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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
6ft/2m/12 inches etc tall
▪ He’s only 5 feet tall.

abbr. foot, feet (gloss: unit of length) alt. foot, feet (gloss: unit of length)


n. a linear unit of length equal to 12 inches or a third of a yard; "he is six feet tall" [syn: foot]


FT may refer to

  • Failure tree
  • Foundation trust
  • Final Testament ( Quran)
  • The Financial Times, a newspaper specialising in UK and international business and financial news
  • Fighting Talk, a British radio show
  • Fire control technician, a United States Navy occupational rating.
  • Fuzzy Tomato (FT) is a character in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: The Animated Series, Killer Tomatoes Strike Back and Killer Tomatoes Eat France, and Return of the Killer Tomatoes
  • Freight ton
  • Fourier transform that transforms a function between time and frequency domains
  • France Télécom, a French telecommunications company, now called Orange S.A.
  • EMD FT, an American diesel-electric railway locomotive
  • Northrop XFT, an American 1930s fighter aircraft
  • School of Technology at the State University of Campinas (, FT)
  • Renault FT, a First World War tank
  • Face Time, a feature on Apple devices allowing people to videochat

Usage examples of "ft".

Garabit viaduct carries the railway near St Flour, in the Cantal department, France, at 420 ft.

I leFt, I preset its guidance system for a deorbit trajectory that would bring it down upon Ft.

Nyika Plateau and in the Konde Mountains to the north-west of Lake Nyasa, which probably exceed a height of 8000 ft.

Hence the criterion for the position of the loads which makes the moment at C greatest is this: one load must be at C, and the other loads must be distributed, so that the average loads per ft.

A better example of grandeur of treatment can hardly be cited than the paintings of the now destroyed dome of the little church of Megale Panagia at Athens, a dome which was only about 12 ft.

The tail of a skeleton of a much smaller tiger in the museum measures 3 ft.

It is only since metal has been used that the great spans of 500 to 1800 ft.

The centre span is a two-hinged parabolic braced rib arch, and there are side spans of 190 and 210 ft.

The girders of the side spans were rolled out so as to overhang the great span by 105 ft.

The Ft. Greene Project runs from Park Avenue to Lafayette Avenue, surrounding Washington Park.

I spent the night on the subway and early the next morning I was back on Ft. Greene Place to rent the room.

John slowed down and turned on Lafayette toward the Ft. Greene project.

It had been ground into the trash and rubble in the middle of Ft. Greene and had become like all the other dirt in Brooklyn.

Walking down Ft. Greene Place I came face to face with an old Italian woman I had seen before.

The next morning we got up early and drove through the city toward Brooklyn and the Ft. Greene project.