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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mendicity \Men*dic"i*ty\, n. [L. mendicitas: cf. F. mendicit['e]. See Mendicant.] The practice of begging; the life of a beggar; mendicancy.
--Rom. of R.


n. the state of being a beggar; mendicancy or beggary

Usage examples of "mendicity".

For an asylum for the poor of both sexes, of all ages and castes of color, where they may be sheltered, clothed, fed, and taken care of, made useful according to their respective degrees of health, strength, and capacity, and mendicity thereby be banished from the streets of the cities, he gives one eighth, or twelve and a half per cent of the net revenue of rents, until the sum shall reach six hundred thousand dollars, when it shall cease.

Mendicity on commission stooped in their high shoulders, shambled in their unsteady legs, buttoned and pinned and darned and dragged their clothes, frayed their button-holes, leaked out of their figures in dirty little ends of tape, and issued from their mouths in alcoholic breathings.