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Word usage examples

Stemp and Chin and the others are actually Xts from some superadvanced civilization in the Galactic Core area, all rigged out in human disguises, who for some unfathomable reason or other bothered to come all the damn way out here just to give Earth a hard time.

the red Bioroid, in the lead, fired quick, accurate bursts with the gun mounted on its control stem, and blew two of the Vts away, easily avoiding most of their fire and shrugging off the rest.

Rick decided it was all, far too complicated to explain to Max Sterling, the bright-eyed boy wonder of the Vts, the cheerful, unassuming ace of aces.

Pods got their fundaments blown out from under them by Vts on long passes, predatory banks, high deflection shots.

One of Vermilion squadron's Vts had taken a hit, and Hunter had informed the bridge that he was taking his group home.

Rick was listening to descriptions of the mecha the Vts had confronted, when a lieutenant jg entered with a personal message.

the way Cabell saw it, the Sentinels had one recourse: to use the most fully fueled Vts and Logans I to reach the far side of the moon.

the Vts and the few remaining Hovertanks couldn't use Protoculture weapons either, of course, but there had only been time to retrofit a few of them with old-style autocannon and rocket pods.

Interim ad Labienum per Remos incredibili celeritate de victoria Caesaris fama perfertur, ut, cum ab hibernis Ciceronis milia passuum abesset circiter LX, eoque post horam nonam diei Caesar pervenisset, ante mediam noctem ad portas castrorum clamor oreretur, quo clamore significatio victoriae gratulatioque ab Remis Labieno fieret.

Caesar omni exercitu ad utramque partem munitionum disposito, ut, si usus veniat, suum quisque locum teneat et noverit, equitatum ex castris educi et proelium committi iubet.