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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Angela Tene and Lama meet Stephen Storvick, and begin to bring him food in his apartment above the deli.
▪ But with a deli on every other block purveying all sorts of ethnic breads, l never baked a single loaf.
▪ He could turn a trip to the deli into a walk on the moon.
▪ Row after row of modest little brick houses are interspersed with delis and corner restaurants.
▪ To post-war generations, the deli has become a way to stay connected, through the taste buds with their roots.
▪ Until there we are on the bare boards downstairs, with candles and Calorgas and a deli picnic on a paper plate.
▪ Wasn't that Cynthia, who worked in the deli?
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1954, short for delicatessen.


n. (label en informal) A shop that sells cooked or prepared food ready for serving.


n. a shop selling delicatessen (as salads or cooked meats) [syn: delicatessen, food shop]


Deli may refer to:

  • Delicatessen, a store selling specially prepared food
  • Sultanate of Deli, a previous sultanate at North Sumatra, Indonesia
Deli (song)

"Deli" (English: "Insane") is a song performed by Turkish rock group Mor ve Ötesi. It represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia, earning the 7th place in the finals. The song was selected by TRT on February 15 amongst the nine finalists out of 19 entries in the second Eurovision semi-final on 22 May.

The song was performed third in the second semi-final, following Sweden's Charlotte Perrelli with Hero, and preceding Ukraine's Ani Lorak with Shady Lady. The song qualified to the final.

The song was performed 12th in the final, and finished 7th with 138 points.

The lyrics of the song in eight languages can be found on its official webpage (English, Turkish, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Serbian and Greek).

The song will be succeeded as Turkish representative at the 2009 contest by Hadise with " Düm Tek Tek".

Deli (company)

Deli Company ( Chinese:得力; pinyin: dé lì , anglicized /dәˈliː/) is an office supplies and stationery manufacturer based in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. Deli is a well-known brand in China, thanks to its national advertisement campaign that is broadcast on CCTV, inviting Yang Lan to participate as the brand ambassador. The company claims to be the leader in China's stationery market, selling its products to more than 45,000 stores nationwide. Deli also leads the industry's e-commerce business through a strong presence on Tmall and

Deli (Ottoman troops)

Deli is a Turkish word meaning "mad", "crazy", or "wild". In the Ottoman Empire, it was applied to irregular troops recruited in the Balkans, chiefly Bosnians and Albanians, and commanded by a deli bashi ("head of the delis"). They were often employed as bodyguards to provincial governors.

Usage examples of "deli".

But last Wednesday morning, while perusing breadstuffs at the corner deli, her eyes locked on the muffin with the cranberry smile.

Instead he glanced left, then quickly right at the deserted sidewalks of 92nd Street as he ducked around the coner of a deli and moved away from the brighter lights of Broadway.

Despite the increasing crowdedness downtown, it still felt as though there was room for everyone and everything, Vietnamese groceries next to the 1930s Federalist-style post office next to an eighteenth-century storefront housing a German deli that replaced a dry-goods store in the 1890s.

Diet Coke and stuffing my face with a Panini 2 from the Italian deli around the corner on Second Avenue.

The studio was at the top of a staircase over a deli, a cramped office with a wall plastered with heavily airbrushed photos of smiling children and happy families.

I bought popsicles for Connie and me and two pounds of sliced deli ham for Lula.

He stopped in at Mac's deli to buy three coffees and took them upstairs with him.

The sensible microfraction of my brain issues the signal to run like hell, but the reckless remainder says I should stay and ascertain how Cleo Rio already figured out that I'm responsible for the disc in the deli bag.

I assumed Cleo would panic the moment she discovered the compact disc in the deli bag—or at least after she listened to it.

So the girl takes the apple and stares at it like she's never seen an apple before—like so," Delis held out her hand and widened her eyes in mimickry, "and then she draws in enough power to run every ghostlight in the city.

When they went through it a few times on their own, Delis added the descant.

So the girl takes the apple and stares at it like she's never seen an apple before—like so," Delis held out her hand and widened her eyes in mimickry, "and then she draws in enough power to run every ghostlight in the city.

I'm going to hire security guards to watch my delis, and I'm going to the cops.

And, although fighting the crowd was preferable to sitting alone in her rooms, waiting for a call she was certain would never come, after being jostled in several of the more popular shops--not really seeing the merchandise, but merely struggling through--then gulping down a hurried lunch at a stand-up deli while watching the crowd swell, she was more than ready to return to her quarters.

She unloaded carrots, dip, blocks of cheese, a deli bag of sliced roast beef, buns, lettuce, brown mustard, and a massive bag of seedless grapes.