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WT or Wt may refer to:

  • Weight
Wt (web toolkit)

Wt (pronounced "witty") is an open source widget-centric web- application framework for the " C++" programming language, developed by " Emweb". It has an API ( application programming interface) that resembles the " C++" desktop-application library " Qt", also using a widget-tree and an event-driven " Signal / Slot" programming model.

The goal of the library is to benefit from the stateful component model used in desktop-applications APIs, applied to web- development,—instead of the traditional MVC-model (model–view–controller): rather than using MVC at the level of a web- page— MVC is pushed to the level of individual components.

While the library uses a desktop-application development model, it does support web-specific features—including:

  • semantic URLs (uniform ( web)- resource locator);
  • Browser history navigation support.

A unique feature of the library is its abstraction layer of the browser rendering model. The library uses " Ajax" for communicating with " Ajax"-capable browsers, while using plain " HTML"- form post-backs for other user agents. Using a progressive bootstrap-method, the user interface is initially rendered as a plain " HTML"- document; and for " Ajax"-capable browsers—it is automatically upgraded to use " Ajax" for increased interactivity. In this way, it is:

  • The only server-side framework implementing the strategy of progressive enhancement automatically;
  • The only " Ajax"-framework with search engine optimization (SEO) qualities.

Because of the popularity of " C"/" C++" in embedded system environments—the library is often used in such devices, and has been highly optimized for performance (as a consequence).