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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
cocoa bean
cocoa butter
▪ Would you like some hot cocoa to warm you up?
▪ It was bright white against her hot cocoa skin.
▪ Now you can visit Cadbury World and see the history of chocolate and its manufacture from cocoa bean to the finished product.
▪ Years abroad had made them grateful for yams, bananas, cocoa beans and rice.
▪ Their cocoa beans are weighed, graded and packed by the 182 Village Societies to which the farmers belong.
▪ Purists and protectionists had insisted that only products made from cocoa butter were worthy of the name.
▪ While the work of Prof Harwood is valuable, cocoa butter is not responsible for the popularity of chocolate.
▪ Because of these shortages, much research has been undertaken to produce a fat with cocoa butter properties.
▪ It is the percentage content of cocoa butter that dictates the quality of the chocolates that you buy.
▪ I gave her a jar of home-made skin cream containing almond oil, cocoa butter and rosewater to soften her skin.
▪ The initiative was taken by Bafuor Osei Akoto, a prosperous, go-ahead cocoa farmer of Kumasi.
▪ Many of its workers and functions were of marginal utility and at the cost of a better price to cocoa farmers.
▪ His commitment to both his country and the fate of its cocoa farmers is clear.
▪ This pudding also includes a little cocoa powder for good measure.
▪ Put the cocoa powder coffee and water into a small pan.
▪ Put the syrup, cocoa powder and brandy in a pan.
▪ Cocoa production had largely shifted from the coastal area, where disease had destroyed many cocoa trees, into Ashanti.
▪ We returned from Loreto with pods from two wild cocoa trees and budwood from another 15.
▪ Fortunately for us, they had developed the custom of leaving a few of the wild cocoa trees when they felled the forest.
▪ For he makes me smooth cocoa with bubbles on the top.
▪ Ted was making cocoa for two, using real sugar.
▪ Purists and protectionists had insisted that only products made from cocoa butter were worthy of the name.
▪ There was little reason to be there today, but anywhere was better than Howard Bay, making cocoa tea for Johnnie.
▪ Then Aunt Bedelia made some cocoa and managed to draw us into conversation.
Cocoa production had largely shifted from the coastal area, where disease had destroyed many cocoa trees, into Ashanti.
▪ After the ball Dot tucked her up in bed and promised her a cup of cocoa with brandy in it.
▪ As cocoa contains caffeine, it would have stimulated the Temperance workers on their way.
▪ Father Tim looked into his cocoa.
▪ I made Joanna respectable by putting up my anchor lantern, made myself a mug of cocoa, and turned in.
▪ It takes 400 dried cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate, reads another.
▪ Ted was making cocoa for two, using real sugar.
▪ Whisk together 1 cup sugar, cocoa and 1 / 2 cup buttermilk.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cocoa \Co"coa\ (k[=o]"k[-o]), n., Cocoa palm \Co"coa palm`\ (k[=o]"k[-o] p[aum]m`)[Sp. & Pg. coco cocoanut, in Sp. also, cocoa palm. The Portuguese name is said to have been given from the monkeylike face at the base of the nut, fr. Pg. coco a bugbear, an ugly mask to frighten children. Cf., however, Gr. koy^ki the cocoa palm and its fruit, ko`i:x, ko`i:kos, a kind of Egyptian palm.] (Bot.) A tall palm tree producing the cocoanut ( Cocos nucifera) as its fruit. It grows in nearly all tropical countries, attaining a height of sixty or eighty feet. The trunk is without branches, and has a tuft of leaves at the top, each being fifteen or twenty feet in length, and at the base of these the nuts hang in clusters; the cocoanut tree. It is widely planted throughout the tropics, and in some locations as an ornamental tree.


Cocoa \Co"coa\, n. [Corrupted fr. cacao.] A preparation made from the seeds of the chocolate tree, and used in making, a beverage; also the beverage made from cocoa or cocoa shells.

Cocoa shells, the husks which separate from the cacao seeds in preparing them for use.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

powder from cacao seeds, 1707, corruption (by influence of coco) of cacao. The printing of Johnson's dictionary ran together the entries for coco and cocoa, fostering a confusion that never has been undone.


n. (context computing English) an object-oriented programming API for Mac OS X

  1. n. a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar; usually drunk hot [syn: chocolate, hot chocolate, drinking chocolate]

  2. powder of ground roasted cocao beans with most of the fat removed

Cocoa, FL -- U.S. city in Florida
Population (2000): 16412
Housing Units (2000): 8064
Land area (2000): 7.458820 sq. miles (19.318255 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 2.064925 sq. miles (5.348130 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 9.523745 sq. miles (24.666385 sq. km)
FIPS code: 13150
Located within: Florida (FL), FIPS 12
Location: 28.369334 N, 80.743779 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 32922 32926
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Cocoa, FL

Cocoa may refer to:

COCOA (digital humanities)

COCOA was an early piece of word processing software and associated file format for digital humanities, then known as humanities computing. It was approximately 4000 punched cards of FORTRAN and created in the late 1960s and early 1970s at University College London and the Atlas Computer Laboratory. Functionality included word-counting and concordance building.

