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Dela (d. c. 894), count of Empúries (862–894), was the son of Sunyer I of Empúries, whom he succeeded along with his brother, Sunyer II of Empúries, in 862.

The brothers tried to conquer the county of Girona, but their relative, Wilfred the Hairy, halted their advances.

He married Sixilona, daughter of Sunifred I, Count of Barcelona, and they had the following children:

  • Ramló (d. 960), abbot of Saint John of Ripoll
  • Virgilia (d. 957)

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Dela (disambiguation)

Dela may refer to:

  • Dela (died c. 894), count of Empúries
  • Dela, Iran
  • "Dela", a song from Johnny Clegg & Savuka's 1989 album Cruel, Crazy Beautiful World
  • Dela Smith, headteacher at Beaumont Hill Technology College
  • Dela Yampolsky (born 1988), Israeli-Nigerian football player
  • Dela or dela, a Philippine linguistic corruption of the Spanish nobiliary particle or prepositional particle "de la" (thus Juan dela Cruz, Ronald dela Rosa, etc.) [The same corruption occurs in the use of "de los" and "de las" as well as "de" (thus pandesal) in the country]