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Word usage examples

The tekoa would provide a fortune, the Ohrm willing servants, the Choud—he didn't want to think about the Choud.

Once it happened that many chiefs feasted in the house of Tanoa, King of Ambau.

The problem is, how did Lapita ware travel to Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, where archaeologists have shown it to have arrived by 1500 B.

From Fiji it became known in Samoa and Tonga, and by the eighteenth century it had become known, but was still rare, in the Tahiti-Tuamotu sailing area.

He refrained from mapping both Fiji and Samoa, of which the nautically-minded Tongans had told him, and made his way to new waters in the North Pacific.

On this journey he discussed with the Wesleyans in Tonga a possible arrangement whereby Samoa be considered L.

In 1835 the Reverend Peter Turner went to Samoa to meet the urgent demand, and then in 1836 a party of L.

German settlers were developing plantations in Fiji and Samoa, and a handful of traders and wouldbe planters had become established in Tonga as well.

Christianity, with mission patronage and the only good harbour in Samoa in his territory, he was well placed to emulate Pomare II of Tahiti and establish a new set of rules for Samoan politics.

Apia and Samoa were in need of government more than any other settler community in the Pacific.