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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
hefty tome (=large thick book)
▪ a hefty tome
▪ So what is on offer and what should we expect from these weighty tomes?
▪ I decided to rest those particular enquiries until at least I had perused Bligh-Bond's weighty tomes.
▪ It's the latest tome from Tom Clancy.
▪ But any fear that this novel is a stereotypical Boys in the Sand tome is immediately dashed.
▪ Ex-journo turned editor, his recent tome Gothic Rock enjoyed the unlikely publishing coup of having no competition.
▪ For many years these precious tomes were kept in the Capitol by the Romans who consulted them in times of crisis.
▪ I hope you pay heed, you're still my favourite tome by miles ... for now.
▪ Ivana insists the tome is pure fiction.
▪ No plodding academic tome, this Virginia Woolf is, like its subject, smart, pithy, engaging.
▪ The pages were stiffened with age and the tome smelt fusty, like a damp cloth left to dry on a radiator.
▪ Two floor-to-ceiling bookcases are filled with legal tomes and bursting files.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tome \Tome\, n. [F. tome (cf. It., Sp., & Pg. tomo), L. tomus, fr. Gr. ? a piece cut off, a part of a book, a volume, akin to ? to cup, and perhaps to L. tondere to shear, E. tonsure. Cf. Anatomy, Atom, Entomology, Epitome. ] As many writings as are bound in a volume, forming part of a larger work; a book; -- usually applied to a ponderous volume.

Tomes of fable and of dream.

A more childish expedient than that to which he now resorted is not to be found in all the tomes of the casuists.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1510s, "a single volume of a multi-volume work," from Middle French tome (16c.), from Latin tomus "section of a book, tome," from Greek tomos "volume, section of a book," originally "a section, piece cut off," from temnein "to cut," from PIE *tem- "to cut" (cognates: second element in Latin aestimare "to value, appraise," Old Church Slavonic tina "to cleave, split," Middle Irish tamnaim "I cut off," Welsh tam "morsel"). Sense of "a large book" is attested from 1570s.


n. 1 One in a series of volumes. 2 A large or scholarly book.


n. a (usually) large and scholarly book

Tome-Adelino, NM -- U.S. Census Designated Place in New Mexico
Population (2000): 2211
Housing Units (2000): 830
Land area (2000): 6.049939 sq. miles (15.669270 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 6.049939 sq. miles (15.669270 sq. km)
FIPS code: 78685
Located within: New Mexico (NM), FIPS 35
Location: 34.728771 N, 106.719736 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Tome-Adelino, NM
Tome, NM

Tomé is a port city and commune in the Biobío Region of Chile. It is bordered by Coelemu to the north, Ránquil and Florida to the east, Penco to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The local economy is based mainly on textile manufacturing and fishing industry.

Tomé (disambiguation)

Tomé is a Portuguese and Galician version of the name Thomas. It can refer to

Usage examples of "tome".

The bomb aimer was supposed to tome up on to the main flight-deck for the landing but I always stayed down in the nose in case the pilot needed any last-minute guidance.

Life of Caxton, the reader will find interesting examples of the earliest woodcut blocks illustrating the quaint and rare tomes issued by the Almonry, Westminster, also at Oxford.

Here, in a vast old abandoned death house, replete with many strange vaulted chambers connected by dark and crumbling passageways winding convolutedly like so many intestines deep into the bowels of the earth, down ever downward, into small niche-pocked vaults filled with damp worm-eaten caskets, many askew and half-opened crypts of the long dead, urns of dust, and the scattered bones of dogs and man, here, chose Zulkeh to rest and ponder his wealth of artifacts and relics, his scrolls and tablets, his talismans and tomes, the fruit gathered of his many journeys.

Tome of the Paragon was known only to the wizards and not to the Coven, then how did the mistresses learn of the existence of the Paragon, and teach themselves the Vagaries?

Every imaginable cooking instrument lay strewn across an oak table, along with tomes of recipes that Dumas had compiled from all over the world.

Every dawn she washes and dresses, then has nothing to do: the books with which William has furnished the bookcases--technical tomes about maceration and enfleurage and distillation, merely to fill up the shelves--mean nothing to her .

Japanese camera had been only borrowed and from now on he would carry his specialized literature, his thick tomes on Baroque iconology, in a crocheted or knotted string bag, on his way, for instance, to Ruhr University.

There might be odd things, juvenilia even, concealed about the place, perhaps even in those tomes of pornography.

Dutch, and first published in English in 1985, this book quickly became a standard text: it has the precision, concision, and clarity which typify narratology at its best - like all the important works in the field, this is not a massive tome.

Libraries have undergone a transformation from literacy to numeracy, their leather-bound tomes of philosophy and history replaced by ledgers and records.

With the surrounding sea empty of anything save some floating corpses and several high, triangular fins of piscine morticians come to clean up the carnage, Abdullahloath to be in proximity to the Isle of Sao Tome after sunset, if he could help itwas on the verge of ordering the boats to set to work towing the ship, when, with a first, hesitant flutter, the errant breeze once more blew.

Foryth Teel pulled out his Book of Learning, scornfully waving the tome in the air.

But nearly two hours later she noticed the light still there and went in to find Brat surrounded by tomes of all kinds and so dead to the world that he did not hear her come in.

He spoke of exotica they had never seen, tomes which were nothing but names in the Dictionary: Encyclopedias, Thesauruses, Atlases, Alamancs.

No one stirred in the Calle Pedro Martir, and Conyngham peered into the shadow of the high wall of the Church of San Tome in vain.