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men-folks men-o-war menabilly menabitan menachite menacings menadarva menadione menaechmi menafabad menagarai menagerie menagogue menahemia menarchal menarches menarmont menaruyeh menashiya menashshe menatarms menatwork menaulion menbutone menconico mencshely mendacity mendatica mendation mendefera mendegali mendeleev mendelian mendelism mendelist mendelize mendeltna menderjan mendesina mendicant mendicate mendicino mendicity mendience mendiland mendinant mendionde mendipite mendocino mendonca mendoncia mendooran mendosoma mendozite mendregal mendrisio menealtie menedemus meneessia menefessi meneghino menegites menegroth menehunes meneisoun menelaeus menelaida menelaion meneliche menemerus meneptera meneptila meneslies menesplet menetreol menetries menexenus mengabril mengchong menginang mengjiang mengkarak mengkibol mengkofen mengkuang menglembu menguiyeh menhadden menhadens menhammar menhaniam menheniot menherion meniere's menigoute menikbowa menil-vin menilites meninatub meninback meningeae meningeal meningism meninting menippids meniscate meniscium meniscoid menisperm menkebach menlopark mennelled mennessis mennevret menngagde menningen menninger mennonist mennonite menocchio menoceras menoctone menoeceus menoetius menogaril menologia menomblet menominee menominie menomonee menomonie menopause menoponid menorquin menorrhea menosgada menotaxis menouthis menoxenia mens-kind mensalize mensanger menschier menschoir mensclubs menseless menshevik menshikov mensignac menskirch menskless mensoigne mensrooms menssizes mensstore menstrate menstrual menstruum mensuhell mensurage mensurata mensurate mensurius mensurnal mensweare mentadent mentalese mentalism mentalist mentality mentalize mentation menteroda menthanes menthanol menthenes menthenol menthidae menthogen menthorpe menticide mentieres mentifact mentiform mention'd mentioned mentioner mentirosa mentiroso mentition mentorees mentorial mentoring mentulate mentzelia menucourt menuettos menumorut menurance menuridae menyinkwa menykinge menziesia menziesii menzingen

Word usage examples

Youth-ALIVE programme, Ithaca teenagers receive intensive mentoring to develop their science, conflict resolution and employment skills.

Mentoring is essentially social and draws primarily upon self-awareness as manifested in respecting others, understanding others, empathizing and synergizing with others.

This is where you would use the power of Habits 4, 5, and 6 at the mentoring level to create your family mission statement and set up two new structures that most families don’t have: dedicated weekly family times and calendared one-on-one dates.

One of my mentorees was a freshman girl, precocious, barely seventeen.

In a London discussion there was mentioned the case of a healthy woman of fifty who never was pregnant, and whose menstruation had ceased two years previously, but who for twelve months had menstruated regularly from the nipples, the hemorrhage being so profuse as to require constant change of napkins.

If we have been reasonably certain of unreliability, we may not even have mentioned the marvelous statement.

The case of Meibomius was that of an infant, and the case mentioned by Rhodius was associated with hemorrhages from the lungs, umbilicus, thigh, and tooth-cavity.

There is recorded an inexplicable case of menstruation from the region of the sternum, and among the curious anomalies of menstruation must be mentioned that reported by Parvin seen in a woman, who, at the menstrual epoch, suffered hemoptysis and oozing of blood from the lips and tongue.

A somewhat similar case is mentioned by Gregory of a mother of 7 children who had never had her menstrual flow.

Romans had laws prescribing the laws of succession in such cases, and many medical writers have mentioned it.