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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
â–ª Along with that sound goes the overpowering stench of mendacity and cant.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mendacity \Men*dac"i*ty\, n.; pl. Mendacities. [L. mendacitas.]

  1. The quality or state of being mendacious; a habit of lying.

  2. A falsehood; a lie.
    --Sir T. Browne.

    Syn: Lying; deceit; untruth; falsehood.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"tendency to lie," 1640s, from Middle French mendacité and directly from Late Latin mendacitas "falsehood, mendacity," from Latin mendax "lying; a liar" (see mendacious).


n. 1 The fact or condition of being untruthful; dishonesty. 2 A lie, deceit or falsehood.


n. the tendency to be untruthful [ant: veracity]

Usage examples of "mendacity".

I do not for a moment suggest mendacity, but your report is not easily verified.

There, for eight years, he lived in the midst of all that treason and mendacity and cowardice and rapacity and dishonor which as raw materials are ground together to produce laws for a commonwealth.

Harley felt strongly against casting it before the swine of every common occurrence, when mendacity would do as well or better.

If it were only a less rare commodity, and if an effective tribunal could be erected for the suppression of mendacity, the religious would appear for the first time in history in their true colors before the world, and light would shine in darkness.

Whatever subterfuge, equivocation or other crooked proceeding be resorted to, if mendacity in any form is a feature of the aspersions we cast upon the neighbor, we sin by calumny, purely and simply.

But when deception is the effect of mendacity, it assumes a character of malice that deserves the reprobation of man as it is condemned by God.

In return, the Filipino political leader has not hesitated to make use of unbridled mendacity in attacking America and her administrators.

Woman felt, that she might make a final effort to recall the artless mendacity of past days.

He felt the same way now, together with an injured feeling arising from the fact that he did not yet know just what he had said that had betrayed his mendacity to .

Maxwell Avenue, Strathbungo, whom I believe to be a man incapable of mendacity, or, indeed, of imagination.

While she listened to his purring mendacities she must struggle to refrain from casting his untruths in his teeth.

Yet regulated vivisection has been confounded with antivivisection by the union of zany cranks and trade-unionized men of medicine, who have not refrained from the coercion of patients, from the deception of the public, from the inoculation of legislators with mendacity, capsuled in sophistry, and from the direct or indirect corruption or intimidation of not a few public journals.

The anti-Trotskyist pamphlets now being issued are barely distinguishable from those of the Spanish Civil War period, but go somewhat further in mendacity.

This tower of mendacity was erected on the trifling foundation of a rather dull Indian Pudding which Mrs Gall had learned to make from her mother.

The arrogance of blind belief led all the mendacities of human thought.