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Zettel (Wittgenstein)

Zettel is a collection of assorted remarks by Ludwig Wittgenstein. It contains several discussions of philosophical psychology and of the tendency in philosophy to try for a synoptic view of phenomena. Analyzed subjects include sense, meaning, thinking while speaking, behavior, pretense, imagination, infinity, rule following, imagery, memory, negation, contradiction, calculation, mathematical proof, epistemology, doubt, consciousness, mental states, and sensations.

Editions include a parallel text English/German edition edited by G. E. M. Anscombe and Georg Henrik von Wright published by University of California Press in 1967 (ISBN 9780520016354).


Zettel may refer to:

  • Zettel (Wittgenstein), a collection of remarks on philosophy
  • Zettel (Liechtenauer), a collection of verses on swordfighting