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Lagoa may refer to the following places:

Lagoa (North Jakarta)

Lagoa is administrative village ( kelurahan in Indonesian) at Koja subdistrict, North Jakarta. The border of Lagoa are :

  • Cilincing Raya Street at Koja administrative village in the north
  • Pinang River (Kali Pinang in Indonesian) in the west
  • Kramat Raya Street at Koja administrative village in the east
  • Mundu Street and Johar Street in the south

The office of Koja subdistrict is in this administrative village. The zip code of this administrative village is 14270.

Usage examples of "lagoa".

That the Lagoa Santa calotte was not an Old World fossil, accidentally introduced into the Brazilian collection, was supported, said Bryan, by the fact that it differed in several important measurements from known Old World skulls.

The Lagoa Santa skullcap mysteriously disappeared from the Brazilian museum after it was examined by Bryan.

She had a small high-rise apartment near the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, just slightly removed from the crowded beaches and trendy boutiques of Ipanema.

The small force of garrison troops Lagoas maintained in Mizpah paraded across it in uniform tunics and kilts - with heavy wool leggings beneath the kilts as a concession to the climate.