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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1782, from mental + -ist. Originally in reference to artistic taste; philosophical sense (from mentalism) is from 1900. Related: mentalistic.


a. Of or relating to mentalism n. 1 A practitioner of mentalism. 2 (context slang English) An insane person.

Mentalist (disambiguation)

Mentalist may refer to:

  • Mentalist, a performing artist or similar practitioner who simulates supernatural mental powers;
  • The adjectival form of the concept of Mentalism (psychology), whose branches of study concentrate on mental perception and thought processes;
  • The adjectival form of the concept of Mentalism in Artificial Intelligence;
  • British slang used to refer to someone in a derogatory sense as " mental"; referring to a diminutive state of cognition, either psychological or neurological in nature. It has been used satirically in British television sitcoms I'm Alan Partridge and The Office and The IT Crowd.
  • The Mentalist, a CBS television series starring Simon Baker.

Usage examples of "mentalist".

Perhaps our mysterious Tupak Soiree was actually a master hypnotist, a mentalist who spun a fine, perplexing web of interwoven .

To affirm the reality of demonic possession is to reject the mentalist cliché (stated in its most extreme form by Bishop Berkeley, but substantially subscribed to by Freud and Lacan as well) that I can never encounter the real, because I only experience my own representations of things, and not the things themselves.

I had learned hypnotic techniques myself during the time I was showing my mentalist act, but my teachers had never had any luck hypnotizing me.

When Fabian Finster had earned his living as a bottom-of-the-bill mentalist in Nevada casino shows, he had enhanced his naturally striking appearance with neo-zoot suits trimmed in blinking LEDs.