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The Collaborative International Dictionary

mentation \men*ta"tion\ (m[e^]n*t[=a]"sh[u^]n), n. the process of thinking (especially thinking carefully); mental activity.

Syn: thinking, thought, cerebration, intellection.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"mental function," 1850, from Latin ment- "mind" (see mental) + -ation.


n. Mental activity. The process of thinking.


n. the process of thinking (especially thinking carefully); "thinking always made him frown"; "she paused for thought" [syn: thinking, thought, cerebration, intellection]

Usage examples of "mentation".

In fact, one might hypothesize in general, the more advanced the mentation, the more factions appear to emerge, because the more complex the world appears.

Despite Corky's strict rules of compart mentation Metcalfe knew where Derek lived.

It was highly unusual for Corcoran to permit one of his operatives to meet with another: this was a violation of his vaunted principle of compart mentation "In this case, I have no choice," Corky had said to Metcalfe in Paris.

Corky's sacred compart mentation proscribed that, but he couldn't help but wonder.

For a moment, Metcalfe was confused, then he remembered that the FBI man was not fully in the loop, that Corky's sacred compart mentation dictated that he not learn the true identities of Corky's agents.

Not like your gasbag Corcoran, with his fucking compart mentation Christ, what a phony he was.

Our electronic constructs are becoming so complex that to comprehend them we must now reverse the analogizing of cybernetics and try to reason from our own mentation and behavior to theirs -- although I suppose to assign motive or purpose to them would be to enter the realm of paranoia.

The patient will suffer no injury, but we have found that the effect of increased activity and apparent danger on the endocrine system aids the process of mentation.

By allowing mentation to fraction into diverse internal and externally shared modes, compartmentalizing and then remerging them in multiple diversity frames.

Inevitably the time had come when the establishment's most advanced medical and mechanical aids were no longer capable of extending its life, even though its level of mentation remained as sharp and clear as that of a young adult.