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Word usage examples

      Then the King of Bisnaga, seeing the determination of the soldiers of the King of Delly that they would never leave the place without making an end of those whom he had with him in the fortress, made a speech to them all, laying before them the destruction that the King of the troops of Dely had caused in his own kingdoms.

She told him about the taxi driver and Madame Delys and the fat man believing she was a Princess and offering to pay forty francs for her, and Larry laughed aloud.

The maid and a few minutes later Madame Delys entered, evening, Monsieur," she said to Larry.

Pi Delt sisters were going to perform a similar act on Stuart, for the benefit of New Yorkers.

He delt with the forearm first, wrapping a bandage from his THE CUBE combat vest over the sliced skin and stopping the bleeding.

Sheriff of Burke County or any other lawful officer of said county, to arrest the bodies of Barbary Stuart, Frankey Silver, and Blackston Stuart, and them safely keep so that you have them before us at Morgan within the time prescribed by law, then and there to answer the charge and to be further delt with as the law directs.

Commaunders of our Fleete haue delt iniuriously with them, they exclaime that the leagues are broken, that their old priuiledges in England are violated, which they chalenge to belong to their Cities, and ought to be kept and mainteined.

That card bore the name and photograph of a crook named Nick Delt, who bore a fair resemblance to John Lenville.

What The Shadow wanted to know was where Lenville had actually disappeared to, before Delt had taken his place.

In place of Lenville, he sent a crook named Delt, who had posed as Lenville for a day.