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n. 1 (context Canada dated uncountable English) (initialism of physical training dot=), a physical education class in grade school. 2 (context countable English) (abbreviationpoint) 3 (context countable English) (abbreviationpart) 4 (context countable English) (abbreviationpatient)


PT, Pt, or pt may stand for:

Usage examples of "pt".

Kady stood to one side, rain coming down hard on her, as he 290 L EG E N D exposed what looked pt, Ilea the vines away and .

This book is set in Baskerville 10 pt. Corgi Books are published by TranswoHd Publisher!

PTS had told Collet was associated with the conservative Catholic group Opus Dei, which had caused a stir recently when a news program exposed their aggressive recruiting practices in Paris.

If you looked like the fastidious type, the instructors found a nice big pile of dog shit for you to roll around in during morning PT, and allowed you to wear it on your fatigues for the rest of the day.