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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gome \Gome\, n. [AS. guma; akin to Goth. guma, L. homo. See Bridegroom.] A man. [Obs.]
--P. Plowman.


Gome \Gome\, n. [Cf. Icel. gormr ooze, mud.] The black grease on the axle of a cart or wagon wheel; -- called also gorm. See Gorm. [Prov. Eng.]


Gomè is a town and arrondissement in the Collines department of Benin. It is an administrative division under the jurisdiction of the commune of Glazoué. According to the population census conducted by the Institut National de la Statistique Benin on February 15, 2002, the arrondissement had a total population of 6,578.

Usage examples of "gome".

Mouthing hysterically, Gomes threatened them with his gun, calling them defeatists who had sold out to the people at the coast.

Mouthing furiously, Gomes confronted them with his gun, calling them fools and traitors who had sold out to the defeatists at the coast.

Don George de Meneses, captaine of Maluco, and with him Don Garcia Henriquez, sent a foyst to discouer land towards the north, wherein went as captaine one Diego de Rocha, and Gomes de Sequeira for pilot, who afterwards went as pilot on an Indian voyage.

Morosini, who, was also much affected told me she had gome, to speak to Mistress Veneranda.

Ande al graythed in grene this gome and his wedes: A strayte cote ful stre3t, that stek on his sides, A mere mantile abof, mensked withinne With pelure pured apert, the pane ful clene With blythe blaunner ful bry3t, and his hod bothe, That wat3 la3t fro his lokkez and layde on his schulderes.

Gawayn gly3t on the gome that godly hym gret, And thu3t hit a bolde burne that the burygh ayghte, A hoge hathel for the none3, and of h3e eldee.

The gome vpon Gryngolet glyde3 hem vnder, Thur3 mony misy and myre, mon al hym one, Carande for his costes, lest he ne keuer schulde To se the seruyse of that syre, that on that self ny3t Of a burde wat3 borne oure baret to quelle.