Separated from the Thai border town of Mae Sot by the Moei River, the town is most important trading point between Myanmar and Thailand.

On 6 August 2010, a bomb exploded in the car park of a crowded market in Myawaddy, killing two men and seriously injuring four others.

Myawaddy (disambiguation)

Myawaddy may refer to:

  • Myawaddy: Town in Kayin State, Myanmar
  • Myawaddy: Town in Magway Division, Myanmar
  • Myawaddy Magazine: Burmese language monthly
  • Myawaddy TV: Burmese TV network
  • Myawaddy Mingyi U Sa (1766–1853): A Konbaung-period official, poet, musician and general