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Delo is a Russian daily business newspaper in Ukraine, belonging to Ekonomika, a joint-venture of Handelsblatt Publishing Group, Germany, one Czech and two young Ukrainian publishers. The newspaper started in October 2005 as the first independent business daily of Ukraine. Its competitors are the Russian newspaper Kommersant and Ekonomicheskie Izvestia, which belongs to ISD - Industrial Union of Donbas.

Delo is the first daily in Ukraine, publishing its real print circulation (13.000 - 15.000) and trying to introduce Western editorial and business standards into the rather post-soviet environment.

Delo (magazine)

Delo (Дело, Labour) was a monthly magazine published in Saint Petersburg, Russia, from mid-1866 till January 1888. Led formally by Nikolai Shulgin (1866—1879) and informally by Grigory Blagosvetlov, Delo was seen as an ideological heir to Russkoye Slovo (edited by the latter and closed by the authorities after Dmitry Karakozov's assassination attempt) and until 1884 remained one of the two (alongside Otechestvennye Zapiski) most radical Russian publications of the time.

After the arrest of the magazine's editor Nikolai Shelgunov (in 1883) and his successor Konstantin Stanyukovich a year later, the publication of Delo stopped. It re-emerged in 1885 as a conservative organ, with I.S. Dunovo as publisher and Dmitry Tsertelev as editor, but failed to cope with the lack of public interest and folded for good in 1888.