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Ainoa is a genus of lichens in the family Baeomycetaceae. The genus contains two species: A. mooreana, and the type, A. geochroa. Both species and genus were described in 2001.

Ainoa (shopping centre)

Ainoa is a shopping centre located in Tapiola, Espoo, Finland. Its first phase was opened on 24 October 2013 in a 1979 building that housed the Tapiola Sokos department house until 2011. During the renovation, the building was extended both upwards and downwards.

Ainoa has five floors and about 30 shops, such as K-supermarket, H&M, Cubus, Stadium, BR-Lelut, Kultajousi, North Pet and Funky Burger. There are plans to extend Ainoa in the near future, when Ainoa will gain much new space and the Stockmann department store will extend as a part of Ainoa.

The parking hall in connection with Ainoa has approximately 450 parking spaces. Ainoa has good bus connections to other parts of Espoo and the neighbouring city of Helsinki. When the Länsimetro extension is completed in 2015, Ainoa will be accessible via the Helsinki Metro. At that time Ainoa will have a central parking hall with approximately 2000 parking spaces.