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MythDora was a specialized operating system based on Fedora and MythTV. Since 2009, the version number comes from the version of Fedora used followed by the version of MythTV used. For example, the current version 12.23 uses Fedora 12 and MythTV 0.23. Like LinHES, MythDora is designed to simplify the installation of MythTV on a home theatre PC. MythDora has since version 10.21 had Live CD support.

In addition to MythTV and its plugins, Mythdora includes extra Linux packages that are necessary for MythTV to run, and drivers for hardware commonly encountered in machines intended to run MythTV. Also included in Mythdora are several video game emulators, and extra tools and scripts. These aid with the initial configuration of the system and allow the user to perform such tasks as rebooting the machine and backing up program data, directly through the MythTV interface.

Development was discontinued in 2011. On August 3, 2011, the project maintainers indicated they no longer have time to keep the project going.