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Word usage examples

Madame zome beautiful unreal things, things she may touch and feel and must pay for.

Only this morning, in the 7th xapac of the 18th chore, ninth day of the fourth zome, was Ylana brought to bed and gave birth to twins.

By now, might-be, zome of de younger Altaian malez have zome wizh for zuch an enterprize.

Because the next step is to be one of those glassy-eyed naked men and wome walking in herds through the streets of San Francisco.

His real name was Fluger, but we called him Plug and his woming Pluggie.

The bomb aimer was supposed to tome up on to the main flight-deck for the landing but I always stayed down in the nose in case the pilot needed any last-minute guidance.

Life of Caxton, the reader will find interesting examples of the earliest woodcut blocks illustrating the quaint and rare tomes issued by the Almonry, Westminster, also at Oxford.

Here, in a vast old abandoned death house, replete with many strange vaulted chambers connected by dark and crumbling passageways winding convolutedly like so many intestines deep into the bowels of the earth, down ever downward, into small niche-pocked vaults filled with damp worm-eaten caskets, many askew and half-opened crypts of the long dead, urns of dust, and the scattered bones of dogs and man, here, chose Zulkeh to rest and ponder his wealth of artifacts and relics, his scrolls and tablets, his talismans and tomes, the fruit gathered of his many journeys.

Tome of the Paragon was known only to the wizards and not to the Coven, then how did the mistresses learn of the existence of the Paragon, and teach themselves the Vagaries?

Every imaginable cooking instrument lay strewn across an oak table, along with tomes of recipes that Dumas had compiled from all over the world.