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n. A building with unusual geometry.


The term zome is used in several related senses. A zome in the original sense is a building using unusual geometries (different from the standard house or other building which is essentially one or a series of rectangular boxes). The word "zome" was coined in 1968 by Steve Durkee, now known as Nooruddeen Durkee, combining the words dome and zonohedron. One of the earliest models ended up as a large climbing structure at the Lama Foundation. In the second sense as a learning tool or toy, "Zometool" refers to a model-construction toy manufactured by Zometool, Inc.. It is sometimes thought of as the ultimate form of the "ball and stick" construction toy, in form. It appeals to adults as well as children, and is educational on many levels (not the least, geometry). Finally, the term "Zome system" refers to the mathematics underlying the physical construction system.

Both the building and the learning tool are the brainchildren of inventor/designer Steve Baer, his wife, Holly, and associates.

Usage examples of "zome".

Madame zome beautiful unreal things, things she may touch and feel and must pay for.

Only this morning, in the 7th xapac of the 18th chore, ninth day of the fourth zome, was Ylana brought to bed and gave birth to twins.

By now, might-be, zome of de younger Altaian malez have zome wizh for zuch an enterprize.