Cocoa (API)

{{Infobox software | name = Cocoa | logo = | developer = Apple Inc. | released = | latest release version = | latest release date = | latest preview version = | latest preview date = | programming language = Objective-C, Swift | operating system = OS X | genre = Software framework | license = Proprietary
with some open source components | website = }} Cocoa is Apple's native object-oriented application programming interface (API) for their operating system OS X.

For iOS, tvOS, and watchOS, a similar API exists, named Cocoa Touch, which includes gesture recognition, animation, and a different set of graphical control elements. It is in applications for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

Cocoa consists of the Foundation Kit, Application Kit, and Core Data frameworks, as included by the Cocoa.h header file, and the libraries and frameworks included by those, such as the C standard library and the Objective-C runtime.

Cocoa applications are typically developed using the development tools provided by Apple, specifically Xcode (formerly Project Builder) and Interface Builder, using the languages Objective-C or Swift. However, the Cocoa programming environment can be accessed using other tools, such as Clozure CL, LispWorks, Object Pascal, Python, Perl, Ruby, and AppleScript with the aid of bridge mechanisms such as PasCocoa, PyObjC, CamelBones, RubyCocoa, and a D/Objective-C Bridge. A Ruby language implementation named MacRuby, which removes the need for a bridge mechanism, was formerly developed by Apple, while Nu is a Lisp-like language that can be used with Cocoa with no bridge. It is also possible to write Objective-C Cocoa programs in a simple text editor and build it manually with GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) or clang from the command line or from a makefile.

For end-users, Cocoa applications are those written using the Cocoa programming environment. Such applications usually have a distinctive feel, since the Cocoa programming environment automates many aspects of an application to comply with Apple's human interface guidelines.

Usage examples of "cocoa".

Arthur seemed unembarrassed at the spill of black centerfolds, their purple-backlit Afros and cocoa aureolae.

To Cartagena came the gold and emeralds of New Granada, the pearls of Margarita and Rancherias, and the indigo, tobacco, cocoa and other products of the Venezuelan coast.

He considers that cocoas containing a high percentage of cacao butter are preferable to those which contain low percentages, and that a 30 per cent.

One evening about eleven when we habitually dealt the last hand and I prepared his bedtime drink, cocoa laced with Demerara rum he remembered something important.

I would help him into bed, give him his late drink of cocoa and Demerara and leave him.

Mother Hilaria had filled her kettle from the water tap, put it on the hot plate, and got out a tin of cocoa mix.

How diverse, yet equally graceful, are the aspiring branches of the jagua and the drooping foliage of the cocoa, the shuttlecock-shaped crowns of the ubussu and the plumes of the jupati, forty feet in length.

He even had his own place at the table where he downed thick cocoa or very sweet tea from his own mug, and picked at whatever delicacies the messman 77 and his messmates could heap upon his plate.

But this skin on this lady belly and hips put me in mind of that time Daddy take me to visit my granny in the town, how Granny put me on she knee and give me cocoa-tea to drink that she make by grating the cocoa and nutmeg into the hot milk, how Granny did wearing a brown velvet dress and I never touch velvet, before neither since, and I just sit there so on Granny knee, running my thumb across a little piece of she sleeve over and over again, drinking hot cocoa-tea with plenty condensed milk.

Sometimes, during the day, he went for a short hike, nursing his blister and hardening his feet and at least once a day he dropped in to see Tapper and his father and son, drinking cocoa in the littered bakery and listening to Flash Sugg inveigh against the modern trends of The Trade.

He remained awake for the countdown that started engine number one, and made certain that the new turbopump was performing up to specs before calling for Alikhan to bring him his nightly cocoa.

 He remained awake for the countdown that started engine number one, and made certain that the new turbopump was performing up to specs before calling for Alikhan to bring him his nightly cocoa.

From cocoa and vanilla plantations rose gaudy churches and monasteries thrown up by Spaniards who had made ludicrous amounts of money, and in some cases half torn down by the thieves and Vagabonds who infested this country far in excess of Europe.

Gurkha Airforce takes long-term lease on Drew Field in Florida, in conjunction with the missile launching stations at Cocoa.

He added a splash of milk and a pinch of cocoa and poured his drink into his Foxy Grampa mug, a gag gift from Penny.