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XT (band)

XT was a metal band from Sweden. It was formed by Bjorn Stigsson and Sonny Larson in 1991, following the breakup of Stigsson's earlier band Leviticus.

The band, whose name means " Christ" released three albums before their breakup in 1995. They became better known in Japan than either Europe or the United States.

Prior to forming XT, Sonny Larson had been involved in a few other Swedish metal bands as lead vocalist. While in Motherlode (1983–1987) he worked with Mark Stanway, who was later in the British melodic rock band Magnum. Motherlode released one album, Sanctuary, in 1986. Following Motherlode, he joined Charizma and stayed with them until 1988.

Beyond Leviticus and XT, Stigsson also released a solo project in 1986 called Together With Friends.

Usage examples of "xt".

Stemp and Chin and the others are actually XTs from some superadvanced civilization in the Galactic Core area, all rigged out in human disguises, who for some unfathomable reason or other bothered to come all the damn way out here just to give Earth a hard time.