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Canoa is a town in the Canton of San Vicente in the Manabí Province of Ecuador.

Canoa is located north of Bahía de Caraquez, Province of Manabí – Ecuador. Local stories and tales say that the natives of Canoa hid deep in the hills when they saw invaders approaching, leaving the beautiful beach deserted. 100 years later, Jesuit priests arrived and along with Canoans, they celebrated the birth of yet another Spanish community.

In its beginnings, Canoa was called Pantaguas o Pintagua. Juan de Velasco, a priest, was the first to include Canoa in a map of the old Reino de Quito (Kingdom of Quito). At the turn of the 20th century, the beach was officially recognized and became part of the Cantón Sucre (Bahía de Caraquez). Canoa was registered as part of the Cantón San Vicente at the end of the 20th century.

There are two ways to cross the bay of Bahia de Caraquez to Canoa. You can take a ferry to cross the bay, or you can go across the bridge. Once you've crossed you can take a bus to the town or you can hire a bicycle carriage to take you there.

Once in the town, there are a variety of hostals to choose from. If you're on a tight budget, locals will often let you pitch your tent in their yard for just a few dollars a night. This usually grants you access to their bathroom and shower as well.

The town has an active night-life, and people will often stay up dancing and drinking $1 Pilsener Grandes. If you get hungry, there's a man who sells the most amazing shawarma off the back of his truck for about $2.

During the day if you are not relax on the beach, eat the fresh ceviche, or stick a straw into a young coconut.

The town suffered extensive damage during the 2016 Ecuador earthquake.

Things to do in Canoa:

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, Manabí, Ecuador westward.JPG|Pacific Ocean Sunset from Canoa, Ecuador , Manabí, Ecuador north.JPG|A view north up the coast from Canoa, Ecuador , Manabí, Ecuador north cliff.JPG|Staggering Cliffs looking north from Canoa

Canoa (film)

Canoa: memoria de un hecho vergonzoso ("Canoa: a shameful memory") is a 1976 Mexican drama film directed by Felipe Cazals.

Usage examples of "canoa".

When they had rowed their canoa to the Main they were able to take it easy till a ship came by from one of the Spanish ports.

Presently a canoa or periagua would come round the headland from the sea, under a single sail--the topgallant-sail of some sunk Spanish ship.

Another buccaneer would then offer to lend a good canoa, with, perhaps, a cask or two of meat as sea-provision.

Sometimes a wounded steer would charge the canoa, and spill the huntsmen in the water, where the alligators nipped them.

Richard Sawkins manned a canoa, and went in chase of them, but they got clear off, to give advice to Panama that pirates were come across the isthmus.

One canoa containing ten Frenchmen, was capsized, to the great peril of the Frenchmen, who lost all their weapons.

A hasty search of the river bank revealed his canoa in the tree-hung inlet where he had hidden it.

In the end, he went out alone, the Indies paddling the big canoa untiringly up against the current.

Running on till he had left the furthest Spanish station far to the south, he put into the Bay of Canoa in Lower California.

After Cedro Bueno the river narrowed, so that there was rather more water to float the canoas.

The rest of the canoas were sent downstream to the anchorage at Bueno Cedro, where the chatas lay moored under a guard.