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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

short for deltoid (q.v.).


n. (context slang English) shoulder vb. (archaic spelling of dealt English)

Usage examples of "delt".

Pi Delt sisters were going to perform a similar act on Stuart, for the benefit of New Yorkers.

He delt with the forearm first, wrapping a bandage from his THE CUBE combat vest over the sliced skin and stopping the bleeding.

Sheriff of Burke County or any other lawful officer of said county, to arrest the bodies of Barbary Stuart, Frankey Silver, and Blackston Stuart, and them safely keep so that you have them before us at Morgan within the time prescribed by law, then and there to answer the charge and to be further delt with as the law directs.

Commaunders of our Fleete haue delt iniuriously with them, they exclaime that the leagues are broken, that their old priuiledges in England are violated, which they chalenge to belong to their Cities, and ought to be kept and mainteined.

That card bore the name and photograph of a crook named Nick Delt, who bore a fair resemblance to John Lenville.

What The Shadow wanted to know was where Lenville had actually disappeared to, before Delt had taken his place.

In place of Lenville, he sent a crook named Delt, who had posed as Lenville for a day.

Pi Delts were going to perform any sort of initiation rites on Stuart?

Sorority babes, the noted Tri- Delts were smallish but perfectly beautiful, proportioned, and mature beyond their years.

They were sweating, these bodybuilt young men, and the mighty LumeNex lights brought out their traps, lats, delts, pecs, abs, and obliques in glossy high definition, especially when it came to the black players.

It was an awesome look, an intimidating look, the look of not only Jordan but also one of those wrestlers who has built himself up into a brute of sheer muscle and testosteronethe shaved head, the powerful neck, the bulging shrink-wrapped traps, delts, pecs, lats, and the rest of it.

His tight T-shirt was more like a film than a fabric, and his mighty pecs, delts, traps, lats seemed to pump up before your very eyes.

Suddenly Abbs and Delts were beside him, a redheaded woman slung between them, unconscious.

A big fellow, the bartender, sort of an overgrown kid, with one of those sleeveless T-shirts cut to show off the delts and biceps.

Under the tortured Lycra-blend orange fabric, the topography of monstrous lats, delts, abs and pecs was clearly visible.